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  • Detox Program   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Patrice wrote:
    I take T3 and T4 because of the removal of my thyroid gland due to thyroid cancer. I have been healed of that and am currently cancer free.

    I am glad you survived, Patrice! {{{{HUGS}}}}

    I, too, had my thyroid removed. The Dr.'s said it was cancer because it had grown so huge so extremely quick. I didn't know better at that point to have test data confirming the diagnosis and, because I felt like I was majorly choking, I followed their advice. I sure wish I had known what I now know-I would have NOT have had it removed. Mine ended up being Hashimotos, which is treatable. Oh well, you can only go forward, right?!

    How long since your surgery? How long have you been cancer free?
    Btw, I did not have a problem with my thyroid meds while detoxing.

    ^^^^Colorado (who had FUN dressing up that Halloween, with a huge suture going across my neck!! :) )

  • "Cole Slaw"   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Thank you, Dr. Scott!


  • "Cole Slaw"   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Nama Shoyu contains wheat (though a small amount), and grains are avoided during the protocol.

  • Detox Program   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Contraindications for detox programs without individualized guidance and care include:
    -young children
    -chronically ill or a serious disease (ie - cancer)
    -liver impairment
    -addicted to drugs or alcohol
    -exposed to radioactive or dangerous chemicals

  • Detox Program   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hello Patrice,

    The detox program is designed to cleanse the body as a whole through whole foods, fiber, antioxidants and natural supplements. The major detox pathways in the body include the liver, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and skin. The program or supplements do not directly target the thyroid or its function.

    For liability reasons we cannot offer specific medical advice in this online forum, so it's always best to inform your primary care if your health changes at all or if you have questions regarding your specific medication. But generally people taking thyroid medication do not need to be overly concerned when preparing for a detox.

    I hope this helps put your mind more at ease.

  • Questions about environmentally clean lifestyle and products   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Thank you!

  • Cooking   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I'm curious why you would want to cook greens in the oven. They would cook just as quickly on the stovetop, with pretty much the same procedure: in water and a covered pan or pot.

  • hCG Teleseminar   14 years 13 weeks ago

    The bottom line is, yo-yo dieting involves starvation, not just in your stomach, but also in the hypothalamus of the brain and at the cellular level. Because of the effects of this hormone, on the hCG program the cells are never deficient in energy, the brain is controlled so you are experience little to no hunger and your body as a whole isn't is living of the calories of long term fat being liberated.

    I have some patients who came to me needing to lose 150 pounds or more, and are now on their 3rd round of the program. They have lost weight each time, and kept it off between the rounds of injections. Dr. Simeons, the discoverer of this protocol, treated approximately 10,000 patients with this method, and frequently us multiple rounds of injections with no problem.

    --Dr. Arlan Cage

    A yo-yo diet means lose/gain cycle. The HCG is a progressive decrease in weight until you get to your goal. --Dr. Pearsall

  • Questions about environmentally clean lifestyle and products   14 years 13 weeks ago

    You can get the list here for only $9.97. My recommended products lists are from a few people who are environmental experts who have researched everything from personal cosmetics to cleaners. This is an infoproduct you can trust 100%!

  • Measurements   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Yes I am counting the loading days since I started taking the hcg at that time.

    Sorry to hear about the BP problem..hope you get some answers soon.

    And yes I am having the coffee with xylitol and sometimes agave in it. I put a small amount of org. whole milk in it. Then I drink about half of it. It doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. However, each day I use less sweetener and am going to change to stevia next week.

    I see we have a new friend..JustJan. Welcome to you, Justjan.


  • hcg dosage   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hi to you! Glad you are starting.

    Do you have the homeopathic hcg or the sublingual?

    I am on day 7 and have lost 5.5 llbs. I feel very good and am not hungry...though I did catch myself once wanting food when I had a family crisis. But I was able to resist which is a first for me!


  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Jotales, I have simular sensitivities and a irregular heart rhythm thats been checked out by a cardiologist and is relieved with Carlsons Cod Liver oil.
    I believe its the EPAs that help and the Vit D.

    I also have many food intolerances as well.
    Did you say you are doing homeopathy for the HCG?
    It may be that you need to reduce your dose a bit.
    When I take homeopathy prescribed by a MD there are times
    I dont take it for a day or 2 then resume.

    Perhaps if you were actually pregnant your BP would go up?
    Also, I would think drinking loads of water as required would give your
    kidneys quite a work out as well. Fluid retention equals HBP.
    Just some random thoughts. I would be curious to hear what the docs say about it.

