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  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 4 weeks ago

    THAT IS SO COOL! Congratulations Mitchie for losing 11.4 pounds so far!! You are SUCH an inspiration to me!

    Hey, and thanks for the word of advice on the rice crackers. In rethinking it, I think I will avoid them and all "breads" for the VLCD. I like the added benefit of anti-candida action!

    Proud of you,

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 4 weeks ago

    Hey there FLgranny33!

    I understand the temptation with Panera Bread! I am sending you my prayers and LOTS of esupport on that one! I am not sure I could avoid it if it was in my house :).

    That is so cool that you have someone in house to do this with! Between the two of you, you should keep each other on track! I would love to have someone who knows about opening ampules and mixing and all. THAT is going to be a new thing for me. (I have fears of breaking the ampule or screwing up the mixture and ruining a batch!)

    Our neighbor had his dad visiting from Florida this summer. He was staying in a good sized RV on the property. Once the temperatures dipped down to 60°, he left for "warmth" he said! Camping in Colorado is great, but keep track of our drought. It has been DRY as a bone here and that puts a lot of restrictions in place.

    WE want to go to FLORIDA and hit the BEACH! I love the ocean (grew up in Hawaii) and miss it :).

    Enjoy your family, today and every day, Flgranny33. They are precious!


  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 4 weeks ago

    Hi Jotales,
    I am also putting together the food I will need. I am measuring out meat ahead of time and freezing it. That way I can just grab and prepare and also keep mine separate from my family's food. I saw somewhere where it was asked if freezing the meat was OK? Do you know?

    I am avoiding wheat so I am going to do rice crackers in place of the bread sticks. I saw your Q on how many substitutes for those (thanks for asking great questions! You saved me some typing!) I hope we get an answer either here or on the next teleseminar.

    jotales wrote:
    Dismayed to realize that my Boby/Fat scale weighs at 0.5#s as its smallest measurement. I see a scale on sale at Bed Bath And Beyond this week w/ the coupon. The image shows a weight ending in .2# so I'm hoping this could be the scale.

    I haven't owned a scale for DECADES. I always wanted to care more about how I felt and how my clothes fit rather than a number. But knowing that for this diet it was necessary, I went and bought one. It was a pretty good one, but then I read in Dr. P's post where it has to be in .1 increments and the one I bought was, like yours, in .5's! Arggh! At my B,B,&B they did not have one that read in less than .5 increments, so I searched online and bought one. I am no longer scale-less :).

    jotales wrote:
    All in all we may be starting at just the same time.

    You are exactly right! I responded to another post where you said that you were starting Monday! Well, that's my kick-off day!

    I am taking photos this weekend and doing measurements as well. And, like you, I am thinking I am NOT sharing! :shock:

    We also have a lot of organizing to do. We have been living in a little trailer for 5 years (4 of us!) while we are building our home. It has been a hard haul for us, but we've almost finished and met our goal of incurring no debt to build. (We live VERY frugally anyway, but this project squeezed us even tighter.) It is a labor of love. I am so toxic and sensitive, my family moved me from city water/air to the rural area and a good well, out in an area where I don't have to worry about pesticides, etc., and we are building a "green" home. They sacrificed a lot for me in doing this, and I am so grateful! We have a very limited budget, so most of the materials we used were recycled from other projects. It was a challenge (think: scavenger hunt to the extreme!) but so satisfying when we found something that would work for the funds we had at the time.

    Anyway, enough on me! I wish you good success in you efforts to simplify and regain some balance in your life! :) I am sure once I finally am able to unpack, that I will be having a HUGE garage sale and also freecycling a lot!

    I look forward to doing this protocol and y'all seeing less of me!!! (less of me to SEE!)

    CHEERS to the LOSERS!

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 4 weeks ago

    The hunger was always present for me during the first 2 weeks. It seems just last night the hunger was completely gone. I had my stomach growl all the time during the first two weeks, I spread out my food and that seemed to help, I also made a fresh cup of tea as soon as I heard my stomach growling and that also helped. The hunger wasn't such that I had that urgent need to eat; it was just kind of there in the background. But, again, it wasn't so bad that I began to seek out food.

    I caught a really bad cold this weekend and had to face the hardest challenge yet, which was not being able to eat any comfort food. I really wanted some chicken broth, or chicken soup, or crackers/toast. I toughed it out. I did have 1 rice cracker and found that I only lost .4 pounds the next morning so I would advise to avoid those. Being a carb addict, I never got the breadsticks, and I want to get rid of any Candida overgrowth, so I thought it best to just avoid them altogether.

