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  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Hi All!

    I've been swamped with things here and apologize for not keeping up with posts :).

    I am glad you are doing OK, Jotales, on switching back to the Enlita plan. Still loosing is good :lol:.

    How are the rest of you all doing?

    I gotta tell you that I am having a rough time! I am not hungry, not thirsty, and having no trouble sticking to the Simeon protocol to a "T", but I have had cravings come up that I just do not usually deal with at all. I am craving CHEESE, quinoa, and butter!!!! Preferably all in the same dish! I have been doing EFT, NLP, positive affirmations . . . nada.

    And then I finally decided to just make it. Yep. I made a wonderful cheesy casserole with the above ingredients and added in some Brussels sprouts (the other thing I am craving) and just SMELLED it. Oh, that was heaven. I even dished it up for my family just so I could get, you know, the full effect of the texture and aromas. M-m-m-m-m good. It was wonderful. I never ate a bite, didn't even lick my fingers, had gloves on the whole time so I didn't get any fats on my hands, but just making this and SMELLING it was a good thing for me. Oh-and my family LOVED it. :)

    This is a very difficult time of the year to be doing this restrictive of a diet, but that probably means it is the BEST time to do it! (I'll hold on to that thought.)

    Hey, the other thing I am craving is coconut oil and coconut cream. I used coconut oil daily on my skin and in cooking. Jeesh . . . I cannot wait for PHASE 3!

    OKAY! Enough whining from me!!!! I just had to get all that OUT!

    ^^^^Colorado (P2, R1, D13, SL, -9.6#)

  • Lots of questions on 500 calorie protocol   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Thanks jotales, that does help. I will switch to taking the Hepato by the teaspoon with meals along with the Adreno. It would be good if there were specific directions clearly posted along with the current kit, to avoid confusion.
    A pound a day including the 3 days of loading, that's awesome! Are you taking supplements or did you stop? I hope to do as well, keep it up!

  • Lots of questions on 500 calorie protocol   15 years 32 weeks ago

    HI Sue...sorry I can't help much with most of your questions, except to say that Dr. Simeons had pts. who didn't lose if they strayed from the plan..even by using a cream on their skin.
    Your ?s are good for those of us who do eat rather healthy to begin with and are on a variety of supplements.

    One thing I do that the Homeopathic HCG kit...started out with
    a Liver/Gallbladder Remedy. Dr. Kendra then switched to the H.Liquitrophic, saying that the effect is the same/similar. So....the drops rx. and number of times a day by Dr. Priscilla was for the L/GB Remedy.
    Your H. liquitrophic has a different dosing...which I believe is the tsp. that you are talking about.
    Though my kit had the LVR/GB remedy..I did have adrenal liquitrophic and that dose is a tsp. So I am assuming your H.liquitrophic is a similar dosing esp. since you mention a dose of a tsp.
    Hope this helps clarify that one point for you. Good Luck on HCG...I lost 5#s in the first 5 days...even when 3 of those were loading days.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 32 weeks ago

    HI....lost another pound of fluid since yesterday b y following the Enlita Plan...but body fat remains the same. Hope to start some weights or something next week as I am quite restricted by my knees.

  • High Estrogen Levels   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Still trying to wrap my head around this Estrogen thing. I did read the Enlita LEsson on Estrogen.

    Are there foods that are estrogenic?

  • ph urine strips   15 years 32 weeks ago

    HI SYLVIE! I didn't notice this post before. I don't know the A. if it's a good test. I do know that many rx. the testing. Years ago; I did do it for quite awhile and my personal experience was that if I kept myself slightly allergies were less severe.

    RIght now...I'm just at the beginning of following my ALCAT test results and have yet to get into all organic..just happenned to have tested this morning... I'm running acid for urine.
    So I will watch this and see if I ,too , turn more alkaline.
    SOunds like you are working The Plan. Have you tested more recently? I would like to know how it is now?! Are you losing weight? jotales

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Man...not getting much sleep as I'm still voiding alot! Up 2 times a nite in pain. Lost another pound "down the drain" shall I say :lol: since yesterday! even though not on HCG program.
    Following my ALCAT results...have yet to work in rotation. I always find rotation so hard to do; I think it would require another level of organization and prep. for me. Maybe I will get there,too.

