What measurements are important to record before and during this protocol?

I am going to try and build an excel spreadsheet for my data with the following (each with a Change +- column to note fluctuations:
Goal Weight

Food Journal


Am I missing anything? What would you do differently?

Is anyone already using something like this?

Excited to start my first dose tomorrow :)




to jotales

Justjan is posted under "hcg dosage" in this forum. That's why you didn't see her. (Well I assume she's a "she" ) :lol:

I still can't get over all the illnesses you folks have. (What age group are you in?) I don't take anything but vitamins and I'm 74. I do stay away from doctors tho. But I guess if my BP was high and If I had all those allergies, I would have to go.

cya later. Flgranny33



You know, I am glad you mentioned DIM here. I am just starting some research on it to see if it would be helpful for my off the chart high levels of estrogen clearing. I am gonna also look up the other things you mentioned:apple pection/guar gum and I-3C. Don't know what the I-3C is!

I worked for a long time on my adrenal issues and toxic cleansing before this hCG came along. You might be right on in taking care of these things first and then jumping on the hCG train!

I am admiring all the work you are getting done on organizing! I need to do that here so bad, but I will wait and do it AS we move from the trailer to the house. You're an INSPIRATION!



Missing a Post

Well, I don't see JustJan's post?!
I've posted in the Make COnnections forum...i'm off the HCG :cry:
but am not leaving Enlita, for sure.
No Dr. has answered my B/P issue in Ask THe Dr. yet. I've discussed it w/ my PCP...she was interested in the homeopathic version but we spent most of the time discussing the DIagnos -Techs test results and I've got plenty of work to do there.
My estrone level is really high..other forms high but the estrone takes the cake. wants me on apple pection/guar gum right away as well as a I-3C & DIM combo. product to reduce the estrogen levels. HEy...good thing I "fought" for the test.
Other things to do to...but looks like I'm a person who should do the parasite& Candida cleanse first before HCG.....the other huge issue is my adrenal panel results....cortisol being elevated all day long except at midnite.
Up too late for my adrenals but wanted to get caught up here. Also patting myself on the back as I cont. to clean and organize(its going slow)...jotales


Re: Dawn and Jotales

Hi there Flgranny33 :)

OK-I will start reporting my days the same as you so we stay on the same page :).

Agave is wonderful, but it is a sugar just like honey or cane sugar. There's nothing artificial or sugar free about it (that's why I like it!). I am glad you are switching to stevia-you'll probably see even better results than you are now getting, which are pretty darn good, btw. :)

I love making new friends, so I am smiling about Justjan joining in and I am ever hopeful that Jotales can continue on the protocol. Hopefully others on the hCG and Enlita programs will feel brave and jump in on the conversations and camraderie :)

^^^^Colorado (who GAINED .1 and knows WHY, and no, I didn't cheat :) ).


Re: HOmeopathic HCG

Hello Jotales,

You are dealing with a lot! I hope you got your furnace all taken care of and are feeling better! You'll have to let us know what info you uncover on this and how it will all play out with the hCG protocol. I sure hope you can hang in there and stick it out with us!

Thinking of you,


Dawn and Jotales

Yes I am counting the loading days since I started taking the hcg at that time.

Sorry to hear about the BP problem..hope you get some answers soon.

And yes I am having the coffee with xylitol and sometimes agave in it. I put a small amount of org. whole milk in it. Then I drink about half of it. It doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. However, each day I use less sweetener and am going to change to stevia next week.

I see we have a new friend..JustJan. Welcome to you, Justjan.



HOmeopathic HCG

HI Dawn & flgranny.....lots of trouble here...furnace is out(a new one) and i've got to leave to the city for an early appt. So I'll say more later...
First congrats t allof us and flgranny for passing on the "food" you would love to have. Dawn...youare doing it to the letter...a BIg COngrats.
I was till yesterday...when I decided to go off the HCG to see if my b/p came down, etc.