    So, last night I noticed I wasn't in the mood to eat and had no hunger. I did eat, since I'm sick I want to keep up my strength. This morning I also awoke with absolutely no hunger, which up until now was unusual. So, I'm not sure if it's because it's finally kicking into high gear and taking the hunger pangs away, or if it's because I'm sick. I'll let you know it continues this way.

    A quick update, I've lost 11.4lbs since starting the protocol.

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 4 weeks ago

    jotales wrote:
    So I start the homeopathic HCG this MOnday.

    Hey Jotales! I saw in your post that you are starting hCG this Monday!

    :D :D :D Me TOOO!!! :D :D :D



  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 4 weeks ago

    mitchie wrote:
    Some people load for 2 weeks, if they've been dieting a lot, to build that fat layer around their organs.

    I did also read that in P&I. Thanks for passing that on. :)

    I am really excited hearing about everyone's success on this protocol!

    You may have said, Mitchie, but are you doing SL, IM/SQ, or Homeopathic hCG? Has the hunger abated? What dose are you doing?

    THANKS for the advice of taking measurements! I wasn't really motivated to do that, but now I think I will! Measurements, photos, and an excel charting of it all, including daily weight loss, foods eaten, exercise, moods, etc. Thanks for inspiring me!


  • Questions for the Week of Oct. 30 HCG telecall   14 years 4 weeks ago

    Can I cont. to take Policosanol while on the HCG plan? Maybe at least for the first round and then have repeat lipid panel? Would like to hear your thoughts on this.

    HAve not read the recipes yet...but can one have cabbage, let's say, and add a bit of onion? The protocol says one veggie at a time..though I thought I read somewhere one could have two veggies at a meal.

    YOu said one of your fiber products would be allowed during the about psyllium? would that be allowed? jotales

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 4 weeks ago

    HI..I just read your post and am really excited to hear of your weight loss!
    I've been doing the GB/Liver Rx for 2 days now. seem to be tolerating it...which is great for me as I am so sensitive...well I am having a bit of heavy heart pounding but food has done way more than that to me for years. I'm going to be sure to get my water in and do some light walking. Bad part is that I'm like totally out-of-control on carbs; but this started on the weekend. I'm searching my cupboards to see if I have some glutamine to take tomorrow. So I start the homeopathic HCG this MOnday.
    As far as exercise...Dr. Simeons didn't have his pts. do much....said to rest as you needed it, if I recall correctly.
    I did take a pre-photo....UGHS! but hearing your results, I will be sure to take my measurments before the HCG.
    Continued great success! jotales

  • Download from October 23rd Class   14 years 4 weeks ago

    Yes there was a class and I am also looking for the downloads.

    Hope they are posted soon. Flgranny33

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 4 weeks ago

    Hi All.couldn't post my ?s for this week's HCG Telecall. so I'm trying a post here to see if I still can.....Hope everyone is doing well.

  • Who has received their HCG?   14 years 4 weeks ago

    I am still waiting for my homeopatic HCG

  • infrared saunas   14 years 4 weeks ago

    The manufacturer is likely being cautious. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to give them a call. If you have any health conditions that may reduce your ability to sweat, or are pregnant, prone to bleeding, have a fever, or are dehydrated or are taking prescription medications, the sauna may be contraindicated. Check with your doctor if you have any health conditions that may make you an unlikely candidate for the sauna.

    It's usually a good idea to begin slowly to make sure you tolerate it well. Hydration beforehand is important!

    If you've already tried it, how was your experience?

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 4 weeks ago

    HEY, flgranny33!

    Great to see your post. Also glad to hear that I am not the only one...this is crawling today at snail pace. I think the Webmaster is tired of me; though I only emailed maybe 4 times...never emailed a WEBmaster before... :lol:
    SInce I just got my homeopathics and ordered them when first available, too...maybe yours are just behind. Hope so.
    My your place sounds busy...can you loan me some family members but ask them to keep the Panera's behind. Yum!Yum!! I was just reading Dr. Kendra's experience w/ testing wheat allergies when in school. I'm definitely that way with milk; but every once in awhile I try to eat it , DUMB! I think I'll have it for matter how long I avoid it! Tried N.A.E.T. and that didn't "cure" me.
    Midwest girl here...and it's getting colder...not at all I was sick alot this summer and really missed I'm bummed about not experiencing the summer. Do love the crisp fresher air, though.
    And I actually love to shovel snow as it doesn't bother my knees. I figure I could invent a snow-shoveling exercise machine?!
    Well to get off now and do some cleanning. I don't want to be shown on Oprah!! though I'm not a hoarder, I don't have enuf energy to clean. THat's a big reason I'm coming here for support to do the program and see if I can build energy in this body.........Gd' Day!

