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  • The Weston A. Price Foundation views about eating   15 years 15 weeks ago

    We have great respect for the WAPF and very much appreciate the information they provide on their website and in books such as Eat Fat, Lose Fat. We discuss many of their concepts in our lessons.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Is it true that I have to exercise one hour...   15 years 15 weeks ago

    No- you do not need to exercise for 1 hour a day. What kind of exercise are you currently doing? Make sure to incorporate some resistance/strength training in conjunction with aerobic exercise and stretching and you should see results in less time. We will be posting much more info on exercise soon, so stay tuned.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Today is Hard   15 years 15 weeks ago

    Those temptations can be hard to resist, especially when there is some sort of celebration going on...follow the meal plan, particularly making sure you are getting all the necessary protein, fat, and frequent healthful snacks, and your blood sugar should be balanced. This will help eliminate sugar cravings and will make it less likely that you want to eat those "treats". Havings an alternative that is healthier, like your green chai tea, is also a good idea. But if the treats are so much "in your face" that you can't resist, learning a technique like EFT (emotional freedom technique- we teach it to you in the lessons) can be very helpful when dealing with situations such as these.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Shopping List Discrepancy   15 years 15 weeks ago

    Please let us know of any discrepancies you find so that we can correct the shopping list(s). Since we are in the early stages of offering the program, we are constantly making small changes and sometimes a change is made to a menu without the accompanying change taking place on the shopping list. So please give us feedback- what was the discrepancy you found?- so we can correct it. Thanks!
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Emotional Eater Here   15 years 15 weeks ago

    Compulsive overeating is when you eat for reasons other than true hunger and those reasons are psychological. So compulsive eating and emotional eating are two sides of the same coin.
    This is a topic that is near to my heart as I struggled with compulsive eating for over a decade due to my anxiety and low-self-esteem. Most of my patients were compulsive, emotional eaters.
    We have lots of lessons on stress management, emotional eating, emotional freedom technique.
    We plan on conducting teleseminars on this topic very soon.
    In addition to negative emotions and societal brainwashing, compusive eating is very much linked to neurotransmitter deficiencies, food allergies and low blood sugars.
    It gets complicated doesn't it?
    That's why we are covering these topics in a step by step fashion with new topics every week.
    I look forward to hearing about your success in overcoming emotional eating once and for all. If I can do it, you can too!

  • emotions and weight loss   15 years 15 weeks ago

    We are going to be having support groups on this topic in the near future. We also teach techniques for addressing emotional eating and stress management in the lessons.
    We also have hypnosis audios that will be available to members each month.
    You can sign up for the program by going to:

  • I have three questions. Can you answer, please?   15 years 15 weeks ago

    You will find the recipes for the dips and mayos in the Staple Recipes section of the Menus and Recipes. Almost all of our meals and snacks already contain protein, fat, and carbs, but you can adapt the recipes if necessary by increasing the amount(s) of any of the ingredients that are allowed. We ask you to try to limit all grains during the first 2 weeks of the program, if possible, so then your carbs will come from the starchy vegetables, as well as legumes. As for protein and fat, out program contains plenty of the healthy types of these, but again, feel free to add more of the allowable items if you need to. As for the menus being for Mixed Types, yes you can say that most of them are, though some are more appropriate for one type or the other. We have incuded modifiers at the bottom of most of the meals and snacks for those who want to use this information. It is not at all mandatory to use metabolic typing while on our program. I hope this answers all your questions. Keep them coming if you need more help!
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Week 1   15 years 15 weeks ago

    We are glad to hear your blood sugars are normalizing.
    Yes, we've received other complaints about the food diary so I decided to take it out. Go back and reread Week 1 Lesson 3.

    There is no way to input your blood test results. You'll just have to compare your results with the optimal levels handout we provide by reading it over.

    A blog is a journal for you to write about your experiences on the program--or anything you want to write about. You can make it public or private.

    We look forward to working with you too Dee. Be sure to make friends by inviting other members to be your friend so you have people to chat with. :)

  • Eating well on shift work   15 years 16 weeks ago

    Raw veggies don't require too much prep, and these are perfect for snacks with wholesome dips. As for meals, if you are super pressed for time I recommend batch cooking simple meals as much as you can- nourishing soups, wholesome protein meals in a crockpot, steamed vegetables with organic butter, and that sort of thing. If you make large batches when you do have a bit of time, you can just portion out your meals from there and you should have a few days worth of food. Hope this helps,
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • How many calories am I supposed to eat to lose weight?   15 years 16 weeks ago

    We don't suggest counting calories- weight loss about much more than calorie restriction. If you insist on it, though, 1200 is far too low for lasting healthy weight loss. 2100 is more along the lines of what we suggest, but as I already mentioned, we don't recommend or advocate counting calories. Our lesson and nutritional plan include everything you need to know to lose weight the healthy way...
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Welcome Enlita Members!   15 years 16 weeks ago

    Well, we're certainly happy to help you in any way we can. If you have any questions please post them here and we will answer them as quickly as possible, or you can also call our customer care center at 847-985-2690. However we can be of service just say the word.

