Eating well on shift work

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Hi there,
I've started to clean up my diet and I'm in the process of switching over to eating more healthy foods (organic, raw, grass-fed, free range, sprouted grains and cultured foods). However, I find that my work schedule often trips me up (I work mostly graveyard, but I'll start to rotate all three shifts soon). Can you give me some examples on quick, snack-type, nutritionally packed foods that need little preparation? I do not get an actual lunch hour or breaks and must eat on the go at work. I also work a lot of 12 hour shifts, and have very little time to spend preparing foods a head of time. So any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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shift work/eating well

Raw veggies don't require too much prep, and these are perfect for snacks with wholesome dips. As for meals, if you are super pressed for time I recommend batch cooking simple meals as much as you can- nourishing soups, wholesome protein meals in a crockpot, steamed vegetables with organic butter, and that sort of thing. If you make large batches when you do have a bit of time, you can just portion out your meals from there and you should have a few days worth of food. Hope this helps,
Dr. Winnie Abramson