    Can you please tell me what gtts represents?

  • hcg dosage   14 years 13 weeks ago

    You ladies need to be diligent in posting so I can learn everything!!!! I am really nervous about the mixing end of it. I will be starting Nov 26th. What has the weight loss been so far? How much are you hoping for? I ordered enough to do this 3 times due to I have 80 lbs. to loose. I can't tell you how bad I want to be successful at this!!! I have cancelled all activity that even remotely involves food so there is no temptation for the next 8 weeks. I'm praying for your success! Do the same for me!!!!

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Dawn wrote:
    anninmaine wrote:
    Hey thanks for the fast reply. Edited: (Where did your post go??????)

    Where DID the post go? I think a lot of us out here doing the hCG protocol would love to view that response!

    Annelies-I have quite a few things I have to avoid as well. Luckily there are still lots of options within protocol and so far it has not been worrisome. How far into the protocol are you?

    ^^^^Colorado (P2R1D4VLCD, -5.9!!)

    Yes, I dont know why it was deleted. Oh well!

    So, where are these lots of options listed that you mentioned?
    I have been reading,listening and printing all I can from
    the Enlita site and what has been available so far.

    I just got started and joined last week and I am
    waiting for my Homeopathic HCG to arrive.
    I may wait until TG Holiday and use it as my loading days.
    That way there is no room for temptation when it arrives.
    With my being so restricted anyways as to what I can eat
    I may start sooner.

    How long have you been doing the VLCD'S?

  • Cooking   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Well, I'll tell you, I am probably not the best source for cooking your greens, because I usually eat mine raw or slightly steamed by putting hot food or sauce over them.

    But as far as other veggies go, I put them in a glass corning ware dish with a glass lid with just enough water to cover the bottom of the dish. Not much at all. I usually put mine on about 400° or so for about 5-10 minutes, depending on what I am cooking. (Carrots take longer than broccoli, etc.)

    I don't usually cook a side dish with a main dish, although I know a lot of people cook both in there at the same time. I just don't have glass dishes to fit in there together.

    I would call back and speak to someone else. It does seem odd that they don't provide some instruction or recipes. What brand/model is it?

    I'll keep trying to dig my booklet up for you.


  • Detox Program   14 years 13 weeks ago

    WOw PAtrice...of course I had no idea that you survived thyroid cancer.....but how wonderful!! I really admire your determination for healthy eating!!! YOu have obviously been through alot!! May the future bring you loads of Goodness!.jotales

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hey! see my hcg discussion under MEasurements....I'm late to leave for the city....5# loss in 5 days...MAN IS THAT WONDERFUL...BUT having not so wonderful symptoms and it is raising my b/p. So for now I am off it...since yesterday and taking the PUrple Defense(just one a day so far) as I had some of that in the house.

    Am going to ask the enlita drs. for ideas on if there is still a way for me to use know...I need a bridge over troubled waters. Well. certainly goes w/ my sensitivity history. what I would really love is a cure for Environmental Allergies and allergies(whatever you call them)!!
    We can land men on the moon!!!!

    ANxious to hear how PAtrice is doing...if I recall correct, you should be on week 6????? HOpe to note in on TUesday..........jotales

  • Measurements   14 years 13 weeks ago

    HI Dawn & flgranny.....lots of trouble here...furnace is out(a new one) and i've got to leave to the city for an early appt. So I'll say more later...
    First congrats t allof us and flgranny for passing on the "food" you would love to have. Dawn...youare doing it to the letter...a BIg COngrats.
    I was till yesterday...when I decided to go off the HCG to see if my b/p came down, etc.

    GOOD NEWS...I lost 5#'s in 5days; binging desire is controlled and I am thrilled to get on the scale, just like Dr. Cage said you would be. It's fun to see the numbers go down.
    BAD meds weren't lowering my elevated b/p and I was suffering from heavy heart pounding, some tension in my neck. By yesterday afternoon; my b/p came down to a lovely 118/67 from 144/86!
    then weirdly enuf my P was in the 40' once again it looks like I am "reacting" to the remedy and I don't know how to handle it. I could try some drops in water and take a tsp. of that a day or so and see how that goes. I'm hoping to ask the drs. /talk to Dr. Kendra if she is well now. ONe loves to see you lose weight. I say my ankles look better too and I would hate to have to give up the HCG. WOnder if I could try the injections but wo'nt get that for quite awhile. WOndering if anyone sells a 6x/c in HCG only? DIdn't Dr. Cage say that HCG puts one into a hyperthyroid I can see your metabolism going is that why it affects me so strongly? .. adrenal test panel and GI results are in and hope to find those out this week. MAybe that will shed some light on the dilemna. I'm probably a person who should have waited till all info was in first before trying HCG..but hey, I feel like my fat is killing me and I want results!!!

