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  • HOMEOPATHIC HCG TELESEMINARS   14 years 14 weeks ago

    HI...Dr. Kendra...I just read today's newletter and checked out the homeopathic HCG directions at the Store. I have ?'s:

    !) your newest list of 5 items in the HCG kit has one called Hepatoliquitrophic. My kit didn't include that...but a remedy called
    GB/LIVER. I've been taking this for the first week and I have been having symptoms. DId you change the kit?


    2) Have you retracted the information that one could take 5gtts of the remedies @ 2/day. so that the supply could last you a full 6 weeks.

    3) And can we still make our next batch(remedies) by saving 1 tsp of item etc. and successing 100 x asa discussed earlier...OR...have you reetracted that? THanks. jotales

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 14 weeks ago

    I reviewed the HCG Supply Checklist:
    you need a scale that measures as low as 0.2# BUT the scale rx. at Amazon actually measure as low as 0.#. Have yet to get one.

    Been so crazy busy that I'm not getting to the organizing.
    Went to Asst'd Living yesterday to watch the safe trick or treating! 3 kindergarden classes came...really cute costumes and they were darling!
    Some of the young boys were waving good-bye to the was so darn cute. THe social staff did a wonderful job of decorating. The staff held a pumpkin carving contest.....boy I feel like my creativity is dead! Really enjoyed the staff's effort and so did the residents.
    And now I need to get a BD gift for my father.
    It's great weather here today.....wonderful for the kids @ Halloween.
    Snow flurries are in the forecast; will take the yearly adjustment!!! :wink:

  • EMOTIONAL EATING QUESTIONS   14 years 14 weeks ago

    what if it seems that everytime you settle down to a seemsyou rebel and actually get worse in the beginning than if you were just picking healthier food as you do thru your day?
    Does this make sense? what can I say to myself during EFT? but I have noticed this before when I settled sown to other diets.
    So is it reverse psychology or something? Curious if anyone else has ever complainned about this. jotales

  • Questions for the Week of Oct. 30 HCG telecall   14 years 14 weeks ago

    You will take 1/2 ml twice daily sublingually, which will be 166iu per dose.
    Keep under tongue for 10-20 minutes and then swallow--no use in wasting that B-12 and colloidal silver.

    I'm glad that you have both. Are you going to do two rounds with one of each? Please let me know how the two compare.

  • Questions for the Week of Oct. 30 HCG telecall   14 years 14 weeks ago

    How much of the mixture do I put under my tongue? Also , I hear that I am to keep it there for 10 mins. ..then do I swallow it? Or is it all absorbed and do I just rinse out my mouth with water?

    I am sure you went over it but it was awhile and I have forgotten.

    I have received both the hcg from overseas and the homeopathic hcg from Enlita. I also have the mixing kit and will be starting in a few days..after my grandson's birthday party :wink:


  • Questions for the Week of Oct. 30 HCG telecall   14 years 14 weeks ago

    YES lime juice

    5 RICE crackers to one breadstick

    Yes you can take Policosanol. Is it helping your lipids? It is controversial whether it helps.

    Yes, I do not see what you canot mix vegetables as long as you stay within your calorie count.

    Psylium is allowed.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 14 weeks ago

    HI PAtrice...I thought all members got access to the HCG teleseminars....maybe you have to regieter...but they are free, I believe to members. If yo miss the call...after the fact.....look under the "My Account" page and click on the top tab of Telesseminar of Teleclass or DOwnloads. Try both places...but lately they are under Teleseminars.
    If that doesn't work..then email and LeAnn will help you!

