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  • Green Salad with pecan and pear   15 years 2 weeks ago

    The serving size should be listed but perhaps it was omitted?
    You should figure 1 cups of greens (plus the additions) per serving. So all salads should be about 8 servings (8 mini-meals) total. If you are not using the mini-meal system, then the salads will be more like 4 servings. Since veges are unlimited for the most part, don't worry too much about being completely exact with this. Its more important to pay attention to the amounts of carbs and protein, and make sure you have plenty of the right fats.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Pomegranate Juice   15 years 2 weeks ago

    We prefer whole fruits to juices but as long as you are diluting it with water, it is probably ok...Yes you might want to count this as one of your fruit servings.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Breaking a fast   15 years 2 weeks ago

    Yes this sounds fine, esp. since our program is a hypoallergenic diet for the first few weeks. We actually recommend a fast later on in the program- week 16...

  • new menu plan   15 years 2 weeks ago

    Ohhh, Karen! I am so sorry you had to go through this! We were trying to wait to do theswitchover until everyone was on the cusp of the next week, but unfortunately, thereare some members who switched over mid-week. (I was one of them!!!!)

    Please PM me if you run into anything else problematic - we have switched to a much better format and I think once the wrinkle of new menus is over, you're going to love the easier to use system.

  • smoothies   15 years 2 weeks ago

    All staples recipes are now currently available on your meal plan or account profile page under My Tools. Please let us know if you have any additionalquestions. Thanks!

  • Portions?   15 years 2 weeks ago

    The recipe itself looks like it makes quite a bit, but the instructions say to "Eat one serving now and reserve the rest for future meals." What is one serving of this plate? It looks like it makes a total of 4 servings ...

    I've also noticed the same thing on other salad recipes - they look like they make about 4-6 servings. Any guidance???

  • Food Combining question   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Thank you so much. I was getting overwhelmed by the food combining rules. It's good to know that you take a few grains of truth from it, but agree that on the whole it's too restrictive for most people.

    By the way, I like the new look of the revamped menus. Easier and clearer, I think.

  • Nursing   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for your reply. Sadly, I had to stop nursing today. I'm on my 3rd case of mastitis with this child, 5th total, and the pain was just too much to bear as the child was sucking on an open wound. This has been very difficult emotionally and I made the choice to break the hypoallergenic diet today. I'm commited to getting my insulin levels consistantly where they need to be and regaining my health before I get pregnant again, but right now I feel like a jumbled mess of emotions. In these moments when it seems EFT would be the best solution, I have my doubts. Maybe I can start again when my hormones have balanced out.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful reply,

  • Podcast information   15 years 3 weeks ago

    We are working on getting all podcasts into Itunes for members, but it may be awhile before that is available.

  • Food Combining question   15 years 3 weeks ago

    We do not follow food combining rules in our program, as there is no hard evidence it is necessary for weight loss and it is quite cumbersome to follow, though we do acknowledge food combining may work for some individuals, particularly those with digestive issues. The Body Ecology Diet has some useful information on food combining, if you'd like more information, but again, its not really necessary for our program. Once in a while we may mention something like the melons away from other food as we feel it's best for digestion that way, but otherwise we really do feel its best to have combinations of protein, fat, and a small amount of carbs for proper blood sugar balance.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Whey Low   15 years 3 weeks ago

    I use the Type D for diabetics. The ingredients listed are fructose and lactose monohydrate. It tastes and looks exactly like sugar but you don't get the sugar buzz.

  • Whey Low   15 years 3 weeks ago

    I am honestly not familiar with this product.
    We generally recommend stevia and small amounts of raw honey as sweeteners. Don't know what to say about whey low- what's in it?
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • onions   15 years 3 weeks ago

    There is no reason not to use onions- use them as much as you like.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Stuck on Carbs   15 years 3 weeks ago

    You are probably going to need to practice pretty strict avoidance of carbs for the time being. Eat carbs from vegetable sources only and allow yourself unlimited amounts of protein and fat for now- see how that works. And definitely take a multivitamin-mineral. EFT should help you too... After a few days the cravings should subside. You may need to take some additional supplements to help- let us know if you are still struggling...
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Nursing   15 years 3 weeks ago

    The Enlita program is very nutritionally sound and there is nothing contraindicated about doing it while you are still nursing. That being said, you may need to make some adjustments if you notice that your milk supply is being affected- such as adding a bit of additional carbs, or maybe even more fat. One personal note, though- when I was nursing, I was able to lose all but "the last 5 pounds" as my body was holding on to fluids more...once I weaned those 5 pounds went away with no trouble, without me doing anything different diet-wise. I know others with similar experiences, so just don't be obessessed with reaching a certain weight while still nursing- try to be flexible as you may naturally be retaining some fluid.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Recipes   15 years 3 weeks ago