    Next step is to work more into organic. Hope you are all having a GOOD
    ENLITA/HCG Day!!!...jotales


  • Topic Suggestions for Future Teleseminars   15 years 32 weeks ago

    HI! Here's my idea.... During last night's teleseminar. I asked if there could be a future
    Telecall for general Q&A......about either HCG, THe Enlita Program, or Health ?'s. Not sure as to how you would run it..but I would think you could accept ?s by a certain date..(so you have time to preview ), then go thru them on a muted call...later open for comments at the end. THanks. jotales

  • hcg dosage   15 years 32 weeks ago

    NOt sure if this would be quite "legal" or what the Enlita Drs. think about it...but I did come accross an HCG website that recommended one drink a small can of v-8 juice everyday to maintain potassium levels. SInce salt is not restricted on the Simeons diet V-8 juice has quite a bit)...maybe it's OK considering the rest of the ingredients. I checked out the Low Sodium version..but there was some other ingredients other than the veggies that I wouln't drink. Can't remember what it was though, but I didn't ruled that version out.

  • hcg dosage   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Shawna, the weight loss can be 2 pounds a day in the beginning. By the 6th day it should slow down. I think the potassium pill is a good idea. Simeons beleives everyone should skip breakfast but not everyone can do that. You may even need some protein in the morning too (subtract it from your dinner amount.)

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 32 weeks ago

    anninmaine wrote:
    In regards to cottage cheese. Is low fat or no fat acceptable. Is there a label that says skim milk cottage cheese?

    I think that is a fine question for the Docs here! I'd love to know the answer to that one as well. I usually make my own cottage cheese, but that is from fully fatted raw milk, so I know that is out. I hope you get an answer here soon. The thing is, they probably didn't even have "low fat" or "non-fat" or at least things were not labeled that way back in Simeon's day. I am hoping they are one and the same, but I guess what we need is a fat%, carb%, Protein% of what we CAN eat so we can read the label for ourselves.

    If what you say about lack of appetite falls true for me as well, then I wont have any issues with the lack of variety.

    I don't want to kid you. It still takes tremendous willpower to stay on this diet. You seriously have to want to do it and then you must focus on other things-NOT the foods you can't have-to be able to ignore the great eats around you and stick to the protocol. I hope your appetite is non-existent for you as it is for me. It's really the only way I can do this. I love to COOK and create in the kitchen, but I also enjoy sampling what I make. So far, scenting all the aromas has been enough for me, because I am NOT hungry.

    It is not easy, but it is the easiest fastest way I know to take the weight off permanently. THAT'S really what drives me to complete this and keeps me sticking to the protocol to the letter. I do NOT want to EVER have a weight issue again.


  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 32 weeks ago

    THanks Anninmaine...your story does give me hope that things can be changed for the better.
    I was editing that one post that dissappeared when I suddenly realized I was running out of time for a committment. I then just deleted it and was going to post later but Dawn did a wonderful job of picking up the topic.

    Hoping to hear a reply to my "Ask the Drs" ?s.

    I gainned 2.5#s after going off the HCG...hoope I do't gainit all back!!!!
    Am going to follow my ALCAT results...most of that includes everything on the elimination diet anyway.

    For B: I had salmon, a side of Quinoa, and cucumber
    S= a few macadamia nuts.
    I tried that new tea-Tulsa Tea..i really like it. Need to review what the benefits are.

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Yes I have read the material.

    But I cant eat egg whites.

    In regards to cottage cheese.
    Is low fat or no fat acceptable.
    Is there a label that says skim milk cottage cheese?

    If what you say about lack of appetite falls true for me as well, then I wont have any issues with the lack of variety.

  • Cooking   15 years 32 weeks ago

    I too loved the idea of the Aroma Oven...and bought one this past late Spring. Cooking directions were sparse......I cooked two meals in it and discovered that it didnt save me any time and yes, my food was not cooked all the way thru either. Then there is the cleanning of the glass cover. (as compared to my HAmilton Beach (Nesco-like) Roaster.
    SO I returnned it for money back.

    For over 15 yrs I cooked w/ a Farberware (Square) COnvection Oven...loved that thing but it's rather expensive or I would have bought it again. I do not use the gas oven that is in this apt.
    Too bad. though, I ..was looking for something faster and for tender cooking. Good Luck....hope it's better experience for you.......jotales

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Here is the paragraph from Pounds & Inches on eggs and cottage cheese:

    Many patients ask why eggs are not allowed. The contents of two good sized eggs are roughly equivalent to 100 grams of meat, but fortunately the yolk contains a large amount of fat, which is undesirable. Very occasionally we allow egg - boiled, poached or raw - to patients who develop an aversion to meat, but in this case they must add the white of three eggs to the one they eat whole. In countries where cottage cheese made from skimmed milk is available 100 grams may occasionally be used instead of the meat, but no other cheeses are allowed.

    Have you read Pounds & Inches? A downloadable copy is available under the teleclass tab as well as in the yahoo group, hcgdieters.