GOOD NEWS...I lost 5#'s in 5days; binging desire is controlled and I am thrilled to get on the scale, just like Dr. Cage said you would be. It's fun to see the numbers go down.
BAD meds weren't lowering my elevated b/p and I was suffering from heavy heart pounding, some tension in my neck. By yesterday afternoon; my b/p came down to a lovely 118/67 from 144/86!
then weirdly enuf my P was in the 40' once again it looks like I am "reacting" to the remedy and I don't know how to handle it. I could try some drops in water and take a tsp. of that a day or so and see how that goes. I'm hoping to ask the drs. /talk to Dr. Kendra if she is well now. ONe loves to see you lose weight. I say my ankles look better too and I would hate to have to give up the HCG. WOnder if I could try the injections but wo'nt get that for quite awhile. WOndering if anyone sells a 6x/c in HCG only? DIdn't Dr. Cage say that HCG puts one into a hyperthyroid I can see your metabolism going is that why it affects me so strongly? .. adrenal test panel and GI results are in and hope to find those out this week. MAybe that will shed some light on the dilemna. I'm probably a person who should have waited till all info was in first before trying HCG..but hey, I feel like my fat is killing me and I want results!!!

Got to go....will keep you posted......jotales



Hey there Flgranny33,

You can have the coffee! You just can't add anything to it! That's why I am not drinking even the occasional cup I used to-I like a little coffee with my raw cream and sugar :wink:. You can have 1 Tbsp of milk and use stevia, though. So don't feel bad about the coffee. I know Dr. Pearsall advises against it for adrenal reasons, but if I had to get up AND going to work at 2:00 AM, I think I'd be doing the same.

So are you counting the loading days, too, in the Day 7? We are at the same point 'cause we started the same day. I was saying I was on Day 4 VLCD NOT counting the loading days, but I am right there with you at day 7 overall. I am not sure how to refer to that? Anyway, we are almost at the same loss over the same period of time, so I think what we are doing, it's working!

Pizza has been a hard one. Also, I make really good breakfast burritos and man it sure is tough smelling that good stuff in the AM. I am not hungry, I just know it is GOOD and I want some :). I make them ahead and then freeze them for quick breakfasts and they should be all eaten up by next week. Halleluiah! I ain't making any more of them until I am in P4 either :).

^^^^Colorado (P2R1D7/4 VLCD, -5.9)


checking too

Hi Dawn and Jotales,
I am on day 7 and have lost 5.5 llbs. A lot of water weight, too and I can finally see my ankle bones again!
I probably will be slower than y'all cause of the fact that I have to have 2 cups of coffee each morning...since I get up twice a day. If I don't have coffee at 2 AM, I can't do my job right.

But I did pass one test! They brought pizza home one night and I didn't have any!! :lol: That was a hard one. I have not eaten the panera bread stuff or the ice cream. That was easier.
My energy level has been good too, and I don't feel hungry for the most part. My meals have been org. chicken and org. bison with tomatoes, an apple or half a grapefruit and the bread stick.
That's it for now. Flgranny33


Checking in!

Hey Jotales :)
How is your BP doing? I have been thinking about you, girl, and I am hoping it is not giving your grief. I sure hope that is stabilizing for you now and just keeps getting better as the weight comes off.

I seem to have leveled out on the BR trips. Back to normal, but I also need to still increase my liquid intake. I am not hungry or thirsty. I have to make myself THINK about it to remember to drink, and of course I remember to eat because I have these wonderful meals that I am preparing for my family and they SMELL so GOOOD! But, I haven't cheated, not one bit. Not even to lick my fingers! Not even when Whole Foods was doing samples of all kinds of good things. I even wear gloves when I handle anything with oil or fat. I am THAT determined.

I hope I can maintain the protocol through the holidays as easily as I have so far. I am not big on sweets, but I am STILL craving quinoa. I think that will be the first thing I eat once I get to that point! And how are you all going to do Thanksgiving? I am going to show up with my little dish of protocol foods and take it from there.

I had a big loss yesterday! 2.1 pounds! Wednesday will be my 1 week "on the VLCD diet" mark, and I am excited to see what my average will be. How are you doing?

