Stuck on Carbs

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Hi I joined about a week ago, but can't seem to stick with the program. I just crave bread, cake, pudding and everything carb. This is my safety outlet how do I let it go. When everything goes wrong, eating carbs gives me a sense of pleasure. How can I learn to be good to myself without eating carbs?

Thank You

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stuck on carbs

You are probably going to need to practice pretty strict avoidance of carbs for the time being. Eat carbs from vegetable sources only and allow yourself unlimited amounts of protein and fat for now- see how that works. And definitely take a multivitamin-mineral. EFT should help you too... After a few days the cravings should subside. You may need to take some additional supplements to help- let us know if you are still struggling...
Dr. Winnie Abramson