When Should I Start HCG?

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First up, aplogies for the million questions. I am scheduling my consult ASAP.

I got my HCG 5 days ago. I thought I would start right away, but I started feeling unwell towards the end of last week. I apparently have viral chest infection. I actually think I had a rib out and was just stressed and worn out, but who knows. My MD doesn't take such things into account.

Anyway, I am trying to decide when to start. Should I wait until I feel 100%? (The doc told me if I did pull a muslce in my chest, which was the original hypothesis, then it could be WEEKS before the paing goes away).

I was also planning on doing an interuption over Christmas for 4 days while I am travelling and with Skinny Boyfriends Family. But is it pointless if I don't get 23 days in? Could I just expect a gain or stall? Or can I get 23 days in after and still reset my hypothalmus? I am tired of this weight and would love to get a jump start before I meet some of Skinny Boyfriends Family for the first time.

Thanks for pondering this with me.

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Were you able to schedule a consult? Have these questions been addressed for you? It sounds like there are many factors at play here... challenging to answer in a forum.

The following is from the HCG E-book pertaining to interruptions in the program:
"If a patient must interrupt a treatment for more than four days, he should increase his diet to at least 800 calories after the 3rd day to prevent excessive hunger. Having an interruption before there are 20 injections can result in weight to be regained."