    DAwn...yes..I've got to talk to you about my sensitivity journey...I might sen you a private message about that sometime. Did I make a mistake? I thought the scale only needs to be down to 0.2 increments. Looks like I will have to recheck that info. So BB&B didn't have a scale. Well it might be onto Amazon then. I figure I don't need it the first week as my scale will show the beginning lossess OK. How great for you to have a family that makes sacrifices for you. Mine has never really gotten into my illness..its been a pretty battle of one. I wish I could help you w/ the ampules and mixing and all. It's not hard. Smaller ampules are easy to snap off if you wrap a couple of strong paper towels around the top portion. LArger ampules are a bit more intimidating. Did they come with a file. Years ago they did and you filed one side of it and then they snapped easily. WOnder if you can get a file at a drugstore from the pharmacist. take like 2 paper towels and fold then several times and wrap the thick strip aroun the top of the ampuole.
    Whne you go to snap/crack it off...don't hesitate...just snap it strong with confidence and it should go well. Let me know how you are doing with it.

    I'm doing the homeopathic version with the first week of GB/LVR remedy.
    Felt I needed it. My last detox. kit was a year ago and I didn't feel well on the herbs. I started out slow d/t my sensitive nature.
    2gtts x1 on Mon. 3gtts x2 on Tues. Yesterday 5gtts x2....and didn't I have a bad hypoglycemia attack both times. Egads. This morn. I did the 5gtts again...40 min for the afternoon dose I took it 1 hour POST-meal...and that was the charm.
    My first night I had swelling..couldn't bend my fingers. Didn't sleep so well the last 3 nights..also had night sweats........and was voiding alot. so brother..but I'm keeping up w/ it as I have suffered all of this and more before and basically I'm ok in everyother way and for the majority of the day.
    I think I start the Adrenal support next week. Maybe I could use it now....I have not heard the results of my Adrenal panel yet.
    WIshing everyone well.jotales

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 14 weeks ago

    I am really excited to hear all comments with all of you starting your HCG protocol. I can't start until Nov. 27th--Thanksgiving Day of all things. We will be on a cruise. What a better way to do the uploading stage!!!! But that also means I will be doing this through Christmas. I felt I could learn through all of you who started ahead of me so please keep the posts coming. After reading what is already here I decided to do the measurements (which I wasn't going to do) and MAYBE a before picture. Does the oral HCG have a flavor? Did you have trouble mixing it? Is it recomended to take no kind of additional supplements during this time? The amount you save on suppliments more than pays for the HCG. Is there anyone else in PA doing this? My name is Janice

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 14 weeks ago


    I have been very busy and seems you have too! I've read your most recent posts and you girls seem to be excited about starting HCG. I am not really sure what that is all about so I will have to read up on it- as usual I miss the teleseminars. Can we acess them from somewhere on this site after the fact?? I sure would like to learn more about it. Anyway, I am excited that ya'll are excited to start-wishing you all the best! I look forward to hearing more of your exciting progress! :lol:


  • Week 16   14 years 14 weeks ago

    I sent you a private message, tpribors. Just wanted to let you know in case you don't notice the message indicator in the menu bar!


  • Week 16   14 years 14 weeks ago

    You are the third person to recommend him to me!

    THANK YOU! I appreciate you being so thoughtful in sharing your opinion of and experience with Dr. Klein!

    I am glad it is working out health wise with your move to the East coast, but sad that you have moved from Colorado! I had hoped to connect in person with other Colorado folks here who are like minded :), but really, really enjoy the connection through this forum.

    I really value your input!

    Warm regards,

  • Week 16   14 years 14 weeks ago

    I understand what you are going through. We went through 5 doctors before we found Dr Joel Klein. He's an MD, but believes in practicing integrative medicine. He is a strong advocator of Mercola's dietary suggestions (and thus, also Enlita's). When I started going to him, he put me on a diet almost identical to Enlita's--except I basically have to follow the 1st week for 3 months!

    I had to move back East to VA (actually Dr Klein suggested it) because I had a lot more health problems in CO--not sure why--maybe the lack of oxygen due to the elevation? I developed insomnia, candida, acne, dry skin and constant itching, my ankles started to swell, and had a constant sense of fear and anxiety. I also nearly lost my job because of loss of productivity resulting from the lack of sleep. It wasn't pretty.

