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  • Something kinda weird   14 years 40 weeks ago

    WOW! That is interesting.

    Well I heard that homeopathics work energetically so perhaps the
    energy of 50 times is really potent? Did you add the 5 drops of vodka too?


  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 40 weeks ago

    OK, here's was another stumbling block (already mentioned before) but I had groung beef for both meals 2 days in a row. The first day I gained .5lbs. and the 2nd day I gained 1lb. That was extremely discouraging!!!! I had ground beef before without a weight gain but this was a specially processed beef that was supposed to be better than just organic. Today I woke up with a 2lb. loss. I lost sleep over this one thinking my body just had enough. Now I can't wait until tomarrow doing another day of CHICKEN! Today I am at 17.5lbs. YEA!!!!!

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 40 weeks ago

    The two foods I am eating is the Shirataki noodles and Land O lakes
    Mini Moo creamers. They contain 1 gm of fat o carbs 10 calories a piece.
    I know he mentioned cottage as an allowed protein so I took my chances and gave it a try keeping track of the amount I use and the calories.
    Red meat has way more fat in it so I felt like I could cheat a bit.

    Yes I heard stopping HCG is reccomended for Injectable and sublingual HCG.
    Perhaps homeopathic too? But I didnt want to upset status quo and kept going. There was no issue with stalling what so ever when I did this.

    Yeah winter is a really hard time for me.
    Lack of activity, darkness and cold.
    So...Im doing well for this time of year
    January, Feb, March will be the true test time, as those months are
    damp bitter cold here and this usually flares up my FM.
    Lately the weather has been just great for December.

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 40 weeks ago

    I have no idea why it happens. I have stalled after eating beef the day before. To much apple stalls me too so I limit to 100 grams once a day.
    I think its an individual thing. I also feel that these stalls could be food intolerance the person isnt aware of. Food intolerance can cause inflammation and water retention. I know because I had the test done for 150 foods and I tested intolerant to foods you would never think could be the culprit. Its weird but true. So I feel better now, the weight loss has been great and Im looking forward to a nice break for Phase 3&4 and then on to round 2.

    According to Simeons protocol he mentions that vitamins are not needed and if you dont feel like eating all the food, eat the proteins.But veges and fruit is good roughage so perhaps that was the idea behind those to keep folks regular?

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 40 weeks ago

    Oh SO GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! YOur weight loss is fantastic!! the only thing i was concernned about is if you were suppose to take the remedies while having a period? I think normally on the HCG protocol, one stops the HCG during your period. If you didn't get specific instructions..then double check w/ Dr. Kendra.
    THanks too for you discussion of how you are doing the program. I think CHristmas day would be a good loading day for me gives me another week of B/P control and then I'll be able to tell better if the remedy is again causing my b/p to go up. I really hope I can handle it!!!

    I've got food prepared from my first try.

    Sounds like Justjan is doing well (HCG DISCUSSIONS)

    What are these 2 lil' things that you are eating...(not plan but working for you) ? not sure I know what they are..but will be great to see if your FM improves also. Keep us posted...glad your aches are over now too!!!.jotales

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 40 weeks ago

    Yeah Im disapointed that the forum isnt more active.
    Oh well....

    Im doing great Jotales!

    I had a couple of days in the first or second week where I felt achy and almost headachy but that passed. I take a continous BCP and normally dont bleed and I had a very long heavy period that just stopped today. But I didnt stop the remedies and I took it easy. I still lost weight too. So far I have lost 15 pounds as of this morning over the past 16 VLCD days.
    A couple of times I stayed at the same weight for 2 days, then lost 1.50- 2 pounds the 3rd day. My body still aches a bit but not everyday and I hope my kidneys are okay as all this water is really working them pretty hard.
    Im drinking Tulsi tea in the am and have one cup of decaf mid day with 2-3 mini Moos. I know they are not on protocol, but it works for me at this time.
    I think beef stalls me and fruit twice a day stalls me. I am not wanting to eat kale or any of the veges besides grape tomatoes and cukes. I do a bit of lettuce occasionally. I also have been eating Shirataki noodles that are simular to Miracle noodles. I buy them locally. When I eat apples I only eat 100 grams and only once a day. Im mostly eating white fish, wild shrimp and a small amount of chicken. Im not eating 500 cals. I actually forgot to eat dinner this evening so I made some haddock and cukes for supper. Im not fond of peeing in the middle of the night as I need sleep for the FM but its worth it. Im going to be doing a 40 day round with a short 2-3 break over Christmas.

