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  • Questions about environmentally clean lifestyle and products   11 years 9 weeks ago

    The link is a good read, I will definitely have to look into this more. 

  • What is the best way to reverse adrenal stress (level 5)?   11 years 9 weeks ago

    Really wish I knew about this soon, but grateful to be able to start making these positive changes now. 

  • What is your avdice for dealing with food addiction?   11 years 9 weeks ago

    The link was a very helpful read for me. 

  • HCG & Supplements & Medications   11 years 9 weeks ago

    Glad to hear everything is okay! Was worried. 

  • 5 Great Reasons to post here   11 years 9 weeks ago

    It's great to feel all the love and encouragement for all the newbies. Helps taking the first step more than you know! 

  • Hello, Just joined Enlita & love it   11 years 9 weeks ago

    Thanks Dawniebug! 

    I really hope your experience on the program goes well also. 

  • Knee injury   11 years 9 weeks ago

    Your workout plan currently sounds like it should be good, but try not to go too hard on your knee. As long as you are remaining active and eating healthy you should be fine. Just try not to cause anymore damage.

    Awesome use of household items, haha! 

  • Today is Hard   11 years 9 weeks ago

    Way to use your willpower, you're an inspiration! 

  • Completed p2 33 days   11 years 9 weeks ago

    Congratulations — that's great news!

  • Going Well For A Few and Bang Its all over   11 years 9 weeks ago

    That's sad to hear Kaza, but I can sympathize. I'm positive things will get better for you in time! 

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   12 years 15 weeks ago

    Hi everybody,

    just to let you know my experience with turkey - this may be individual but also may be a reason why Dr. Simeons wasn't keen on it.

    I know that turkey is full of tryptophan which makes us tired but didn't expect to literally doze off within 30min of eating 4 oz of turkey for lunch. For dinner, I was wide awake before I ate, and within 30min - whoosh, gone again. Amazing! I didn't have this experience with any other protein. To make double-sure, I tested it again yesterday. Had lots of sleep the night before, felt wide-awake, ate some turkey - and fell asleep again.

    So turkey is off my menu except for Thanksgiving/Christmas and I won't have to drive afterwards!


  • Going Well For A Few and Bang Its all over   12 years 16 weeks ago

    I can totally sympathise! What I've found is that I treat myself occasionally with home-made sweets. I replace the sugar with xylitol which hasn't any effect on blood sugar levels.

    If you google gluten-free recipes, you'll find lots of really nice dessert recipes that use healthier flours than wheat. For example, I started making biscuits out of ground almonds, xylitol and egg white. Tastes just like marzipan!

    There is a great website full of awesome dessert recipes!

    I've decided for myself that once I'm done with the program and lost the weight, I'll plan the occasional treat and make it one I really like and that's not too bad for me rather than buy sugary rubbish full of really bad stuff.

    Hope this helps a bit - I'll be spending the next few weeks planning some nice treats for myself...


  • Going Well For A Few and Bang Its all over   12 years 26 weeks ago

    Yeah, i can relate i can emotionally eat but have constant cravings for sugar, hich i havent eeaten in ver a year in a 12 step program. y do i have these? will i ever be able to eat sugar saftly?

  • Ganoderma Lucidium   12 years 39 weeks ago

    I am so happy to see some activity in the forum. I check every day and have not seen any recent posts at all. I was beginning to think I was the only one on the Enlita program or that I was not looking in the right place. Congratulations to you both on your journey. :D

  • Ganoderma Lucidium   12 years 39 weeks ago

    Hi Mona,
    Congratulations on your success.
    I understand about the over enthusiasm, having been overcome by it as well.
    After 2 rounds on the protocol in about 8 months I experienced over 100 lbs of loss and have gained a little back, it fluctuates between 5 - 10 lbs. I plan to finish another round at least to get down to 196. Which is less than I weighed in 7th grade. :D
    I don't mind helping anyone so feel free to ask if you want.
    Best of luck

  • Ganoderma Lucidium   12 years 39 weeks ago

    Wow, that's really wonderful. I started about the same time that you did. I've lost 50 pounds--actually lost 60 but have gained back 10. I was so excited over the rapid weight lost (13 pounds in first 7 days) that I took a lot of liberties with the program--stayed on the protocol when I should have taken off the six to eight weeks. Finally, I had to stop taking it since I was only losing 2 pounds a week while on the HCG (after being mostly on for six months). Finally, here's my questionl. How are you doing now? Maybe we can help each other. Mona

  • HCG & Supplements & Medications   12 years 46 weeks ago

    Well glad you're OK!

    I had familiarized myself with all the literature (I bought the Homeopathic HCG kit) but since it's been 2 years I've forgotten it all! But I do remember a couple questions I had:

    I thought I had read that HCG and some prescription drugs do not mix? I take hydrocodone (pain), klonopin (anxiety), prometrium (progesterone), and sometimes sumatriptan (migraines).

    I know I can't take vitamins with oils like E so is a multivitamin out of question? What about B, C, D, ubiquinol, etc?

    Also, the e-cookbook has tons of recipes but it does NOT say how many calories is in each serving OR how many servings is in each recipe so I'm completely lost there. How do I calculate my 500 calories each day with those recipes?

    Help please,

  • recurrence of symptoms   12 years 46 weeks ago

    Either that or you have a sensitivity to some of the foods on the diet.

  • GLYCEMIC INDEX   12 years 46 weeks ago

    Yes but please look at the carb count minus the grams of fiber more than the index.

  • Wanted to incorporate foods like yeast, wheat germ, etc.   12 years 46 weeks ago

    Look at the carb count of any food to determine if it's too high in sugars. Molasses is ok in small amts. Trans fats and these oils should be avoided:
    Polyunsaturated fats are the absolute WORST oils to use when cooking because these omega-6-rich oils are highly susceptible to heat damage.

    This category includes common vegetable oils such as:


  • Toxins affecting my weight   12 years 46 weeks ago

    Go to our store look for Supplements/Detox and we have a Detox Kit in there.

  • Buckwheat allergy   12 years 46 weeks ago

    Any non-gluten grain. Quinoa, amaranth, teff, rice.

  • EFT   12 years 46 weeks ago

    You can learn how to do EFT from our infoproduct in our store on EFT. Then use it on those issues. I'm also avail. for consultations.

  • Children's Vitamin   12 years 46 weeks ago

    We have children's multi in the store under the category "Supplements/Vitamins."
    We carry probiotics in packets that you can sprinkle on food or in water. For the digestive enzyme, you'd have to break open the capsule for them.

  • HCG & Supplements & Medications   12 years 46 weeks ago

    I'm fine I just figured out how to answer unanswered posts. I didn't know how to find them before. I'm sorry about the delay. No exp. date. Time to get started!