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  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Anninmaine...have you come across the instructions on how to expand your remedies? years ago , you could get empty dropper bottles from the pharmacist for free. then yo has to pay for th em. so I am wondering if you can get bottles and then follow the instructions on how to keep the remedies going.....that way you can each have your own sets.

    I have not been feeling well and have had furnace trouble poor LL...brand new furnace and it has yet to work. They are coming back again this Monday pm to re-pipe it! First it was supposively rewired backwards, then the heat pump was out, and now the pipes are in reverse. HELLO!! are these men still working for this company? IF I were her, I'ld be seeing red.
    Then I was given a week's notice for a fire inspection...(luckily it has just been extended) so I cont. w/ cleanning and organizing. (trouble is I've got some 20+ years of stuff to deal with. ) Probably not all that much stuff (paper chase here)certainly nothing much of value; but my energy level is so low and I am sooooo slow. Someone else could probably whip this place in shape in little time.
    My father comes to town tom. so that will be nice and will stay in the area for two weeks. SO somehow I have to fillout my paperwork for my consult.and get to me!! am I the only one who has that problem of finding time/energy for yourself???

    How's it going w/ everyone.? I walked yesterday w/ the cane...yet knee didn't do well...I really miss exercise. I am slowly gainning my 5#'s that I lost on the 5 days of HCG :cry: am seriously thinking of getting an infared sauna unit of some sort as i can hardly exercise. HAs anyone tried that type of sauna?
    So THanksgiving is right around the corner and I'm sure everyone is quite busy. Hope you are doing great on HCG/ENlita Plan...haven't heard from Patrice in awhile.

  • Topic Suggestions for Future Teleseminars   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I think a very important topic is what and how to eat during the three-week "no starch" period after you've finished the hCG round. What exactly does Dr. Simeons mean by "starch?" Is it the same as "favorable" and "nonfavorable" carbs in current low carb diet usage? If so, how does one avoid losing more than two pounds on such a regimen?

    Like flgranny I have a lot of trouble finding things on the website, and I frequently need the downloads either because technical glitches prevented me from accessing the conference call or because I can't be beside the computer when the teleseminar is "live."

  • Topic Suggestions for Future Teleseminars   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Where are the downloads for teleclass week 7 and 8? also how do I access Leann's blog? When I click on blog, it takes me to enlita blogs only.

    Due to family emergencies, I have been unable to call in on Thursdays for the class. Therefore I have been trying to download the transcript but it is nowhere.


  • Lots of questions on 500 calorie protocol   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Hello Sue in Asheville. Long time no see!
    Supplements and superfoods, what should I stop and what can I continue? I know I need to suspend the oils...cod liver, krill, etc. But what about my vit. D, CoQ10, Vit. K, & buffered ascorbic acid? I also take strontium and melatonin; and tri-alkali, a powder you mix with water containing Ca, Mg, and K citrates; those are part of my osteoporosis protocol. Should I take the whole foods multivitamin? I will suspend all supplements if I need to, but I would like to know whether this is recommended or not.

    Simeons said that Vit D, Calcium and Cit C were ok if needed for teeth and bone health. I personally do not see why all the other supplements (non-oil) need to be avoided but I have no way of asking Simeons. You could try it and see if your weight loss is slowed. It will not hurt to go without your multi for a few weeks.

    Regarding superfoods, I will be giving up the chia seeds, hemp and nut/seed mixtures, as they are way too high in fat. But what about seed and legume sprouts, bee pollen, protein powder... SunWarrior fermented brown rice protein which is mostly protein, very low in fat and carbs. Can I use it as a snack or a protein meal replacement? Can I use sea vegetables? Miso soup? What about powdered green drinks like Boku Superfood mixed with water or unsweetened almond milk (20 calories for 1/2 cup)? Vegetable juices? Is Yerba mate tea OK? It does have caffeine but also many health benefits. It is understood I will stay within the 500 calories of course.

    Again Simeons warned against substituting from his diet so you would have to see for yourself what happens. I do not see why you could not substitute as long as you avoid fat and stay within your calorie count. Yerba tea is fine.