    Blood pressure is great and blood sugars are fantastic!
    I had a fasting blood sugar last week of 82. I was at 94 before HCG.
    Plus my gut is feeling better, no more IBS.

    When are you starting again?
    My hubby is starting around Christmas with is loading days.


  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 40 weeks ago

    WOW! No one posted since NOv. 30th? I finally got thru the fire inspection....I cleanned till I dropped!!! but in the time left so papers got s hoved into cabinets....hope to attack them during January.
    I've gotten my B/P in better control w/ only 2 of my med. and 2 cups of Tulsi tea a day. That Tulsi tea is doing something positive for me.
    Sleeping great.and B/P lower in a.m. so I'm almost ready to restart HCg...but htis time take only the homeopathic HCG and monitor closely.
    I've lost a whopping 1 pound. Am hoping that after Christmas...things will settle down and I can concentrate more on me. I'm still researching infa-red saunas. are you doing on the HCG?? would love to hear your experience. HOw are you , DAWN? Patrice? FLGRANNY?.jotales

  • Heartburn fix??   14 years 40 weeks ago


    Congratulations on your weight loss! That's wonderful.

    The first approach to heartburn is cleaning up the diet, which can be done by following the Enlita program. Determine if there are any hidden food sensitivities which may be contributing (the program guides you through this). The heartburn may get better over time as a result of this alone! Consider keeping a food journal and see if you notice any correlation between certain foods and GERD symptoms.

    Supportive therapies may include an anti-inflammatory such as the omega-3s found in krill or fish oil. Digestive enzymes and/or probiotics may also be indicated, depending on whether there are additional digestive issue symptoms present. Certain herbs can also be helpful, but start with the basics and see how your body responds.

    Apple cider vinegar can indeed provide symptomatic relief for heartburn. It can either be taken before meals or as needed. Feel free to dilute it in a little bit of water if it burns.

    Hope this helps! Keep up the good work on the program!

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 41 weeks ago

    I don't think it's always about the calories or we could have 500 calories of various other vegies as well. The broth may have been a sodium issue or possibly a MSG issue.?????? I just know 3 days I had more broth than recommended--not more calories--and I had no weight loss those days. I don't eat the cracker or breadstick at all and some days I don't eat my fruit. If I do eat the fruit it is only 1 serving. I am also diabetic so I limit my fruits anyway. I too also feel like I am gaining years of weight loss. I have not lost weight for 20+ years--only gained slowely!! I am absolutely thrilled!!! I am 3lbs. away from being under 200lbs. and I never want to see that Number again!!!!! I am already planning to do another round in April.

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 41 weeks ago

    I'm curious why people think certain things like broth or beef or fruit or the grissini slow their weight loss. I checked the side of the container of the broth I'm using and it's 15 calories a cup. Not gonna be a problem. Also low sodium, although I realize it's commercial salt and not sea salt or crystal salt, which would have a wider spectrum of minerals. Even if you're retaining a little water from the sodium you wouldn't be stopping fat burning.

    Is the question about beef because of higher fat content? I've been able to acquire some buffalo, a nice big slab with no visible fat sold as London broil, and also some precious 6 ounce grassfed beef filet mignons that I cut in half. Have to add a little extra protein from somewhere else on the days I use those. The buffalo was quite reasonably priced. Can't say as much for the grassfed beef, but it sure is delicious.

    I figure the fruit is recommended to provide micronutrients and fiber as well as to get the carbohydrate and calorie levels up. The veggies we're using are very low carb and have virtually no calories. You need some calories!

