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  • Yesterday was Better...   16 years 12 weeks ago

    Wonderful to meet you Candy, and thank you for sharing your story. please let us know if you need anything along the way or have any questions. We have worked non-stop to make sure our members get all of the information they need for the program, and Dr. Pearsall is ALWAYS thinking of ways to improve the program to make sure members find success for their weight loss goals.

  • Emotional Eater Here   16 years 12 weeks ago

    I can't say I am NOT an emotional eater, I may be; but I also certainly am a compulsive overeater. When I was young I did not overeat, but as I became an adult and no longer had to rely upon someone else to prepare my food and provide it to me when I was hungry, I learned the joy of marketing and eating whenever I wanted. And I have been unable to stop eating ever since. The food industry got me hooked.

    I am now a grandmother and am serious about ridding my life of junk items and chemical foods. I want REAL food, which is what my mother prepared for me as a child. She was raised on a farm by Polish immigrant parents, drank raw milk and prepared home-grown organic food, butchered animals and ate the whole thing. As a child I used to help her make sausage from the pig's head. We made our own sauerkraut and pickles and cottage cheese. How I miss those days.

    If I am an emotional eater, then eating the right way with Enlita and WAPF will take me back emotionally to my halcion days with my mother. I am ready. Bring it on!


  • Altering meal Plan   16 years 12 weeks ago

    Hi Dr. Pearsall,

    I have read from other people, whose nutritional advice I greatly respect, that flax oil is so fragile that even buying it refrigerated in dark bottles from the HFS is no guarantee that it is not already rancid. Obviously, since it is recommended so often in the diet, you think this is not a problem? Can you comment on this further? I use freshly ground flax seeds often, but I have been shying away from the oil.


  • Welcome Enlita Members!   16 years 13 weeks ago

    It's great having everyone here and we look forward to creating a community with you based on natural, healthy, and most importantly happy living!