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  • NEWBIEDOBEES   15 years 5 weeks ago

    Hi Jotales,
    I am sorry you are having techie troubles. I hope that gets straightened out for you soon! Dr. Pearsall has MUCH better people on board now than when I started 10 months ago.

    I am doing the hCG protocol but not with the group after all. I decided to wait until after my period this month to hopefully get the MOST benefit. I am also quite down right now and I will use this time to bring myself back up. Better to be in a "happy space" when starting this diet, don't you think?

    I would like to someday get one of those gym balls, so I am going to be looking for feedback from you on how that is working out for you! I have a knee problem also, but I have no idea what it is called. My dog ran into my knee and made it bend the wrong way and I have had trouble with it ever since. I never had the money to pursue getting it looked at or treated, and will just deal with the pain. I am not going to let it slow me down :).

    What week are you on now on the Enlita plan? What has been your favorite recipe? Most helpful tip? Enjoy all the good you are doing for your body-it is ALL worth it!

    Warm regards,

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 5 weeks ago

    Hi Jotales,

    According to what I read in P&I and after Dr. Cage's response on menstruation, I decided to wait until after my period to begin. I will already have two strikes against me (1-using progesterone cream, 2-taking armour thyroid) so I thought it best to optimize where ever I can.

    I'll be a bit behind you all, but it will hopefully be for the best weightloss for me.

    Have I missed any of your other posts? I usually keep up pretty good, and will try to scan through again to see if I've missed any new posts.

    Warm regards,

  • Who has received their HCG?   15 years 5 weeks ago

    I received my HCG last week. It was shipped from India - which was a surprise.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 5 weeks ago

    If I can get this to go thru...........imagine...the possibilities??(again not sure my posting will last...) is your first day on HCG...How's It going?...also Dawn?
    Let us know!!

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 5 weeks ago

    OMGosh!!...I got one post in........doing the "Joydance"

  • NEWBIEDOBEES   15 years 5 weeks ago

    No...I still can't post on the ENCOURAGEMNENT:MAKE CONNECTIONS I'll try here...hoping Dr. Kendra dosen't mind. NOt sure my "buttons" will work again or for how long..


    Hi Everyone!! especially LeAnn,Patrice and Dawn. We are trying to get this thread going and all of the sudden, I developed posting trouble. The darn "SUBMIT" button is not just sends me to "Preview." So it looks like I have gone AWOL.
    Now I'm fooling around w/ the buttons and actually posted on HERE by L.clicking; then R. clicking.....getting to that darn "PREVIEW" again and L clicking there to a post!! WHEW!!! did I at least burn a nano-calorie??

    Patrice...I tried to private message you but I'm not sure you saw them.
    I'm anxious to hear of your egg challenge results! are most patient and have excellent voice quality for "Support"position. Thanks again for all of your help.

    Dawn...I may have been at this a lot longer than you;(allergic and sensitive) but I too don't lose weight no matter what diet I do. I too, am putting all of my hope on HCG. Will be trying the homeopathic version first. It has not arrived yet; but am getting all of my food & supplies prepared. I think it's great that your family is involved and all eating better! I'm hoping to do the week of liver/GB detox remedies first...I think I need it...before the HCG.

    My progress: eEting the Plan well and yet I gainned 2 pounds! Fat % went down 1% so I think it's fluid. I really can't exercise as my knees are that bad. I have chondramalacia(friction under the knee-cap) so any extension and flexion exercises reactivate the problem. For now.....I'm lucky to walk w/ one cane. Bought a gym ball and need to get into that.
    Can cycle w/ my arms so my goal is to reatart that this weekend.

    Can't wait to hear how you all are doing. I've notices a couple new member names on the screen.......maybe they will post. :)

  • NEWBIEDOBEES   15 years 5 weeks ago

    OK...I just got "in" by R. clicking onto the submit button; then L clicking!

    WIll this continue to work???