    Is it OK to use Oxypowder to keep bowels moving?

    I think so.

    Last question: clarification of directions for liquitrophics. The website says to take 1 tsp. of each with food. Priscilla said to start the Liver Gallbladder (which I assume is the Hepato Liquitrophic?) by drops away from meals, starting 1 week before the HCG (I do 7 drops bid) and to continue taking it this way with the other 3 remedies. I put some into a dropper bottle because it didn't come in one. So which is correct? Should I be taking the Hepato Liquitrophic by the teaspoon with meals, or by the drops away from meals?

    Take Liquitrophics by the tsp. with meals.

    Sorry to have so many questions. I skimmed through Simeon's book and will try to read it again, also find Dr. Cage's recipes and meal plans helpful. I suppose the closer you stay to the strict protocol the better, but then again they probably didn't know or have access to all the wonderful superfoods we have now, so what do you all think?

    Yes I agree with you.

    The community support is great, and I am looking forward to my experience with the protocol. Thanks!
    Sue in Asheville

  • Topic Suggestions for Future Teleseminars   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I'm not getting many questions before the teleseminar.

  • HCG Teleseminar   14 years 44 weeks ago

    When we begin the three weeks of no sugar, no starch, I know that Stevia is allowed. But what about maple syrup, rice syrup, agave nectar, honey? Since these are all sugars, are they to be avoided?

    Is sweet potato considered a starch? I know that all grains are starches, as well as white potatoes, but what else is a starch?

    I thought that Dr. Arlan Cage's recipe book did a wonderful job of listing acceptable foods for Phase two. His list was quite helpful and I would appreciate a similar list for Phase three.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Thanks for the tip.

    My hubby is thinking of doing this with me, but we want to share the bottles.
    Trouble is he is in school some days and doesnt get home until 5pm.

    How do we both use the same remedy bottle?
    It says take first thing in the am and then mid morning or mid afternoon.
    Can he take it later in the day?

  • Mixed Bag of Symptoms on Homeopathic HCG   14 years 44 weeks ago

    A very low calorie diet can cause the metabolism to slow down and the thyroid gland to have decreased function (tendency in the direction of hypothyroidism). It does seem that the HCG can protect against this effect. However, those who are already hypothyroid may notice a worsening of symptoms while on HCG (e.g. hair loss) possibly due to people not taking their thyroid medication while on the protocol or the low calorie diet exacerbating their hypothyroidism.

  • Phase 3 foods?   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Okay, I got a partial answer through my own research. Pumpkin and zucchini are both very low in starch. Like .1 gram of starch per 100 grams of cooked pumpkin or zucchini.

    Legumes vary, lentils being on the lower-starch end. But how much starch is too much in Phase 3? How much will cause weight gain when combined with fat?

    And I can't find any info on coconut flour.

    I start phase 3 tomorrow! I don't intend to reintroduce all these foods at once, so I have a little leeway. But PLEASE HELP.

  • hcg dosage   14 years 44 weeks ago

    HAve you tried fiber? IN last week's telecall..they said one could have a fiber drink...might that help you? THey said you could have fiber several times a day...if hungry, constipated. But could it help your B/S as well? If you are diabetic...then I think you need extra quidance so call SUppport @ Enlita for help. Oh...and Dr. Cage, I think said, if you needed a few nuts..well them have them but your weight loss may be a bit slower? SO I would porbably use this as a last approach.IS this right?

    Fiber is calorie-free, sugar free and won't help with blood sugars but will help with hunger. Protein, fat and carbs will help with blood sugars. I would recommend diabetics get a 1-on-1 session with me (LeAnn is talented but not a doctor). I would not use nuts during the 500 calorie phase. Apples, and more meat and low-carb veggies if needed but the name of the game in this phase is very low-fat (you are supposed to live off of your fat stores).

  • hcg dosage   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I saw in one of the newsletters where Dr. Pearsall recommended someone use a protein shake (they weren't hungry). I'm wondering if there is a way to use protein powder in the morning to help stabilize my blood sugar. I think I could mix it with strawberries, water and stevia. What do you think Dr. P? If this is possible, how would you count the protein powder?

