I have three questions. Can you answer, please?

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I will start week one on Monday and want to follow all of your menu suggestions. I have three questions:

1. Where can I find recipes for?
Dips (for Veggies and Fruits)
(Remember that I'm in the elimination stage)
2. My doctor wants me to eat carbs, protein & fat at every meal and snack. How should I modify your menu suggestions?
3. Are your basic menus for Mixed Types?

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3 questions

You will find the recipes for the dips and mayos in the Staple Recipes section of the Menus and Recipes. Almost all of our meals and snacks already contain protein, fat, and carbs, but you can adapt the recipes if necessary by increasing the amount(s) of any of the ingredients that are allowed. We ask you to try to limit all grains during the first 2 weeks of the program, if possible, so then your carbs will come from the starchy vegetables, as well as legumes. As for protein and fat, out program contains plenty of the healthy types of these, but again, feel free to add more of the allowable items if you need to. As for the menus being for Mixed Types, yes you can say that most of them are, though some are more appropriate for one type or the other. We have incuded modifiers at the bottom of most of the meals and snacks for those who want to use this information. It is not at all mandatory to use metabolic typing while on our program. I hope this answers all your questions. Keep them coming if you need more help!
Dr. Winnie Abramson