Something kinda weird

I was getting low on the homeopathics and liquitrophics in my kit so I decided to add water and succuss, which worked well. It's been two days now and everything seems to be working fine. However, my husband just came into the room carrying the hardback book I used for the succussing, wondering what in the world had happened to it. The cover had curled in the middle. I didn't strike the bottles hard at all. Makes me think there's quite a bit of energy going on in those little bottles . . .

It's a really nice book, too. I'm wondering whether there's a "cure," and whether it happens often?



Something kinda weird

WOW! That is interesting.

Well I heard that homeopathics work energetically so perhaps the
energy of 50 times is really potent? Did you add the 5 drops of vodka too?