    The label states that the calorie of one scoop is 95 calories and the carbs are 2.8. You wouldn't need stevia with the chocolate or strawberry. The carb count is very low. You would simply need to account for this in your total calorie count. I think your idea is a good one although Simeons would probably disapprove because he felt it was important to allow the HCG work its magic in the morning and that the blood would be saturated with fat which would be sufficient nutrition. But I don't want anyone to go hypoglycemic on this program. It isn't worth it.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Yes its not real clear what the dosages are and someone mentioned taking the liver support a week early?

    There needs to be a link for the homeopathic method that we can reference.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Annimaine...I found this in the Enlita Store...under the Homeopathic HCG KIT. SOmeone else was confused about the #of times one takes the Liquitrophics.....their dose is not in drops but in one tsp. I think Dr. Priscilla said to take the adrenoliquitrophic one time a day...but maybe someone else can tell you about the liquitrophics/post the ? in "Ask the Dr" Forum or contact

    "I was astounded at how easy and how speedy this program worked. Just take some homeopathic drops, follow the eating plan and watch the abnormal fat just soften and then it gets eliminated! My body feels completely different through this process. Rolls are vanishing! I can't wait to wake up and get on the scale. At least a pound a day gone with no hunger. It's unbelievable - I've got to tell everyone about this!" ~ C. Birch*

    *Results Not Typical (This statement is mandated by the FDA.)

    NOTE: Due to high demand THERE MAY BE A DELAY IN SHIPPING.

    Kit Includes:

    · HCG Formula-(homeopathic hCG)

    · Weight Med- (glandular support and metabolism booster)

    · Metabolic 1-(glandular support and metabolism booster)

    · Hepato Liquitrophic (Liver support)

    · Adreno Liquitrophic (Adrenal support)

    The homeopathic kit has enough for a 23 day supply. If you are going to do the protocol more than 23 days, then we recommend purchasing two kits.* The average weight loss per round of 23-40 days ranges from 17-30 pounds (depending on if you are a woman or man as men lose more weight than women do.)

    Choose how many rounds you would like to do depending of the amount of weight you need to lose.

    Directions: (directions are also on the labels)

    1. First thing in the morning, and again mid-morning or mid-afternoon, take 7 drops each of the first three homeopathic formulas one after another. Take 20 minutes away from food and 60 minutes away from mint (like toothpaste and coffee). It is helpful to bang the bottle against your palm 10 times before you take the remedy to activate it.

    2. Liquitrophics: Use a plastic spoon and take 1 tsp. of each with food. Keep at temperatures of 40-70 degrees or refrigerate. Refrigerate if not used within 30 days.

    If you cannot afford two kits you can make your remedies last longer with the following method which is not as precise but theoretically should work. When there is ¼ liquid left in the bottle, add 7 drops of Everclear, Vodka or some high proof alcohol to act as a preservative and fill the rest of the bottle up with distilled water. Bang the remedy against a book 50 times (succussion). Continue to take your remedy. This can be done indefinitely.

  • Who has received their HCG?   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I received my homeopathic kit last week and plan to start over Thanksgiving. I too would like some instructions on how to use the other items in the kit.

  • Who has received their HCG?   14 years 44 weeks ago

    herforth wrote:
    JUst found the dosing for the HOmeopathic HCg on the Blog...entry for Oct.17, 08. THanks!!

    flgranny33....laughed at your poem..we all do want to lose this weight- like yesterday!Caught your new post to Encouragement:Make Connections and I will reply. THrilled to see you on the thread! jotales

    Can you post the link?

    I am not able to locate it.



  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 44 weeks ago

    My HCG has arrived but I dont see instructions any where as to how
    to use the homeopathic system.

    Is there a link for that somewhere?


  • Who has received their HCG?   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I recieved my Homeopathic HCG today and plan on starting it Thanks Giving.

    One question;

    Where are the instructions for the Homeopathic remedy?
    I cant find anything about it just a audio recording.

    Am I missing some information?

    I bought the 67.00 package that includes the MP3 down loads and
    notes but there isnt much information about the homeopathy.