  • Welcome Enlita Members!   15 years 16 weeks ago

    Not sure I understand how any of this works? Seems confusing. :(

  • Diabetic Trying to Lose Weight   15 years 16 weeks ago

    We do have many recipes that feature meat (preferably organic and grass-fed, of course), but if you feel there are not enough for you, please feel free to add some meat as you see fit. This is a perfectly acceptable way to alter the program if it is essential for you to feel well. And as it gets colder, the menus will feature heartier foods, as well.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • New Member Loving Coffee   15 years 16 weeks ago

    We do recommend avoiding coffee, but it can be hard to go "cold turkey". Have you ever tried to give it up before? Fortunately you avoid using milk products, sugar, or artificial sweeteners in your coffee...So what is it about the coffee that you feel you can't live without? The taste? The energy lift you feel it provides? Please give me a little more information.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Diabetic Trying to Lose Weight   15 years 16 weeks ago

    I have a taco soup that features burger that I eat often as a diabetic. It will lower my sugar. I hope you will have some meat soups for protein types. It will be getting colder in our area and salads and fruits just don't satisfy me.


  • Sprouted Grains   15 years 17 weeks ago

    Many people will do very well avoiding all gluten-containing grains, and some people may need to avoid all grains. We recommend going gluten-free for the first few weeks on our program and do not allow any bread-like products during that time. Once you have tested and determined that grains are ok for you, though, we do allow small amounts of sprouted grain foods, like bread. They do have some healthful properties.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Diabetic Trying to Lose Weight   15 years 17 weeks ago

    As I mentioned previously, we are in process of adding metabolic/nutritional typing modifiers to many of the menus. Consider the menus as written to be ideal for Mixed Types, and if you're a Protein or Carb type, look for PT or CT after the recipe for additional information. If you are unfamiliar with or uninterested in metabolic typing, go ahead and ignore the modifiers. Hope this helps,
    Dr. Winnie Abramson[/i]

  • Diabetic Trying to Lose Weight   15 years 17 weeks ago

    We introduce metabolic typing a few weeks in to the program (week 5), not at the beginning. We do this because we believe very strongly that identifying and eliminating food sensitivities and getting on a a balanced whole foods diet need to come before metabolic typing, as it is an advanced concept for most people. That being said, we are in the process of updating our menus to reflect the different nutritional needs of the different metabolic types, for those who are already familiar with their type and feel they need this information from the beginning.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Diabetic Uses Ground Chuck 20% Fat   15 years 17 weeks ago

    We do ask our clients to eliminate eggs (and other foods which are common food allergies/sensitivities including dairy) for the first few weeks of the program as we have found that identifying and removing food sensitivies from the diet is a very powerful weight loss tool. After you test eggs and and the other foods, you will be able to begin eating them again (provided you are not sensitive to them!)
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Food Preservation   15 years 17 weeks ago

    Chicken will always dry out to a certain degree when stored, but perhaps if you were able to store the chicken with the cooking liquid (in a shallow covered container) it would not get as dry...if you avoid slicing it all at once, this should help as well.
    As for avocado, if you store the remaining avocado with the pit intact, it will not brown as much. The browning is not harmful, just unattractive, so the other option is to just ignore it!
    Hope this helps,
    Dr. Winnie Abramson, ND

  • Thought for the Day   15 years 18 weeks ago

    Thank you for making that change. You guys are the best.

  • Thought for the Day   15 years 18 weeks ago

    Of course it can. But only cause you asked. : )

    I will make the changes over the weekend, if that is ok?

    Thanks for posting, and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

  • Altering meal Plan   15 years 18 weeks ago

    Flax oil is very fragile and requires careful handling and storage. Our feeling is that as long as you pay attention to the dates on the bottle, and use the oil up before before the expiration, flax oil is a healthful oil for salads (it should never be heated). If you are uncomfortable using it, feel free just to use olive oil for your salads. I hope this answers your question,
    Dr. Winnie Abramson

  • Altering meal Plan   15 years 18 weeks ago

    I never got a response to this question... anyone?

    tammy_rks wrote:

    I have read from other people, whose nutritional advice I greatly respect, that flax oil is so fragile that even buying it refrigerated in dark bottles from the HFS is no guarantee that it is not already rancid. Obviously, since it is recommended so often in the diet, you think this is not a problem? Can you comment on this further? I use freshly ground flax seeds often, but I have been shying away from the oil.

  • Exercise Question   15 years 18 weeks ago

    Hello Stephanie,
    We have an incredible personal trainer on staff, Brandon Mentore, and he is in the process of designing our fitness program which will include lessons, videos, podcasts, etc. The program should be ready soon- thanks for your patience.
    Dr. Winnie Abramson