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  • hcg dosage   15 years 25 weeks ago

    I would be happy to help with a testimonial. Do you want me to email it to you?

  • hcg dosage   15 years 25 weeks ago

    That is wonderful news! I am so thrilled. Shawna would you be willing to send your testimonial for us to publish to with your name, city, state and profession? (you can use fake name if you prefer).

  • Mixed Bag of Symptoms on Homeopathic HCG   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Dr. Kendra Pearsall wrote:
    A very low calorie diet can cause the metabolism to slow down and the thyroid gland to have decreased function (tendency in the direction of hypothyroidism). It does seem that the HCG can protect against this effect. However, those who are already hypothyroid may notice a worsening of symptoms while on HCG (e.g. hair loss) possibly due to people not taking their thyroid medication while on the protocol or the low calorie diet exacerbating their hypothyroidism.

    Thanks for your reply. I know this hasn't been studied to be said for sure, but do you think that its possible that the thyroid could reset itself by means of the hypothalmus getting reset? (I am asserting that from Pounds and Inches).

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Lost 2 pounds over night Day 3 of VLCD! WHoo Hoo.

    Im not going to be to wishful but I
    hope that I pass that 15 pound mark by 5 more this round.

    That would be so awesome!!!

    Im feeling great and amazed at how good I feel with so little food.
    Kinda feel the Fibro pain thats for sure.

    I have been drinking vege broth to help meet my liquid quota and
    mixing in Celestial seasonings Zingers with water. The vege broth is
    only 5 calories per tsp. It's called Seitan Bacher Vegetarian vegetable Broth
    and seasoning. It does have nutritional yeast in it though so folks that are yeast sensitive probably shouldn't try it. I also did a bit of Miracle noodles with my soup and thats great too!

  • hcg dosage   15 years 25 weeks ago

    I have been on the HCG sublingual protocol for three weeks now. The blood sugar issues seem to have stabilized somewhat though I still have to have a protein shake in the morning. I have lost 18.5 pounds - which is pretty good. I am actually starting to feel smaller and none of my pants fit - hurray!

    Surprisingly, the best part about this is that my 20 year old daughter decided to do the protocol with me. She has lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and feels great. This has done so much for her self esteem that after months of not dating, she has three guys calling her to ask her out in one week. :D

  • Mixed Bag of Symptoms on Homeopathic HCG   15 years 25 weeks ago

    see my post above. i edited it.

  • Mixed Bag of Symptoms on Homeopathic HCG   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Is there an update to this? I am quite curious about the effects on HCG and thyroid.


  • Phase 3 foods?   15 years 25 weeks ago

    This isnt a very active forum.....

  • hcg dosage   15 years 25 weeks ago
    Sometimes people who are obese (vs. slightly overweight) do better on the protocol.
    Drink more fiber throughout the day! It's an appetite suppressant.

  • hcg dosage   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly!!! I am doing the HCG sublingually, I have not done the fiber drinks but I did do miracal noodles. I don't know what BMI is or how to figure it. I did follow the loading instructions 4 days before I started the HCG and 3 days after. I gained 3 lbs. Thanks for all your support!!!!! Janice

  • hcg dosage   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Hello this is my first day of VLCD and Im doing okay.
    I couldnt eat all of my apple so I halved it and saved the rest for later
    as a snack.
    I feel tired mostly this afternoon.
    I was wondering in regards to the Homeopathic HCG when to take the
    liquitropics? Right before you eat? While you are eating or after eating?

    Also, in regards to the dropper dosing.
    I take my first round first thing in the am.
    But not sure when to take the second round.
    Is noon okay or later on like 3 pm a better time?

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   15 years 25 weeks ago

    JustJan you can send me PM if you like.

    I started my VLCD on Sunday too.
    Try drinking teas and flavored unsweetened water to fill you up.
    I read that clear broths are okay to have as well.
    The other trick is to spread your food over the day.
    But dont save it up and try to eat it all at once.
    Thats not okay to do.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Hello, I started my VLCD today and it wasnt too bad.
    Except I did notice how bad my food addictions are .
    When ever I saw or smelled food not on the protocol
    I was soooo wanting to eat some or taste some.
    Not out of hunger mind you....