  • Who has received their HCG?   14 years 4 weeks ago

    JUst found the dosing for the HOmeopathic HCg on the Blog...entry for Oct.17, 08. THanks!!

    flgranny33....laughed at your poem..we all do want to lose this weight- like yesterday!Caught your new post to Encouragement:Make Connections and I will reply. THrilled to see you on the thread! jotales

  • HOMEOPATHIC HCG TELESEMINARS   14 years 4 weeks ago

    Well....I just found the post for Oct. 17, o8 on the BLOG:
    $35,000 Weight Loss secret-FAst W. Loss HCG..where you gave directions.jotales :D

  • Who has received their HCG?   14 years 4 weeks ago

    I have not received either my sublingual hcg or my homeopathic hcg.

    the sub hcg was shipped Sept. 25th ..still not here.

    So far the homeopathic isn't here either and it was ordered as soon as it was available.

    I am getting very frustrated. o well .patience is a virtue
    possess it if you can
    always in a woman;
    never in a man !


  • Who has received their HCG?   14 years 4 weeks ago

    HI....just received my homeopathic HCG set today. COUld you please post exact directions sarting w/ the GB/Lvr RX. so not to mess up?!
    IN one of your nesletters, I think yo mentionned the company said you could do 3gtts of the RXs. for the dose insteas of the higher label dose.jotales

  • HOMEOPATHIC HCG TELESEMINARS   14 years 4 weeks ago

    Dr. Kendra.......despite the tech. problems....I love the Live telecalls... It's that personal touch that is so please keep them coming. I'm very excited about the HCG support group.
    During our last telecall w/ Dr. said you were going to put the HCG info. more together and discuss the exact dosing of the homeopathic set. HAve you/ could you post exact directions for this? I actually got my set today!!!Yeah! Want to do the gb/Lvr detox this week and then will be set to start. Thanks. Oh and has LeAnn started her blog. can't seem to find that. jotales

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 4 weeks ago

    Hi Dawn and Jotales,

    I have been reading your posts and can relate to house overflowing with "stuff"! I also have not received my hcg yet though they said it was shipped on Sept. 25th.
    I also have had a lot of trouble getting to places on the enlita site and today, it is especially slow. I am trying to find the downloads for the last seminar with Dr. Gage but maybe they aren't posted yet.

    I have shopped for the food and did find those grissini breadsticks! Even down here in northwest Florida where you can hardly find anything!! :lol:
    I do hope the hcg arrives soon.

    I deliver newspapers and get up at 2 AM,have a cup of coffee , work til maybe 5:30 or 6 AM.
    Then I eat breakfast (which is cottage cheese and olives and grapes) and go back to bed to sleep til about 10:30 -11:00. I then have a 2nd coffee and eat my lunch around 1 or 2 PM. Lunch is usually chicken or bison burger ( all organic) and tomatoes. For supper, around 6-7PM , I eat much the same. I go to bed again at 10PM.

    However, my daughter and husband and 6 children live with me and lately my grandson , who works at Panera Bread , you guessed it..has been bringing home the stuff they would throw out! It's the breads etc that they make fresh and don't sell so they can't use it the next day.

    I have been "snacking" on this delicious bread and cookies, etc. and have gained like about 6-8 lbs! I am allergic to wheat I think since it is in my family. Everytime I eat wheat, I can gain 2 pounds overnight. plus I feel terrible. I can eat spelt bread and some organic breads but the rest cause me to swell up and it takes at least 24 hrs. for it to leave my system.

    So, I need prayers to resist this temptation!! :D Outside of the bread, I do not eat sugar..only xylitol or agave liquid. So now I am waiting the hcg arrival so I can have the motivation to stay off the bread. After spending that much money, I'm not about to mess it up. My daughter Kathi is also going to take the hcg so I will have a buddy in the house.

    Well, that's all for now. i do have to get this house in order cause tomorrow I will be babysitting my twin grandchildren (10 mos...boy and girl) as their father finally got a job again after being laid off at Albertson's . Publix bought Albertson's and fired all the workers. (He's a meat cutter)
    but he starts a new job at Fresh market this week. My other daughter Teresa, the twin's Mom, is a pharmacy tech at Walmart so she is gone each day too.

    So that's my life..babysitting, picking up kids at school, delivering newspapers.

    Hope I have time to post some more but I will be reading at least.

