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  • Dr. Pearsall's teleseminar March 1st   14 years 16 weeks ago

    I think any proteins are fine as long as they are low-fat so yes, pork is fine.
    In my opinion, massage will facilitate the detoxification and can't hurt but oils and lotions should not be used.
    I feel the vitamins/supplements are fine as long as they do not contain fat.
    Congrats on the adrenal fatigue improvement. We also have a great supplement to support the adrenal:

  • What is your avdice for dealing with food addiction?   14 years 30 weeks ago
  • Maintance Foods?   14 years 31 weeks ago

    I am at the end of the 23+ 3 day phase and going into the 21day phase. Again the book is kind of vague and would appreciate your assistance in clarifying what I can or cannot eat.

    Can I eat peas or lentils?

    These are starches and not really allowed but if you must due to being a vegetarian, you can eat up to 1/2 cup per day.

    Can I eat eggs and dairy products, ie plain yogurt and cheese?


    In one of the books it is stated I can fruit in another it does not? Which fruits can I eat??


    Where can i find a good listing of foods I can eat on the 21 day phase?

    You can eat animal protein, nuts, seeds, low-starch vegetables. You need to avoid grains, sugars, starches, most sweet fruit, potatoes, beets, squash, lentils, beans.

    Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.



  • What is allowed on the 500 Calorie diet?   14 years 31 weeks ago

    500 calorie days -
    1. Can we cook with umami WHAT IS THIS?

    2. are oysters and clams ok? how to measure YES, EAT 66 GRAMS OR 2.3 OUNCES PER MEAL IF YOU ARE EATING 3 MEALS A DAY.

    3. is fish skin ok - like trout AVOID SKIN, CONTAINS FAT

    4 is it ok or not to combine veggies? OK

    5. is it ok to have fruit with the veggies and protein - in a salad
    6. is tea with caffiene ok
    7. is broccli and cauliflower ok? I see it on some lists

    3weeks of no starch
    1. are any fruits allowed, BERRIES
    2. nuts? YES
    3. cheese? YES
    4. avocado? YES

  • I have lost about 2.6 lbs on no-starch   14 years 32 weeks ago

    I disagree with Simmeons and I do not think this is a big problem. You can continue to lose weight.

  • Can i eat onions, tomato paste, green beans etc.   14 years 33 weeks ago

    It depends on how much a purist you want to be. You can follow Simmeons strict guidelines. I do not suscribe to his rigid guidelines because they do not all make sense from a nutritional and biochemical perspective.
    The HCG diet program is supposed to be low-carb during both the 500 calorie and low-starch phases with the exception of fruit. Onions and tomato paste have moderate carbs so I would not eat alot of these items. But I would give you a license to eat low-starch veggies that you listed. If you notice a plateau, go back to the strict guidelines and see if that helps.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 23 weeks ago


    Did you try the homeopathic remedies?

    Its so gentle.
    I had a little trouble in the first week of the diet.
    It made my fibro flare up and I had a mild headache, but since
    then I have lost almost 25 pounds and I feel better than I ever did
    having Fibromyalgia. Its really amazing to me.

    See if that method will work for you instead.
    For me it has completely changed my taste buds and my appetite.
    When I took an interruption for a couple of days, I could taste food that was artificial or had MSG hidden in it. I enjoy plain homemade now more than anything else and my gut tells me it does too. I can eat and feel full
    with a normal amount of food. Its just amazing! Liberating!

    Hang in there!

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 23 weeks ago

    HI Footlite and congrats on your weight loss!!
    I must be the o nly one who doesn;t tolerate HCG!! well, for now......I have had 2 coaching sessions this past was a consult w/ Lab over my DIagnos-Techs Test results. I really needed that consult!

    SO I have plenty to do, one being a food diary...something that I detest doing.....but it will make me look at my intolerances/allergies better. I think I'm the Queen of Denial in that regard.

    Been cooking, SHoveling!!!!, cleaning and orgainizing. Also throwing a birthday party for my soon to be 90y/o aunt. Literally, I am about 8 years behind in organizing paperwork......also trying to help my sister with grocery shopping...diagnosed w/ MS a year ago. THat one really gets to another sister died just 3 years ago after a 26y/o battle w/MS. Her last 10 years were horrific. At that time I thought we were done with MS in this family.
    Anyway there never seems to be a dull moment.....and I'm really wanting to carve time out for my health and well-being. Oprah's MAntra of this year...really pertains to me........and alot of people who give alot.