    Dawn....before I ask you to move to the ENcouragment: MAke Connections board...let me see if I can go there and post. J :D tales

  • NEWBIEDOBEES   15 years 5 weeks ago great to see you post. We are trying to move to the ENCOURAGEMENT:Make Connections Baord but al of the sudden I developed posting trouble. the Webmaster is working on it. Just saw your post and so I'm going to try to reply here.jotales

  • healing reaction   15 years 6 weeks ago


    There has been so many studies done on the body's ability to heal itself. Look up quantum healing, I think you will find it interesting.

    When you change your lifestyle and diet to good habits, you will see reward after reward. Your body will amaze you.

    This is where Eastern and Western medicine collide.

    I decided to give up meat a while back. Best decision of my life. I felt healthier and happier. I'm not saying that is the way to go, but make the changes by how your body feels.

  • Week 16   15 years 6 weeks ago

    I'm no doc and I don't claim to know the answers, but I will tell you what worked for me.

    I did this cleanse about 4 times over a 2-month period and it worked and yet didn't work. I had two sonagrams done. One was in the ER when I went in with severe pain. They found my gallbladder was full of stones. I went back home and stayed away from all food that caused pain. I also did the cleanse recommended here over the next 2 months. And it is gross to drink! I gagged a lot while doing it.

    Unfortunately, my pain continued. I went back to the doc to arrange surgery and had a pre-surgery sonagram. There was only one tiny stone left! I had the surgery because the pain continued. It turned out that I had a cyst on the gall bladder.

    Also, something the traditional docs don't tell you.... I continued to have pain AFTER my gall bladder was removed. That's because the stones come from the liver and settle in the gall bladder so I was still producing stones. My current doc says it's a result of poor eating habits and a fatty liver. I now take ox bile with meals (to substitute for the missing gall bladder). I also take digestive enzymes and milk thistle with each meal. It has helped me tremendously. I also found rebounding and walking alleviate the pain.

    I hope this helps! Good luck with it.


  • Coconut Oil   15 years 6 weeks ago

    What do you think of Xylitol? I know it has a laxative effect if too much is consumed (although I found out the hard way that too much is not very much!) I also found that it contains roughly the same number of calories as suger. So, other than the obvious issues already discussed, is there any other reason to avoid it?



  • Amaranth   15 years 6 weeks ago

    Very cool! Is it high on the glycemic index? My base glucose level is hovering in the diabetic range so my doc wants me to avoid corn, white potatoes and other high glycemic starches. He hasn't put me on any medication because he believes diabetes is reversable with the right diet and 1 hour of vigorous walking per day (At least that's my first exercise goal. I expect he'll add weight bearing exercise eventually).


  • allergie testing   15 years 6 weeks ago

    No, I have not changed my sleeping habits. thanks for your response. I will have more specific attention on my feelings after dairy consumption...

  • restarting the thread   15 years 6 weeks ago

    Hi Jotales,

    How are you doing with your food challenges? I had to extend week 3 as I had a real busy last few days! I only read through week four lesson one yesterday morning and ran to the store to get stuff for just yesterday in a hurry to prepare for this morning. I guess the best goal this week will be paying attention to my body and stay on track with my exercise program.
    I have found two amino acids that really seem to help me yeah! I have noticed this week that my clothes are starting to feel not as tight shall we say-scale says 9lbs down. I will not get back on scale for another two weeks. I just ate eggs this morning for breakfast with the kids for the first time. I had a couple of sharp pains and daughter felt a little nausea. We are not sure whether it is the egg or the peppers and onion in our omlette. giggle.. We will be eating hard boiled eggs on our salad at lunch today, so hopefully we will get a better indication on whether our bodies are for or against eggs. Let me know how you are doing this week. ok?
    good luck-stay strong and dedicated to wellness.


  • restarting the thread   15 years 6 weeks ago


    Isn't it amazing how cravings can lessen or resolve when the body is given what it needs for good health? If you are eating healthy foods packed with nutrients and include balanced sources of protein, good fats, and carbohydrates, cravings can decrease!

    Congratulations on what you've achieved! Keep up your dedication to healthy choices!

  • Who has received their HCG?   15 years 6 weeks ago

    I GOT IT! I am so happy to report that I have received my hCG in the mail today, October 20th, and I am ready to start the protocol on THURSDAY!