    Got to go....will keep you posted......jotales

  • Measurements   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hey there Flgranny33,

    You can have the coffee! You just can't add anything to it! That's why I am not drinking even the occasional cup I used to-I like a little coffee with my raw cream and sugar :wink:. You can have 1 Tbsp of milk and use stevia, though. So don't feel bad about the coffee. I know Dr. Pearsall advises against it for adrenal reasons, but if I had to get up AND going to work at 2:00 AM, I think I'd be doing the same.

    So are you counting the loading days, too, in the Day 7? We are at the same point 'cause we started the same day. I was saying I was on Day 4 VLCD NOT counting the loading days, but I am right there with you at day 7 overall. I am not sure how to refer to that? Anyway, we are almost at the same loss over the same period of time, so I think what we are doing, it's working!

    Pizza has been a hard one. Also, I make really good breakfast burritos and man it sure is tough smelling that good stuff in the AM. I am not hungry, I just know it is GOOD and I want some :). I make them ahead and then freeze them for quick breakfasts and they should be all eaten up by next week. Halleluiah! I ain't making any more of them until I am in P4 either :).

    ^^^^Colorado (P2R1D7/4 VLCD, -5.9)

  • Cooking   14 years 13 weeks ago

    thanks for the instructions on cooking chicken in the oven. If your oven came with a cooking guide I am wondering why mine didn't? I called the place where I ordered it and asked the customer service person if they had one that maybe had been forgotten to include but she said no there is no cooking guide at all. I found that very fishy as even my rice cooker came with a cooking guide for goodness sakes-maybe I should call back and ask a different customer service person.
    As far as the greens, I tried it two ways the first I covered in water and the water only got luke warm-not enough to cook them. The second time
    I just put some in there with a little water and it dried them out so therefore nobody in my house wanted to eat them. How do you cook veggies in there without them getting dry?


  • Cooking   14 years 13 weeks ago

    no, I am not doing the hcg. It was a whole chicken.

  • Measurements   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hi Dawn and Jotales,
    I am on day 7 and have lost 5.5 llbs. A lot of water weight, too and I can finally see my ankle bones again!
    I probably will be slower than y'all cause of the fact that I have to have 2 cups of coffee each morning...since I get up twice a day. If I don't have coffee at 2 AM, I can't do my job right.

    But I did pass one test! They brought pizza home one night and I didn't have any!! :lol: That was a hard one. I have not eaten the panera bread stuff or the ice cream. That was easier.
    My energy level has been good too, and I don't feel hungry for the most part. My meals have been org. chicken and org. bison with tomatoes, an apple or half a grapefruit and the bread stick.
    That's it for now. Flgranny33

  • Cooking   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I just got to thinking, are you cooking this chicken for the hCG protocol?

    All my descriptions in the previous post won't work for that because you are cooking a skinless chicken breast there! Let me know! Together we can figure it out :).


  • Cooking   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I have not cooked greens in mine, but chicken works out really well. I line the bottom of mine with tin foil (with thoughts of easy clean up) but I wonder if this is also helping with cooking the chicken? Also, I turn my chicken 1/2 way through. I start with it upside down so the juices from the dark meat run to the drier white meat and sort of baste them, then I turn it 1/2 or 3/4 of the way through cooking (use a thermometer if you have one, fork test if not) and then finish it up "breast side up" to brown that nicely. If it is well browned but not yet done, I cover with tin foil and continue to bake until done.

    How did you try to cook your greens? A guess on it would be to put a small amount of water or broth and greens in a glass covered dish. I have reheated leftovers using that method and it works well.

    Sorry you are not happy with you oven. I'll try and help you out if I can! I can even mail you my booklet that came with mine, if that would help.


  • Cooking   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Honestly, I am a little discouraged because it did not come with any help as far as a cooking guide at all! I tried cooking a chicken and it took a couple of hours and never got done on the bottom! It wasn't even a large chicken. I tried to cook some greens in it and tht didn't work either! I am scared to try anything else! I am not sure the problem is me or the oven or what??? IF you can help in this area I would be forever grateful!!!