    I'm excited to hear that you are all losing weight w/ HCG! Angry that I can't tolerate it..but it does look like I have to deal w/ my added digestive issues. I'll keep posting.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 24 weeks ago

    You got me thinking, Anninmaine! I was mildly sensitive to citrus and nightshades when I did the elimination diet. I haven't been eating either heavily but I have been enjoying a grapefruit and a tomato from time to time. The grapefruit are glorious this year. Guess it's time to give both of them up and see if that makes a difference. Sniff.

    Once again, thanks for your insight.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 24 weeks ago

    Day one for me was December 1. After the loading period (I gained five pounds!) it took me until December 24 to lose 14 pounds. I was having increasing symptoms of the fog-flu during that time, and it became quite bad the week between Christmas and New Years. The weight loss also slowed, and it took me from December 24 to January 1 to lose 2 pounds. I stayed there for three days, and now I am down a pound today for a total loss of 17 pounds. I guess I just needed to complain to start things back up! I plan to start phase three on December 13.

    It sounds more linear than it was. Do other people have the experience of going up and down from one to three pounds on a daily basis? Going down is great, but gaining is really hard on the old ego! I suppose it means there's a food sensitivity involved but I don't know exactly how to identify it. It could even be detoxification from something I ate long ago. I did the elimination diet and discovered I was sensitive to just about everything I tested, especially gluten, milk and egg. Haven't had any of those since I started this diet, and it's made a big difference in the black circles under my eyes and red splotches on my face.

    I'm wondering whether there's a way to remove stored toxins other than weight loss and whether it can be done while dieting, either in phase 2 or 3, or whether it's better to go off the diet, do the detox, and then go back.

    I guess I need to go back to monitoring the amount of water I'm drinking. I'm constantly drinking but I could be overestimating the total volume.

    I really wish more people would post their experiences on phase 3. It sounds like an important part of the healing process but there's very little info on it.

    Thanks for your input!

  • Muscle testing vs pulse   15 years 24 weeks ago

    The Enlita program does not go into detail on muscle testing and kinesiology, but focuses on symptom awareness, labs as appropriate, and improved wellbeing through detox and dietary/lifestyle improvements.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 24 weeks ago

    How long have you stalled? How much weight have you lost and how long have you been doing the VLCDs? Sometimes in rare cases a person will stall
    for up to 2 weeks towards the end of the Round they are in. Look at what you are eating. It could be beef, a vege like onions or tomatoes. Are you rotating your proteins? Are you drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water?

    Try to hang in there.

    I too am a bit nervous about Phase 3.
    I have heard folks recommend Atkins Induction for a week or 2
    and adding only one food at a time over a couple of days or week to see if your weight fluctuates.

    Good luck!

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 24 weeks ago

    Great to read up on how you all are doing. Congratulations on staying focused despite holidays and weather and jobs and health issues.

    I'm using the homeopathic kit but a strange thing is going on . . . I'm doing great on the diet, no hunger, no real temptation to break it (and I haven't, not even once), but absolutely no weight loss since the week before Christmas. What really puzzles me is why do I have such good energy and mood if I'm not burning fat? What am I living on? Surely less than 500 calories a day isn't gonna do it! I've been very careful to keep the calorie count just under the limit.

    Around the time I stopped losing I was having a lot of mental fog and an almost flu-like feeling. I have since recovered but seem to be burning no fat. I suspect the fog and illness were from stored toxins being released. I tried asking about it under "Ask a doctor" but didn't get much info, and I'm sure it's not possible to get much without being seen personally by the physician. Still, I'd love to have some tips on what to do both to restart weight loss and to avoid the fog-flu.

    Next week I should start phase 3. Any tips on what to eat in that phase and how to avoid losing or gaining more than 2 pounds? My weight loss back when I was losing was very jagged . . . gaining or losing 2 pounds a day was common.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Hello and Happy New Year!

    I think the water is good for now.
    When I took my break I was sooooo thirsty when I didnt drink the amount I had become accustomed to.

    Jotales, you shouldnt be taking Krill oil with HCG, its not on the protocol.
    If you have a shell fish intolerance you may be having a reaction to
    the Krill. I would suspect foods too. I had the food intolerance test done
    and I have tried to add back some of the foods like cabbage and I just cant eat it with out an extreme IBS response. I have heart palpitations as well and food sometimes sets it off. But, since I have been doing the HCG and eliminating all those foods Im intolerant to, I am having less than one irregular heart episode a day.