    ^^^^Doing the Happy Snoopy Dance in Colorado

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   15 years 6 weeks ago

    Yes, I do refer to the yahoo group for HCG. The fat around your organs you don't want to lose, you need a little bit to protect them. That's part of the reason the loading phase is important. Some people load for 2 weeks, if they've been dieting a lot, to build that fat layer around their organs.

    I really wished I had taken measurements! I thought about taking a little more of the HCG, but I'm still experimenting with the eating. Today, I'm eating my fruit in the AM, I had my protein at 12, and then at 2 I will have my veggie, then 4:30 my protein and veg, then my last fruit around 6. I'm going to see if that helps. Luckily, the hunger is there, but my desire to overeat/cheat is not.

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   15 years 6 weeks ago

    Oh WOW, Congratulations on the loss already!!! Woohoo!

    Now mind you I have barely scratched the surface of learning about hCG, but from what I am gleaning from the hCG Yahoo group is many of the people there are upping their doses if they feel hunger, when they've loaded properly like it sounds like you did.

    What do the Enlita hCG pros say on changing dosages??

    I really need to do some dedicated study on the protocol and some back reading on the HCG Board (you are speaking about the Yahoo group?). Today and tomorrow are my days to gorge on hCG info!!

    Oh and my thoughts back to you on the topic of "what to eat during the big wait?" are that what I am eating, to me, is not VLC. It is just free of most common allergens and engaging my cleansing organs fully in their job. :wink:

    IIRC, you lose fat around organs when you eat VLC, right?

    {{{Hugs}}} Mitchie! GLAD you got your hCG and so ecstatic that you are losing!!!


  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   15 years 6 weeks ago

    I thought I should try to keep the foods lighter and easily digetable, but I was concerned as I read on an HCG board that you shouldn't diet before a round of HCG as it can take the fat around the organs. So, I did a two extra load days. I did recieve my HCG and started the oral protocol on Wed 10/15. I did gain 3 pounds during the loading phase, but I lost those during the first two days of the 500 cal diet, and have lost an additional 2.8 pounds! I wish I had taken measurements at the beginning, because I can already feel a noticable difference in how my clothes fit.

    The only draw back is, I don't always feel so hot, but it could be just the first week adjustment. I used to work out with a trainer 3x a week and do pilates 1x a week, but I don't have a lot of excess energy, so I'm going to try my pilates class but just 30 mins instead of 60, and try a workout with my trainer. If I feel okay I will do 2x with the trainer and 1x 30 minutes with pilates. I've been working out for a year, so I hope my body does okay with it.

    I've also been hungry. It's not so bad that I feel like I might bindge. It's more like I have the physical sensation of hunger, but not a very strong desire to eat. I usually will grab some tea and that helps, a lot!

  • HOMEOPATHIC HCG TELESEMINARS   15 years 6 weeks ago

    Dr. Kendra Pearsall wrote:
    Do you think the calls need to be live or would it work to get the questions beforehand and also do a follow up with questions afterward and publish the answers?

    It seems like all the Free teleconference services have their bugs. I've tried so many. Anyhow, I am very touched by your graditude. Thank you so much Dawn for all you have contributed to our community and your never ending motivation and enthusiasm. You're an inspiration to all.

    This is weird. I thought I already responded to this post, but I don't see it anywhere!

    Dr. Kendra-I think however you get the info/support out is great. If it is less stressful and more productive to pre-record the teleseminars and then do Q&A before and after, I say go for it. *I* for one like to be involved in the live teleseminars, but if they ain't workin', it makes no sense to continue to try them live.

    And you're welcome. :) I have been working very hard (as you know) on this program for 10 months (WOW) and have lost very little weight. Like almost zilch. *YOU* have to know it is YOUR (and your team's) motivation, dedication, genuine caring and compassion, and darn good information that keeps me here! I am normally a very positive, upbeat (and, OK-I talk too much) person, but it is Enlita and your team that has kept me "up" when month after month I did not lose weight. I am not giving up because YOU are not giving up on me!