    All the grissini I've been able to contain olive oil, so I'm using a wheat-free variety of Wasa Brod. So far so goot. Er, good.

    I have a pattern of going a day or two with no loss and then losing 2 or even 3 pounds all at once. I'm thinking the main problem is my scale, which probably isn't sensitive enough. The dial is also kind of hard for my old eyes to read.

    I started the VLCD on December 1 and have lost either 12 or 17 pounds, depending on whether you count the 5 pounds I packed on during loading. I'm very happy, since I haven't been able to lose an ounce for the last 10 years or so (I'm 62), and the process has been quite pleasant. I've had to be around people eating all sorts of treats and haven't even wanted to join them, both because of the motivation of daily weigh-ins and because I just don't want that kind of food anymore. I feel like I've lost 12 years along with the 12 pounds!

  • When Should I Start HCG?   14 years 41 weeks ago


    Were you able to schedule a consult? Have these questions been addressed for you? It sounds like there are many factors at play here... challenging to answer in a forum.

    The following is from the HCG E-book pertaining to interruptions in the program:
    "If a patient must interrupt a treatment for more than four days, he should increase his diet to at least 800 calories after the 3rd day to prevent excessive hunger. Having an interruption before there are 20 injections can result in weight to be regained."

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 41 weeks ago

    I'm enjoying reading everything I can on this subject. After 2 days of no weight loss (due to the broth I think) I had a 1lb loss today. I guess I got spoiled having 1.5 for all those days I was disappointed at first until I bopped me along side the head and realized I have lost 14.5 lbs. since Thanksgiving!!! I have never even lost 14 lbs. my whole life!! After gaining 3 lbs. on the uploading days I started at 217 lbs. Today it was 204.5!! I am interested in hearing from others that were and are ahead of me in their days and find out when peoples dailey weight loss tend to decrease some. I'm about half way through--is this the time? I drink alot of herbal tea as well with stevia.

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 41 weeks ago

    I started with 7 and then did 10 twice a day.

    I like the idea of a few times a day instead.
    Might try that too.

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 41 weeks ago

    Hi Anninmaine,

    How many drops do you use each of the two times?



  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 41 weeks ago

    JustJan you are doing great!
    Thanks for sharing and any tips you want to share would be great!

    One thing I am doing with the water intake.
    I fill 2 20 oz bottles with water, then add a zero calorie flavoring.
    My current favorite is Arizona Pomegranite Tea. I split the one package between the 2 bottles. I drink a cup of tea in the am, then I drink one bottle of water by noon then start working on the other one. I usually have it drunk by 5 pm.
    Then I add a cup of broth or plain soda water flavored with Stevia.
    So far its working really well for me and Im not up all night peeing my brains
    out LOL!

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 41 weeks ago

    Hello and thanks for posting. Im almost 50 years old.

    I didnt know about the 6 times a day protocol.
    I havent had much issue with the twice a day drops.
    Only had a slight twinge of hunger right before eating my meals.
    But not daily.

    I do drink coffee (one cup a day) mid afternoon and I have been using the little moo creamers that are 10 cals a piece. I use 2-3. I forgo the fruit so I can have this one cup a day.

    So far I have lost 11 pounds over 11 days of the VLCDs.
    This morning was the first time I didnt loose anything.
    Prior to todays weigh in, I lost 1.50 pounds 2 days in a row.

    I dont do the grissini and I tried rice crackers, but that seems to
    slow the weight loss. I also ate beef twice in one day and that seems to
    slow the loss as well. Tonight its fish for supper!

    Best wishes to all.

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 41 weeks ago

    Hi, I'm Candy. I started the protocol December 1 using homeopathic hCG. I had planned to start over the holiday but since we were out of town I decided it would be better to start when we got home. And so far it has been quite easy and pleasant, and my energy has been mostly good.