    Yep-totally agree. Very restrictive diet, which can be very boring . . . if you are focucing on FOOD. Because of that aspect, I am focusing on weightloss and I am choosing to appreciate this diet's simplicity. Since I am not hungry like EVER, it is pretty easy to remain focused. I certainly WANT to eat when I am cooking great meals for my family and smelling all these good aromas . . . but I am focusing on weight loss and the fact that in 2009 there will be a lot less of me around :). That gets me though. Most times. The times when it doesn't, I go for a walk or work on a project somewhere away from where they are eating. If I was better at EFT I would be doing that at those time as well.

    It's tough, I know, to be further restricted with your food intolerances. You just have to decide what's better for you and your health and then GO FOR IT :)!


  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 32 weeks ago

    What is the requirements for cottage cheese and eggs?
    I cant eat eggwhite at this time.

    Its going to be a very boring diet for me as crab is off my
    list as well.


  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 32 weeks ago

    The types in P & I by Dr. Simeon are:
    Veal, Beef, Chicken Breast, Fresh white fish, Lobster, Crab, or Shrimp.

    Buffalo, Venison, Eggs, and Cottage cheese are in Dr. Cage's info. (Eggs and Cottage cheese have specific requirements).

    Some vegetarians are using a pea protein powder in lieu of the animal products.

    I have decided to stick really diligently to Dr. Simeon's protocol, adding in the buffalo and venison in place of the beef. Even though I buy only grass fed beef, it still has more fat in it than the European variety of Simeon's day.

    I have 100 pounds to lose :)


  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 32 weeks ago

    What are the eight types of protein?

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 32 weeks ago

    About a year ago I had a saliva test panel for hormones, gliadin sensitivity and insulin.

    I am now 49 almost 50 @ 185 pounds, 5ft 5

    The results showed my adrenals had nearly reached failure.
    My DHEA levels were also low and my Cortisol levels were cranking up after
    11 pm which consequently kept me awake half the night.
    Normally at this clinic, (The New England Womens center) they treat with natural means such as dyglizzerized licorice. (sorry about the spelling)
    I was instead put on oral hydro cortisone. That steriod I believe is what up set the wagon. For the next 3 months I had severe IBS. At the next followup I asked to quit the steroid and switched to licorice tincture (couldnt find the other kind locally), which worked!
    But, my Bp slowly crept up. So, after about 6 months we did the saliva test again and the results were excellent. I stopped the licorice. My DHEA levels were good along with the rest of the hormone panel. But, alas my gut has not recouped.

    The other thing she prescribed me was a low dose BCP called Kariva.
    It balanced out my estrogen and progesterone. No more hot flashs.

    BTW the woman FNP I see was mentored by Christiane Northrup, M.D. and I feel really confident in the treatment she chose for me.

    So I realize we are all different but I think sharing our stories could be helpful when we are unable to find a solution to our own issues.

    That ALCAT blood test really woke me up to how food effects our well being in a most dramatic kind of way. If you have allergies this is a test that would be very helpful.

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 32 weeks ago

    I don't know :)

    I just know in Pounds & Inches Dr. Simeon specifically talks about not substituting any other type of fowl for the skinless boneless chicken breast.

    Apparently, he did quite a bit of experimenting with the different types of protein available at the time and only the ones he listed did well consistently.

    I've got too much riding on this to play around :), so strict I shall be!


  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Any idea why Turkey is not okay?
    I thought it had less fat than Chicken?

  • hcg dosage   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Thanks. I'll try your suggestion. This is leaving me wasted the rest of the day.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Flgranny...sounds like you are doing more bunco :lol:

    I'm doing research on the DIM & I-3-C which is Indole-3-Carbinol.
    Basic info on the Vit. Shoppe's website...also
    several companies all the way up to Allergy research, Pure Encapsulations, DiVinci, etc. jumping over to Ask the Dr. a ? to see what they Rx. for estrogen balance.

    DAWN...Enlita Lessons...Week 8, Day #3 talks about Estrogen...i didn't realize that Estrogen drives the Sympathetic Nervous System! I'm beginning to wonder how I am alive! :lol: But my PCP says my results aren't as bad as she has there is HOPE.

    Sorry about the "gtts" its a medical abbreviation and they creep into my notes...habit. Over the years, friends have gotten a laugh out of them...jotales

  • hcg dosage   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Yes I did have dizziness one day and I took a potassium/magnesium pill..actually I took 2 because I was very dizzy. It has happened to me before when I was low on potassium. It cured the problem and the next day I just took one pill. After that, I have been fine but I do have the apple in the morning for breakfast.

    Hope that helps. Flgranny33

  • Measurements   15 years 32 weeks ago

    Justjan is posted under "hcg dosage" in this forum. That's why you didn't see her. (Well I assume she's a "she" ) :lol:

    I still can't get over all the illnesses you folks have. (What age group are you in?) I don't take anything but vitamins and I'm 74. I do stay away from doctors tho. But I guess if my BP was high and If I had all those allergies, I would have to go.

    cya later. Flgranny33