I am not checking body fat or BMI. I am measuring myself once a week, but that's as far as it goes. I am much more motivated by how my clothes fit than by numbers, but weighing yourself is such an important part of this protocol, that I gotta do that! And I gotta admit, I am pretty excited to get up in the morning and see how much I lost! Does your scale do all the calculations for body fat for you or do you do that manually?

I am sticking to Simeon's protocol pretty strictly and still doing the same-same thing for lunch and dinner menus. Have you been mixing that up? I am excited about today's meals-I have been hungry for steak for a while now and we just haven't been able to swing buying any. But yesterday I picked up some organic grass fed steak for us to have for dinner tonight. My family is having soup for lunch and *I* get to have steak then, too, along with some grilled asparagus and grapefruit! YUM!

^^^^Colorado 8) (where it is sunny today!)


Posting in 2 places

well I posted on the Make COnnections thread...but yes
DAWN i am still up to the BR x2 every nite. Have lost 3.5#'s in 4 days but of course my body fat went up 3 will be interesting if I see a drop there.
Is anyone else using a body fat/wt. scale? I would love to hear your info of how the numbers went as you did HCG???????

SOme issues w/ wanting to cheat...i won'tmention the thing women crave the most.......and some hunger but not uncontrollable...well I did have to use sheer will power from 5pm on last night not to eat more/cheat. THat was Day#1 of VLCD.
My biggest problem is that my B/P is up, requiring more med doses. if it continues I will have to discuss this w/the enlita drs. YOu wo uld think it would be down w/ the water weight loss...go figure. Or maybe it's too soon....I'm drinking fact having a hard time getting in all 8 cups.



Hey Flgranny :) and Jotales :)

Sorry I have been MIA. We had a field trip today (Boulder, CO) and haven't had much time to post. Tuesdays and Thursdays are hard for me as I have obligations with my daughter's homeschool group.

How'd you do through your first day of the VLCD?

I am so peeing like a race horse! LOL! I think it is a cleansing thing or is this a release of water weight?

I am a little concerned that I am not drinking enough. I am not thirsty (not hungry either) and just need to remember to DRINK more often.

So far, I have lost a total of 2.8 pounds. I actually lost weight while loading. Is that normal, do you think? If this keeps up like this, I will be sold on the SL method for certain. I have injections in mind for my back up.

I am VERY sleepy. I could have taken a nap today and I *NEVER* nap.

Anybody else want to jump in? Us 3 Musketeers welcome anyone in on the conversation, right ladies?

^^^^^Colorado (Zzzzzzzzzz)


Posted My HCG Experience on Make Connections FOrum

Hi flgranny33....I posted my HCG experience on the MAke COnnections
Dawn...i did measure cause you reminded me of it, though I don't think I ever measure in the same place twice!! I'm giving it a try.
In a couple of days I will have to order my scale...did not buy yet.
Interesting to see how the homeopathic HCG works...wondering if the injections are the way to go. time will tell!
IS anyone else "peeing like a racehorse?" I'm also quite thirsty.jotales



Everyone is so quiet ! I posted on the "Make connections" forum. Just want to knowhow everyone is doing. I am on day 4. Doing ok




Hey, when I get mine built I will share :)

I am slow though, because I am way overloaded with projects at the moment. Keep your data and then you can input after I get it done.




Thank You Dawn...I totally forgot about measurements; so I'm off to do mine right now.....& the recording is a great idea. I wish I new how to do spreadsheets..jotales



Thank you! That is exactly the kind of feed back I was looking for!


Dr. Marci Scott


Hello Dawn,

You may want to include the actual measurements along with the +/- column. For consistency, try to always measure at the same level and the same side of the body. For example, if measuring the thigh you could measure either 4 or 6 inches above the top of the knee cap.

When tracking body measurements, I generally include: neck, upper arm, chest, waist, hips, and thigh. Other columns could include bowel movements and symptoms (good energy, hungry, etc.), depending on how much time you want to spend on this.

I hope this will be a source of accountability and encouragement for you.
All the best!