    I am not sure I completely understand the question...
    Are the recipes not showing up as usual? Or are you trying to find recipes from menus past? Let me know so I can figure out how to help- I think its a question for the webmaster, though...
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Sharing   15 years 3 weeks ago

    tina, i am glad to hear of your success! i have been on programs like this before and it's wonderful for a little while but once you start to slow down you do lose sight of why you're doing it.

    my son's health has REALLY taken over the last 6 years. every time he has to go to the hospital or has a psychology appt (he has Hirschspung's disease and Asperger's syndrome) our schedule gets thrown off and we are eating at odd hours and, like you said, EVERYTHING in a restauarant comes with bread! i have gained 10 lbs since november because of our son's issues that had to be dealt with over the holidays. and it's been like this since he was born. before he was born i was thin. he is such a ray of sunshine and a real blessing, though, so i am NOT blaming him. it's just life for us.

    so anyway, enough of my rambling. i am really happy for you that things seem to be picking up for you. looking forward to hearing about more progress! :)

  • Sharing   15 years 3 weeks ago

    I answered two days too soon. As of this morning, my weight is back down to the lowest point since starting this program. (Just over 8 pounds lost total.) I've been watching what I eat for 7 weeks now. My goal is to lose a pound a week, but I lost sight of that fact and got discouraged.

    I'd say I'm doing pretty good. :)

    What I didn't tell you in that last post was that Christmas was too much of a temptation to me. We spent the Christmas Eve with my mom, who is a wonderful baker. Her house was filled with goodies. I told myself one day wouldn't hurt. So I gave myself permission to indulge. One day turned into two. So I did an unintentional sugar test.

    I gained 3 pounds in those two days. Now I know I didn't consume that many extra calories. I'm sensitive to sugar and wheat, and that's why I gained so much. Probably mostly water weight. What a wake up! I got a new resolve.

    Then on December 30th, my father-in-law had emergency surgery and I was with the family at the hospital all day. We went out for supper once we knew he was in recovery and things had gone well. I didn't have a choice of where we ate, and everything came with bread. I thought I'd leave the bread alone, but I was too hungry and I can't turn down what's right in front of me. So another minor set-back.

    But I've been faithful since then and my weight is a smidgen lower than it was before this mess started. I'm glad the holidays are over!

    I'm convinced this is the best program available. The changes I'm making are permanent this time, I'm already certain.

  • Metabolic Typing   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Thank you! I have purchased the book and will read up on it to see if I can determine my metabolic type. If I were to venture a guess, I would say I am a protein type. I am happy to see that you clarify the food choices with metabolic types in mind in the menus. One less thing to look up!


  • Rough Start   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Dr. Abramson,
    Thank you for your reply and words of encouragement. Hopefully, all glitches were just flukes (or have been fixed) and all will go well when I begin the program.


  • How to adust for a family?   15 years 4 weeks ago

    Dr. Winnie Abramson,

    Thank you so much for your replies! I am really looking forward to the adjusted recipies. Usually I will still double everything leave 1/2 out and freeze the other 1/2 for days when we don't have time to cook. How many servings are the current recipies made? Should I double or triple these?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Metabolic Typing   15 years 4 weeks ago

    We discuss metabolic typing in the second month of the program. It is not a large part of our program, but we offer menu options for the first few months for those who are interested in it. If you are curious about it sooner, there are books such as The Metabolic Typing Diet by William Wolcott that can provide more information.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • personalized menus?   15 years 4 weeks ago

    Please understand it would be impossible to personalize menus for each person, but you may subsitute any protein for another, and all vegetables are pretty much fair game, and we do give quite a few options for meals whenever possible.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • How to adust for a family?   15 years 4 weeks ago

    I think you know your family and how much/what they will eat better than I do, so I can't say for sure how to adjust the recipes for you. Vegetables are all allowed so no, I would not suggest buying 5 lbs of asparagus, but maybe buying additional other veggies everyone will eat is fine, and just stay within our parameters. We have recently revamped all the menus and recipes so that all recipes have 6-8 servings. These new menus should be posted soon and should help you adjust for bulk cooking for a large family like yours- you might need to double even those recipes though...I would suggest having other wholesome staples around for your children though that maybe aren't on the program but that you can make up quickly. Just from my personal experience with my kids, I know they absolutely don't eat everything I do, though I do wish they would!
    Good luck,
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Newbie with more questions...   15 years 4 weeks ago

    Spelt contains gluten and while is is much better than wheat, we ask that you avoid it for a while during the elimination diet, then retest to make sure it works for you. This is all accounted for in the weekly menus. Coconut products are definitely acceptable and encouraged.
    As for fist, you may substitute anything that works for you and your family. We prefer those fish that are high in omega-3s, like sardines (which are also inexpensive and easy to keep around, but maybe not for everyone's taste), but it sounds like you know what your family will and won't eat, so by all means follow your instincts in that regard.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson