Is it safe to do HCG with the following health conditions?

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PCOS (poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome)
use to take metformin (2000mg per day - - but stopped about 6 months ago)

Other meds:
thyroid: Levoxyl 100mcg daily
depression:Fluoxetine 20mg daily

If I ordered a consult with Dr. Kendra, would she be able to order labs for me in CO?

If it is safe, should I go with homopathic or sublingual HCG?


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Is it safe to do HCG with the following health conditions?

A: The following are contraindications:
• Pregnancy
• Cancer
• Large uterine fibroids
• Gallbladder colic or attacks--need to resolve dietary issues and stop the acute gallbladder attacks first
• Heart disease--need to be stable and have clear ECG for three months
prior to treatment, and periodically during treatment, and obtain approval of cardiologist.
• Fractures that are healing--wait until healed to start. Fractures during the program are handled on a case-by-case basis.

PCOS, Thyroid problems and Depression are not considered contraindications to the protocol. There are many types of labs I am able to order. Basic bloodwork I need to do some checking to see if I can order in CO, however, your primary care physcian should be able to call those in for you without an appointment.

Homeopathic you can order immediately. Sublingual you will have to wait 6 weeks (or have your doctor write you a script.)

Your case is a bit complicated, I do not recommend that you attempt this protocol without supervision from someone like myself or a natural health physician that is trained in all of these areas.