new menu plan

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I am soooooo frustrated!! I'm in the middle of week 1 and just saw the new menus and week 1 is the old week 2 menus or very close and week 2 is the old week one menus. Can I filp them? I am very glad you have serving sizes now though. I doubled the Lamb stew and just now realized I made 16 servings....ugh! I thought I was getting a handle on this and have worked very hard on getting my grocery list to find out that now its different...there went 2 hrs of my time. Sorry to whine, but I guess it'll all get straightened out in week 3.

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new menu plan

Ohhh, Karen! I am so sorry you had to go through this! We were trying to wait to do theswitchover until everyone was on the cusp of the next week, but unfortunately, thereare some members who switched over mid-week. (I was one of them!!!!)

Please PM me if you run into anything else problematic - we have switched to a much better format and I think once the wrinkle of new menus is over, you're going to love the easier to use system.