    I am very head strong and will full, so cheating is not on the menu for me.
    (I quit smoking cigs 12 years ago cold turkey, and have never gone back)

    I did notice that Im tired this afternoon and I am having a tough time drinking enough water. I've been trying to add in other types of fluid like tea and soda water with stevia flavoring.

    I just ate my dinner and Im full! WOW!

    I lost a couple of pounds on the first day loading then gained 3 pounds over nite the next day. I attribute much of this to water gain. I felt really uncomfortable gorging with all that food ugh! But I did the 3 days of loading due to having had drastic weight loss in the past (30 years ago) by not eating enough food and having serious anxiety.

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   15 years 25 weeks ago

    JustJan...oh I see you have discovered Annimaine.....I think you can send her your email address privately by clicking onto the tab above "Private Messages" and then it would be up to her if she wants to reply.
    Good Luck you two...I think it's great that you have someone doing the HCG at the same time!

    Does anyone know how to get to Ken's blog?? can't seem to find that I have been wondering how he is doing..

    JustJan...i think it was you that asked about hunger...I was hungry the first day or two. Even though I had to go off 5 days later d/t problems most likely d/t my sensitivity issues.....I still feel differently about sweets....I'm just not that interested in them any more!!.jotales

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Boy it's been quiet over the Holiday!!! WOndering how everyone has been eating. I'm getting on the scale tom. and I thinking I have not I've not over done it. since this is the 3rd day past should be your last loading day..have you lost some? as some of us did on the laoding days...which is a wonderful surprise in our way of thinking.
    JustJan has just also started; so you will have a companion in time for your HCG plan. YOu might find her on the HCG dosages thread.

    I've got family( extra obligations still for this week) ontop of the fire inspection a week from tom. I really need the whole week for the inspection so I'm hooping the family keeps theirselves glued together. and that somehow the organizing goes easily for me :roll: . Say a ton of prayers that this gets done!

    It will be great to hear how you all did during the Holiday...was thinking of you all.....jotales

  • hcg dosage   15 years 25 weeks ago

    1. Which type of HCG are you taking?
    2. I have heard the 1st 3 days are the worst.
    3. Are you doing fiber drinks 6-8 times a day?
    4. Simeons recommends a dose of 125 IU per day for injections (250 IU sublingual) so you can increase it a bit but don't go too far beyond that.
    5. What is your BMI?
    6. Did you follow the loading instructions?
    7. Some people do not do well on this protocol. You will know after a week if it is right for you.

  • hcg dosage   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Well I finally got started with the HCG! I can't wait until Thursday to hear all of everyones results. This is my first day of the 500 calories and I am really hungry!!!! I made a soup with alittle broth, ground beef (the allowable amount) spinach, onion, garlic, cilantro, parsley and some seasonings. I added a bag of the miracal noodle (orzo) which really helped to add some bulk! I cannot handle the larger Miracal noodles but these little "balls" are really nice! It's like having a little bean in it. Has anyone else been really hungry and when does it go away? When do you make the decision to increase the HCG by alittle bit and how much if you do??? (Dr. P --can you help with this one?)

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   15 years 25 weeks ago

    My name is Janice and I too started HCG Thanksgiving Day. Today being Sunday is my first 500 calorie day and I am experiencing hunger!!! Am I allowed to post my e-mail address so we can keep in touch privately?

  • Is it safe to do HCG with the following health conditions?   15 years 25 weeks ago

    A: The following are contraindications:
    • Pregnancy
    • Cancer
    • Large uterine fibroids
    • Gallbladder colic or attacks--need to resolve dietary issues and stop the acute gallbladder attacks first
    • Heart disease--need to be stable and have clear ECG for three months
    prior to treatment, and periodically during treatment, and obtain approval of cardiologist.
    • Fractures that are healing--wait until healed to start. Fractures during the program are handled on a case-by-case basis.