    I'm 62, so I was expecting a slow start. I'm 5'6' and weighed 212 pounds on Day 1. After the loading phase I was 217! That was a shock. I started the VLCD on Thursday and then went out of town Friday through Sunday so wasn't able to weigh until Monday morning, when I found I weighed 207. Today I'm 204, but that's the same as yesterday. An eight-pound loss in 10 days (13 pounds if you count the loading "bump"). Not as impressive as you younger girls but considering my complete inability to drop an ounce for the last several years, I'm cautiously thrilled and optimistic that I can get down to something approaching a normal weight.

    Over the weekend I was thrilled to find that I could not only be around other people noshing on delectables at a party but also that I could prepare and serve those delectables without wanting any. What I craved was the simpler foods that are on the diet. I made things easier by preparing four meals, soup with protein, veggies and Miracle Noodles, before I left home. I put each day's worth in a Mason jar and carried the jars in a cooler, along with some raw condiments like cilantro and cucumber. I got back late Sunday night and didn't really want dinner. So I didn't eat it. Amazing.

    I'm using the five-drops-six-times-a-day protocol Dr. Pearsall mentioned on the teleseminar. If I expect to be away for an extended period of time I double up, but so far that seems to be keeping hunger at bay. Has anyone had a chance to compare whether six small doses works better than two or three larger ones?

    In the mornings I'm pretty much brain dead until I get a. coffee or b. food, any food. I remember Dr. Pearsall saying caffeine could interfere with homeopathics, so I have tried to avoid it. Still, the days when I have just a single cup of coffee I usually fly around with great focus and good spirits. When I don't have it, I'm scattered and bleak. I didn't have a huge caffeine habit before starting the diet so I think there must be more than just that going on.

    So far, so good!

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   14 years 41 weeks ago

    Well I just completed day 13 (day 10 of the 500 calories) and I have lost 13.5 lbs. Three days I have had no weight loss or I gained .5 lbs. I have not cheated once except I have added broth on those days. I was sick and a brothy soup sounded and felt sooo good going down. Now that I see a pattern I will illiminate the broth except for a tablespoon here or there! I would really like to hit the 20 lb. weight loss by Saturday (we have a family breakfast). That would be 20 lbs. my first 2 weeks. And no--I'm not eating at my family breakfast! HA

  • hcg dosage   14 years 41 weeks ago

    Some people have reported that the breadstick or rice crackers did impede their weight loss.

  • Mixed Bag of Symptoms on Homeopathic HCG   14 years 41 weeks ago

    I would have to do more research on that to see if people have experienced that. The good news is there are many natural ways to support a low-functioning thyroid gland.

  • HCG Protocol-How do I make an appointment with an Enlita Doc   14 years 41 weeks ago

    You can sign up for coaching by going to:

    After you sign up, you can then call me and I will get an assessment to you to fill out and we can schedule the appointment.


  • Thoughts on Alkaline Water   14 years 41 weeks ago

    Water can indeed have different pH levels. If you read some of the labels on bottled water, you may notice this listed. Many in the more alternative healthcare field advocate selecting water that is more basic to alkaline rather than acidic. (On a pH scale, numbers less than 7 are more acidic). More acid environments may be correlated with greater risk of disease (ie - cancer is one thought).

  • hcg dosage   14 years 42 weeks ago


    I am adding to some of my meals broth and the allowed noodles.
    About 2 cups of broth.
    Its really filling and I am finding I can't eat it all in one setting.

    Im feeling pretty good today and have lost 7 pounds in 6 days.
    I hope the weight loss continues at this rate.

    I have tried a rice cracker or 2 but am worried it could
    slow my progress.

  • Can I drink Crystal Lite on the HCG Protocol?   14 years 42 weeks ago

    What about Xylitol as a natural sweetener?

  • hcg dosage   14 years 42 weeks ago

    Well today is day 6 of the 500 calorie part of taking HCG. I have lost 9.5 lbs and my fasting blood sugar (I'm diabetic) has been around 110. I am not experiencing the "I can't eat" feeling that I am reading about. I am not feeling starved but I don't have the satisfied feeling of haveing enough to eat either. I really can live with this due to my excitement of weight loss!!!!! I can hardly believe this is really happening. I AM loosing weight!!!!!