    Bye for now . btw, where do you live, Jotales?
    I know Dawn lives in Colorado ..great state! We were trying to go on a camping trip there . maybe this next year. Ok gotta go..bye

  • NEWBIEDOBEES   14 years 4 weeks ago


    HI Everyone........OK for NOW...I"m able to post on the:

    ENCOURAGEMENT: MAKE CONNECTIONS Board...please join us at the
    "restarting the thread AGAIN II" thread.

    JUMP ON OVER...........


  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 4 weeks ago

    WELL Dawn.....not to worry, my homeopathic HCG has yet to arrive and I want to do the week of GB/LVR detox first. In the meantime I'm trying to pull together the items and food I need. Dismayed to realize that my Boby/Fat scale weighs at 0.5#s as its smallest measurement. I see a scale on sale at Bed Bath And Beyond this week w/ the coupon. The image shows a weight ending in .2# so I'm hoping this could be the scale.
    Suppose to be thin and a Body?Fat/Water scale.
    All in all we may be starting at just the same time. I did take a self-photo....egads!!. I don't think I could share it w/ anyone.
    I spent all day Sat. exchanging summer/winter clothes...(you'ld think I had alot of them) I have spent years helping care for very ill family members and now for my 89y/o aunt who I moved into Ass'td living w/ extra plus help. went to visit yesterday and there was lots of excitement w/ firemen and all. Lg power shortage in the area and they were going from building to building looking for the source. THe problem was not in her building.
    My life is way out of balance and I'm behind by years. My place needs a total cleaning overhaul. Every drawer, every closet,every space is packed full and overflowing. I say I want this place "QUaker-Shaker clean" It's totally overwhelming. I might have to be doing EFT till I'm bruised..LOL! But every day I'm trying to get something done. The HCG diet will be liberating, I think in not having to spend so much time on food.

  • NEWBIEDOBEES   14 years 4 weeks ago

    On behalf of Enlita, I apologize for website difficulties you may be experiencing. The site is currently undergoing changes and upgrades that will hopefully resolve these issues shortly.

  • Week 16   14 years 4 weeks ago


    There are different types of kidney stones. Identifying the type of stone may help give you insight into why it developed and prevention. Kidney stones can develop when fluids, minerals, and acids in the urine are out of balance.

    If stones are small enough, they can pass on their own. If they are larger, treatment may be needed. And good water intake is so important in helping prevent and in addressing kidney stones.

    I'm glad to hear that the pain has lessened, but please followup with your doctor if symptoms persist!

    (FYI - the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians website ( lists 4 NDs in Colorado Springs.)

  • healing reaction   14 years 4 weeks ago


    It's wonderful to hear that you are feeling much better now and that you listened to your body's signals. There is a definite time and place for medications, but you can do so much to support your health through the food choices that you make and your lifestyle. Keep listening to your body! And as always, continue to seek your doctor's expertise for any medical questions that may arise.

    In health,
    Dr. Scott

  • Week 16   14 years 4 weeks ago

    Thanks Tammy :)

    The update on this is that I ended up in the ER after 3+ weeks of pain and was diagnosed with kidney stones.

    I don't even know if THAT is what it is, because when the ER doc came to give me the results of the CT scan, he said, "There are several stones in your kidney and one in your ureter. The surgical clips from your prior appendectomy . . .." I stopped him there and explained that I did not have an appendectomy. He said, " Oh yes, that's right, it was your gallbladder that was removed . . ." I am shaking my head, "NO".

    I told him that the only thing missing from my body is my thyroid and that's quite a distance from my abdomen. :wink: I asked him to return to the Dr. that read my scan and verify that it was in fact MY scan that I was receiving results from. He returned and said that it was and it stands that I have kidney stones. Then he asked me again, "Are you certain you did not have your appendix removed?" :roll: This from the gentleman that JUST did a visual exam on my abdomen. Helllooo?

    Would that make you feel confident in their diagnoses or what? :shock:

    Who knows WHAT I have?!?! I have not passed any stones that I know of, although I certainly could have. I am only using a filter at home :oops: 'cause you know-it is kind of weird to have to rinse these apparatuses in the public sink and all. The pain has lessened quite a bit, but I still can feel that something is not right.

    I also use a bile supplement, digestive enzymes, and milk thistle. I also did another cleanse (different type) and I am eating things that I understand to support the digestive system and help detox the liver. It is either something I am doing or I passed the stones without knowing it because something has lessened the pain, which is good :).

    Thanks for your support, Tammy!

    ^^^^Colorado (who would LOVE to find a good ND in Co Spgs!)