    PCOS, Thyroid problems and Depression are not considered contraindications to the protocol. There are many types of labs I am able to order. Basic bloodwork I need to do some checking to see if I can order in CO, however, your primary care physcian should be able to call those in for you without an appointment.

    Homeopathic you can order immediately. Sublingual you will have to wait 6 weeks (or have your doctor write you a script.)

    Your case is a bit complicated, I do not recommend that you attempt this protocol without supervision from someone like myself or a natural health physician that is trained in all of these areas.

  • Completed p2 33 days   15 years 26 weeks ago



  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   15 years 26 weeks ago

    Im starting my Loading on Turkey Day.
    Here are my stats.

    49 years old
    I have Fibromyalgia
    Current weight 181
    Starting first round.

    PS- I read on a forum to load up
    on the fats but limit the high carbs and starches when
    doing the loading days

  • Rebuttal to my warning to avoid agave syrup   15 years 26 weeks ago

    An e-mail from Dr. Russ Bianchi:

    Complete nonesene. Agave is a criminal defrauding of consumers for pure profit mascarading as healthy when a toxic misbranded and mislabeled harmful highly chemically refined fructose.

    Dr. Lynch is either highly ignorant of the empirical and legal data presented, utterly naieve or an apologist for lying criminals. In rereading Lynch, he clearldoes not get it or is a propotent.

    A simple blood draw 30 minutes after ingesting highly chemically refined fructose from agave demonstrates empirically a massive increase in triglycerides over a 6 hour blood gluicose test, elevated blood pressure, elevated LDL and all the long term harmful inflammation of HFCS at an accelerated pace!

    Additonally the argumentaion agave is a mild native plant used in the form being sold is a total FRAUD and LIE. It is highly chemically manipulated, refined, converted, concentrated, and far more toxic as a result. Spopntaneous abortion ans failed pregnancies that are DOCUMENTED also prove this.

    The scrub varietal forms beoing used have NEVER been used in human ingestion including native and meso American uise in this chemical concentrated and refined form!

    Additionally, there is no safety or human metabolic studies on this toxic and caustic agave product being sold deceptively under false and unapproved branding and labeling with no GRAS approval whatsoever!

    Lynch needs to check his spin talking points also, as the manufacturers having been outed on it not being organic or from blue agave ( all swore was the only source) also now falsely claim they are not using CACTUS versions either.

    They remain LIARS and CROOKS, if not accessories to murder!

    --Dr. Russ Bianchi

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 26 weeks ago

    Thanks for posting that Jotales.
    I am starting the HCG on Thanks Giving.
    Good day to start loading!

  • Phase 3 foods?   15 years 26 weeks ago

    It would be really helpful if someone could post portion sizes,
    like grams or ounces, and how many calories do we need to eat etc
    during Phase 3.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 26 weeks ago

    Yes I found the link to the HCG instructions, Dr Pearsall sent an email out
    in regards to this. How is everyone doing?

    Sounds like its been a tough time for you. I can relate, with the Fibro
    I have many down days, but I try to just take it easy and do something gentle.

    Sauna is great for detoxing and relaxing. You must like the heat.
    I would try it first before buying one as it can raise blood pressure if you
    are heat sensitive. I would love to have one, I use to sauna all the time.
    I read some where that the infra red speeds up weight loss for some people.

    I do have the extra dropper bottles but my hubby has decided to pass. Not ready I guess.

    Lately I have been dropping weight much to my surprise!
    I noticed since avoiding the foods that Im intolerant to that my appetite has
    gone way down. If I eat even the littlest bit of egg, I feel ill as well. Its so strange as I never felt like that with eggs before in past years. Or maybe my body was telling me its always been a problem, but all the other stuff was over powering the egg allergy. Hmmmm? Anyhoo I passed a plateau I've been at since last Summer and Im gearing up for the HCG diet starting either
    Wednesday or Thursday. Does it matter what day you start?

    Im feeling sooo ready for this and I believe my digestion is going to appreciate the break as well for the up coming 26 days of HCG.