  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   15 years 6 weeks ago

    Hi Mitchie,

    I see that no one has answered your post, so I will reply with what *I* am doing! :)

    I am currently through week 19 on the Enlita program, so what I am doing is pulling menu items from the first 3 weeks and the detox weeks. My thoughts there are to just keep the body free from inflammation (common allergens and heavy foods) and to continue the detox process. I am not sure what week you are on, but in my personal opinion, if you stick with the first weeks prior to the elimination challenge, you can't go wrong. I believe that the loading is best to only do as directed while on the hCG dosing. Otherwise, you are just going to be over-eating, IMHO.

    Do you have tracking info on on your shipment and did you order from drugdelivery?

    Anyone have any other thoughts on what to eat during the "big wait"??


  • NEWBIEDOBEES   15 years 6 weeks ago

    jotales wrote:'ve contributed to the Forums. alot...I caught you on one of the pre-recorded telecalls and we may have similar experiences w/ allergies and chemical sensitivities.

    SO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES HERE as we can learn from/support each other!
    I've lost 1.5#'s in 2 days...I'll need support when the water weight is gone and the weight drop slows!!! Got quite a-ways to go!
    Excitedly awaiting LeAnn's HCG blog and the HCG Teleclasses. jotales

    Hi jotales,

    THANK HEAVENS for you and your desire to get a chat/support going on this forum! I have felt for a LONG time that I have been speaking to myself! I see that there have been a few others that are willing to post-awesome! I really think it helps to have someone to relate with while doing this life changing diet. I have been just skimming looking for new posts, but now that I know other posters are here, I will be more active again.

    What week are you on, jotales? I am just hovering doing a lot a menu items from the early weeks and the detox weeks. Those foods make my family feel better. We must need it, and if we don't, who cares! We eat good and we feel good. What is better than that? Well, losing weight would be better than that! I have not lost more than a few pounds in the 10 months I have been on the Enlita program, so I am certainly not a poster child for Enlita, but I will say without a doubt that my family feels healthier on this plan and that is important. I am putting ALL MY HOPE towards the hCG finally working for me. I am determined that this is the breakthrough that my body needs to lose fat.

    As you mentioned, I have (actually, HAD is a better word now!) a tremendous amount of toxicity in my body. It never made sense to me or to anyone who knew me WHY my body was gaining fat. It was really liberating to learn from the Enlita lessons how the body holds on to fat as a protective mechanism when you are toxic. TOTALLY explains why an athletic person eating a very healthy diet could gain so much fat in a short period of time and not be able to lose it no matter what diet I followed or how many calories I burned. A light bulb went off when I read through that lesson and participated in the teleseminar. Our bodies are spectacular machines!

    ^^^^Colorado (who is still waiting on the hCG shipment!)

  • restarting the thread   15 years 6 weeks ago

    ok, I understand better now Jotales. That makes sense.
    I am starting week 4 on Monday. I am currently trying
    out some of the information on amino acid therapy that
    we learned in week 3.
    I really don't understand why I was able to kick
    coffee to the curb so easily without any withdrawls at all?
    The only thing I miss about the coffee is the smell.
    I have always craved sweet carby stuff,but for some reason
    with the foods we are eating on the enlita plan I don't miss
    or crave them at all! I'm perplexed by this actually.
    O, have you tried a sit down stationary bike for cardio? I think
    that might be easy on your knees.

    Have you tried some upper body weight lifting?
    In the past, my body would never respond to any diet unless there was weight lifting involved.
    I always miss the teleseminars. They always seem to happen when I am not home or I just plain forget. I need to get better about that.
    I haven't looked at week 4 yet but I will try to tomorrow night and post my goals so maybe they will help you too! :lol:


  • HCG Teleseminar   15 years 6 weeks ago

    Thank you!

    Btw, my hCG has still not arrived at US customs. According to DrugDelivery, it could take another week.


  • HOMEOPATHIC HCG TELESEMINARS   15 years 6 weeks ago

    Do you think the calls need to be live or would it work to get the questions beforehand and also do a follow up with questions afterward and publish the answers?

    It seems like all the Free teleconference services have their bugs. I've tried so many. Anyhow, I am very touched by your graditude. Thank you so much Dawn for all you have contributed to our community and your never ending motivation and enthusiasm. You're an inspiration to all.