  • Mixed Bag of Symptoms on Homeopathic HCG   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Thanks Dr. Kendra.....knew you were sick last week and thought you were thanks for answering. IN the meantime,I did sign up for a coaching session.

    I thought I had read it somewhere...yes in the Dr. Cages' HCG HAndout:

    "Q. if someone is taking thyroid medication, should they not take HCG?
    A. Hcg has the effect of causing the body to induce a hyperthyroid state, so if you are taking thyroid medication, the contradiction of effect may cause reduced overall weightloss, but will still be effective......

    NOW I remember when I read this..I became confused and wondered if this was not an error....a typo? Because if HCG was hyperthyroid in effect and one was on thyroid...seems to me they would lose weight faster yet...and may actually need a reduction in their thyroid dose.
    I don't know how to do audio from my p.c. but I almost want to say that I thought Dr. Cage said hyperthyroid during the call... (though I may have not heard him correctly-hearing trouble) because I immediately thought...uh,oh! wonder how that eill effect my heart as I suffer alot from rapid or bounding heart. well, I"ll find out!...
    So you might want to check into this and see if there is an error.

  • Estrogen Imbalance (high)   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Allergy Research and Pure Encapsulations are both good neutraceutical-grade companies whose products are utilized by naturopathic doctors.

    FYI - Indole 3 carbinol is found naturally in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, but you'd have to eat very large quantities to compare with the dosages found in supplements. Still, the foods we eat form the foundation of our health, so include these in your diet unless you have a food sensitivity to them. Also note that in higher estrogen states, one should consider avoiding heating/storing warm foods in plastic containers, watch estrogen-mimicking chemicals in personal care products, and gravitate towards organic meat and dairy foods. Ground flax seeds also support healthy estrogen metabolism pathways in the body.

    It's good to hear that you utilized testing to become more aware of what's occuring in your body.

  • Mixed Bag of Symptoms on Homeopathic HCG   14 years 44 weeks ago

    First let me apologize for not responding sooner. Dr. Marci sent this to me the same day you posted it and this is how far behind I am in my email. I wonder if your blood pressure is due to water retention.

    Some people need less sleep on HCG but the heart pounding is not a good sign. Dr. Cage said HCG puts one into a HYPOthryoid state not hyper. A low calorie diet can slow one's metabolism like hypothyroidism does but the effects are counteracted by the HCG.

    If I go off HCG...for how long....till I can do the thyroid test?

    I don't see how the thyroid test is going to make a difference in this case but you should still get it done as everyone should know their thyroid status.

    Could I try a few gtts of HCG formula in the water method?

    Yes. Try whatever has worked for you in the past.

    DO you know if anyone sells just a 6c/x of HCG?

    The more you dilute the potency, the stronger it becomes.

    I had heavy heart pounding to the LIver/GB rx. and stopped after 5 days..all symptoms went away. I did not lose weight on it.

    This is not a weight loss formula. It is designed to prepare and support your liver as toxins are mobilized from the fat stores with HCG.

    I can talk with you more about this in a coaching session.

  • Lots of questions on 500 calorie protocol   14 years 45 weeks ago

    I just checked my AdrenoLiquitrophic.....I was thinking it was part herbal and part homeopathic.....but it is all homeopathic(h. version of some herbs for one)...anyway...the label says"Adults: 1 to 2 tsps. per day" It does not say to take with food. I believe Dr. Priscilla said take 1 tsp a day. So be sure to double check your bottle of HepatoLiquitrophic...(since I don't have one of those) you might not be directed to take 3x's a day like some of the other remedies. But it's looking like you don't take any of them with food????? Recheck your labels and if still in doubt...or need help you could call/email support/restate your ? in the forums.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 45 weeks ago

    Anninmaine...HI! it took 2 weeks for me to get it. WHen you submit your order I think they say it can take between "x"days to 2 weeks. After that..if you don't get it, I would call / email LeAnn at Support to make sure they have the order. I did all of that before the 2weeks and probably drove her nuts......sorry to say...but I thought it was coming from Mercola's store and I always got that so quickly. I bet it comes this week for you! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :wink:

