Yesterday was Better...

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OK I'll be the first one to share my story. I am 47 years old. In my teens, twenties and early thirties, I never worried about weight. In fact, I was super skinny.

It was after a painful and long divorce that I turned to food as sort of a comfort. I was never into sweets, but I would order chinese food by the gallon, pizzas, etc.

Now almost 16 years later, it has taken it's toll. I didn't notice the weight slowly adding up. It just seemed like one day I looked in the mirror and my 5'4" figure weighed over 180 pounds.

I immediately panicked and started weight watchers. For awhile it seemed to work, so I figured I'd be ok. I lost about 20 pounds and then nothing. It stopped working.

I've done really everything - even hired a personal trainer. This is really my last hope for losing the weight. I don't want high blood pressure. I don't want to go on medication and I don't want surgery. So here I am. Glad to meet you all.

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Hi everyone!

Like most others I didn't acquire my weight problems until I was close to 30 (I'm 46). I have been struggling with my weight since my last child. I have to admit....the early years of my life, highschool is where it began, I was not a healthy eater. I would eat a Snicker's bar, and maybe dinner. Sooooo I have created this mess that I am in now. For the past few years I have been trying to get healthy, and have made some progress. But I fall off the wagon occasionally and sometimes go months before I can get back on.

This is my fourth day on the Enlita program. I find I need the structure of a planned program, and having been a avid reader of, this is the only program that thinks the way I do. I'm hoping this will be the program for me.

Day three was a little tough in the evening. I am a sugar addict. Husband was watching the baseball playoffs, munching of course.
I heard the Halloween candy voices calling me. Sooo I grabbed a sparkling water, my book and locked myself in my room and read. I will say I was feeling quite sorry for myself but managed to pull through. I weighed myself this morning and found I have lost 3 pounds in as many days. My reward :D !

Thanks for letting me vent!


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Yesterday was Better...

Hi Candy!
I'm happy to meet you. Like you, in my teens, twenties and thirties I really did not have a weight problem. I gained some weight in my thirties but I looked healthy as before I was skinny too. ( people would ask me if I was anorexic).
Once I turned 40 the weight just seemed to creep up on me too. I will be 46 next year (where did the time go - just yesterday I was graduating high school :D ) and in the past 4 years have added 50 lbs to my body.
Again, like you, I joined weight watchers only it took me 3 months to loose 10 lbs. The first week I lost 3.5 lbs and after that it was a major struggle.
I know a lot of this is that my hormones are changing but I have never had to fight so hard to lose weight. I am really hoping this program will address the hormone issue.
Good luck to us all!!

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Yesterday was Better...

Wonderful to meet you Candy, and thank you for sharing your story. please let us know if you need anything along the way or have any questions. We have worked non-stop to make sure our members get all of the information they need for the program, and Dr. Pearsall is ALWAYS thinking of ways to improve the program to make sure members find success for their weight loss goals.