    When I moved back, almost everything went away. The acne and candida are still here but I'm on an anti-candida diet and taking Colonix, Toxinout and Threelac along with Olive leaf and Allicillin. That should kill the buggers!

    I gave you details not because I think you should follow what the doc gave me, but to give you an idea of the type of treatment he offers. Oh--and he listens! The offices are cool too. It's like walking into a sanctuary--you never want to leave. He takes some types of insurance and that helps.

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 14 weeks ago

    Awesome! Thanks LeAnn!

    I guess, as always, the best rule of thumb is to listen to your body!

    Warm regards,

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 14 weeks ago

    Light exercise and walking, which is what you do during daily activities, not a 30 minute workout daily.


  • Week 16   14 years 14 weeks ago

    Thanks Dr. Scott!

    I understand the importance of catching the stones and determining what caused them. I just haven't been able to retreive any as of yet. I'll keep using my screened funnel :)

    So far, I have not been impressed with any of the ND I have interviewed here in Colorado Springs. Still searching, though. I apprecaite your support!!



  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 14 weeks ago

    Ahhhhhhhh . . . THANK you for that wonderful visual! I am taken back to the days of relaxing on the white sands, hearing the surf . . .

    You made my day!

    Hug those babies,

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 14 weeks ago

    Hey there Dawn.. glad you answered. When we are ready to go camping in Colorado, you can let me know if it's good weather or not :lol:

    The beach is beautiful here but it's not the ocean. I live very close to the Gulf of Mexico..sometimes too close!! The water is very warm (I'm from New Jersey) compared to the ocean but the beach is like sugar..very white and soft. We were down there this weekend when our church (Eglin AFB) had a "Beach Bash" for everyone. The water was very calm and clear and the dolphins were very close to shore.

    But I know Colorado is very son went to Colorado state in Ft. Collins one year. He used to ski a lot..

    ok gotta go..taking care of my twin grandchildren and they are hungry!! (10 mos. old) Bye


  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 14 weeks ago

    IIRC, in the teleconference call, both Dr. Cage and Dr. Pearsall said that light exercise is acceptable and daily walking encouraged. It is not a time to do heavy exercise nor begin something new (other than walking).

    Has there been a change to that guideline?


  • NEWBIEDOBEES   14 years 14 weeks ago

    Jotales is back on now.

    For everyone reading this, AOL is not compatible with this community board at this time.

    I began HCG yesterday morning and will be posting blogs soon.

    It is really interesting how it makes me feel already. I hope to hear from all of you soon.

  • Gym   14 years 14 weeks ago


    Since you seem to already have an exercise routine that you enjoy and it contains both cardio and some weight bearing exercises, it should be just fine while following the Enlita progam.

    I'm not sure about your message board comment - mine is all in English. But I'll pass along your comment to the appropriate staff member who may be able to help you.

  • Who has received their HCG?   14 years 14 weeks ago

    There has been a short delay on some orders for HCG. You should be receiving yours any day now.

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 14 weeks ago


    Congrats on the success.

    I do want to add, as jotales did, that you should not be exercising while on any form of HCG.

    You are on a very low calorie diet, and need that energy saved.



  • infrared saunas   14 years 14 weeks ago


    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • infrared saunas   14 years 14 weeks ago


    I don't have any conditions that would contraindicate sauna use. I've been using it about 5 days a week, and I love it. Yes, I make sure to drink about 16 ounces of water just beforehand. Plus I drink plenty of water every day anyway.

    I've learned how to maximize my sweating. I run on my elliptical first--just enough to get warm. I wrap in a big beach towel. And since I have the type where my head is out of the unit, I wear a stocking cap to keep the heat in.

    It's wonderful to feel the sweat drip and know that toxins are leaving with it. I've always been a cold person, and exercise alone will produce minimal sweating with me. Bottom line, it was worth the purchase.

  • Download from October 23rd Class   14 years 14 weeks ago

    The downloads link will be updated soon. We are waiting for the transcription to get done.

    I will let you all know when they are updated.

    Sorry for the wait.