    OGosh, DAWN: i posted a reply to your superman powers on the HCG
    Discussion:Dosages thread.......I'm getting confused between our posting places :oops:

    So I'm off to cook some protein..because when my food is not prepared; I end up cheating and then I have to weave some tales :roll: as to why jotales is not losing weight :wink:

  • hcg dosage   14 years 45 weeks ago

    HI All... I've just found JUSTJAN's where is my brian? glad that you are joinning in. So you start the 26th!!! I've got just as much weight to you are not alone. Only for now I can't handle the I have to try the Enlita PLan way. Following my ALCAT test results for delayed sensitivities and all. & got quite a few problems on my DIagnos-Techs test results to contend with. But I just loved that weight loss though on HCG! :cry:

    SHAWNAB......I just reread your note and you said you were dizzy d/t low blood sugar...not did I miss that?? So where is my brain? Anyway...Dr. Simeon said to carry 1 to 2 packets of sugar around with you for emergencies. Afterall you can't let your b/s go down too dangerous level. HOw do you know it's your Bld sugar? From S&S or do you actually check it? I had a spell of hypoglycemia last night..very shakey. Took my b/s and it was 78. SUrprised I was having such S. @ 78.
    Rather than the sugar I wonder if you could take raw honey; but of course that is not as portable as a packet of sugar. ANd I wouldn't want it spilling in mypurse. ANd I would only take sugar if it were really bad. Of course how do you define bad....and bad can come on quickly! Dr. Simeons says the b/s problem usually stops after day 4 or something like are you still having problems? (But of course you have to treat it if it's bad.) DO you have a PCP following you?
    I think someone did say you could do a protein drink. Could you then
    add the L. fruit to that? ..just don't have the fruit at L. then. Stevia is permissable. HAve you tried fiber? IN last week's telecall..they said one could have a fiber drink...might that help you? THey said you could have fiber several times a day...if hungry, constipated. But could it help your B/S as well? If you are diabetic...then I think you need extra quidance so call SUppport @ Enlita for help. Oh...and Dr. Cage, I think said, if you needed a few nuts..well them have them but your weight loss may be a bit slower? SO I would porbably use this as a last approach.IS this right? does anyone else remember this.
    I would try to post your ? in the "ASk the Dr." Forum...they may spot your ? faster there.

    DAWN: OMGosh!!! How did you ever make that dish and still not eat it??!! I am like SO proud of you. YOUR MOtivation and determination will push my butt in gear to lose the weight!! HAve you heard of Dr. ALan Hirsch MD?? He's been on Oprah.
    DIrector of the (I don't know the exact title) Neurological Smell Institute.
    He's been researching smell for years and started w/ certain tubes of smells to help people lose weight. ONe smell was the smell of green apple, if I am right...fritos was another...oh boy...could I smelll that scent now..but I regress! JUst by smelling your food before eating it can help you lose weight. In his last book.he recommends that we really smell our food before we eat it.
    I'm not sure why you lose weight....if you smell the food eats less of it?? Is the body tricked into thinking it issatisfied? (can you tell I didn't read the book yet?) They originally discovered that those who lost their sense of smell...gainned alot of weight! Fascinating subject!

    Anyway..back to being SuperProud of you!

    Hope you are all well and had a nice weekend...........jotales

  • hcg dosage   14 years 45 weeks ago

    I saw in one of the newsletters where Dr. Pearsall recommended someone use a protein shake (they weren't hungry). I'm wondering if there is a way to use protein powder in the morning to help stabilize my blood sugar. I think I could mix it with strawberries, water and stevia. What do you think Dr. P? If this is possible, how would you count the protein powder?

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 45 weeks ago

    WOW great will power Dawn!

    I read somewhere that you could eat a tsp of coconut oil
    if you were hungry. Cant remember if it was the HCG diet
    or Enlita. But I believe it was reccomended as it helps the metabolism.

    Anyone else read about this some where?

    PS how long does it take to receive the homeopathy version
    of HCG? I ordered mine on November 7th. Still waiting for it to arrive.