ph urine strips

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After 3 weeks of being on Enlita I Had the idea to use the ph urine strips to test my alkaline/acid. My levels have raised dramatically toward alcalinity
I felt comforted to realise that it is not the acidic or alcaline food intake which is important ( I have emphazised my meat intake for I have discovered with Mercola I am protein type and I know meat to be acidic...) but the balance in the body. do you think it is a good test to evaluate the way the body react to a diet? Can you see a relation between acidic results and food allergies?

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Just Caught This Post

HI SYLVIE! I didn't notice this post before. I don't know the A. if it's a good test. I do know that many rx. the testing. Years ago; I did do it for quite awhile and my personal experience was that if I kept myself slightly allergies were less severe.

RIght now...I'm just at the beginning of following my ALCAT test results and have yet to get into all organic..just happenned to have tested this morning... I'm running acid for urine.
So I will watch this and see if I ,too , turn more alkaline.
SOunds like you are working The Plan. Have you tested more recently? I would like to know how it is now?! Are you losing weight? jotales