    I took my break for 5 days with out HCG, gained 5 pounds, mostly water from eating foods that cause me inflammation (you'd think I would learn by now). Today I am 1 pound away from my LIW when I started the 72 hours. It is coming off fast! Better than a pound a day! I am using the homeopathic HCG and recycled it by adding the 5 drops of vodka,pure Poland Spring water then banging the bottle on a book 50 times. Its working!
    I lost 1.50 pounds over night and I think it may be a bit more as my scale was wavering between 166.50 and 166.

    At this point Im not sure how long I should go this round. Any one have a comment on this? Total days of HCG Homeopathic method
    with a break in the middle is 30. Effective HCG days I believe is 26.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Hi Anniliese and FLGranny....."granny" ..I think that is great that you lost the 15 pounds; even w hile sick..that took determination. would you try it again? Sorry to hear of your job troubles..that does sound like a mess.
    COUld it be your daughter loses in that pattern? seems to me I remember someone saying that men tend to lose a pound a day...where women go in a pattern of some loss-no loss and that it is coincidental w/ her job? if not...maybe the "odors" of greas and all do make a difference. Being envoronmentally sensitive; nothing surprises me. Mercola once had an article on breathing in nanoparticles...might explain heck.
    All I've been ablet o do is maintain my weight thru the Holidays...I did welll until last night , of all nites and I ate everything I haven't had in months. BAd choices!!!!! As much as I love the CHristmas Spiriti and all..this year I found it stressful....especially with the horrible weather the week of Christmas and the handling of my Aunt....helping my sick sister.
    I for one am glad its over...except for visiting with one friend.....and that I can once again TRY TRY TRY to focus on something for's definitely should be my theme song.
    I did try HCG again....and I'm down to wondring if the Krill Oil/HCG is bothering me...something sure is. On my third day of HCG...I thought I was coming down w/ the flu...and my heart symptoms were so strong.
    I don't know how I am going to lose the weight.
    Anniliese....a big congrats on your weihgt loss. Do you , personally need all of that water..maybe for you...the eight is a bit too much?

    Now that we are into 2009....and may this be a Good YEar for Everyone...hopefully we can all note more consistently.....i ALWAYS ENJOY OUR DISCUSSIONS.....let us know how your Holidays were.jotales

  • Heartburn fix??   15 years 25 weeks ago

    Great! So glad to hear more natural alternatives are helping your health and how you feel.

  • Heartburn fix??   15 years 25 weeks ago

    My heartburn has gotten much better as I have been on the program. I started taking a tsp or so of ACV with a tiny bit of honey and a good bit of water before EACH meal and this has been the biggest help.

  • Slow, yo-yoing weight loss and mental fog   15 years 26 weeks ago

    Observing or journaling correlations between symptom improvement and worsening can be very helpful - I'd encourage you to continue as it can help you become more in tune with your body. I'm glad to hear that the mental fog improves with eating.

    The HCG program is not an anti-candida diet, except in the fact that high-carbohydrate foods and sweets are avoided. The Enlita program talks in depth in the lessons about candida and how to address it naturally.

    Just be careful not go go over the caloric intake for the day, as it can impact your success with it. You may want to consider incorporating the other supplements recommended with the HCG program as they are included to help support the body during the protocol.

    All the best!

  • Travelling and Eating Out   15 years 26 weeks ago

    Tell the family if they ask, you're doing an elimination diet for food allergies and intolerances and have to stick to a limited diet for a few months. Many foods cause inflammation and water rentention, and IBS.

    Eat a salad with mostly greens and cukes.
    Bring your 100 grams of meat with you and put on the salad.
    Dressing can be apple cider vinegar with herbs mixed in.
    I use Stevia or the new sweetner Truvia and add one packet
    to my vinegar. Makes a nice flavor. I use snack size zip loc bags
    for my apple slices and meats. I read that some folks make home
    made jerky and take that with then when traveling.

    OR: Ask the waitress to have the chef cook your meat or fish broiled or poached. Eyeball the amount equal to a deck of cards. Trace a deck of cards on paper and put in your purse for reference. Stick to 1/4 inch thick. If the bring you a huge piece of meat dont eat all of it.
    Ask for a 2 go box. For dressing, ask for vinegar or balsamic vinegar in the side. Bring the stevia or non calorie sweetner with you in a packet
    and add to the vinegar. When using Balsamic only dip your fork in it
    do not pour over salad. You can also see if allowed veges are on the menu and ask how they are prepared. Ask for no butter!

    I pack a small cooler and keep my water bottles and food
    in it for the day I am out.

    You can use lemon juice to keep the apples from browing.

    The main thing is if you dont think you can stick to the protocol
    wait until after your traveling is over.

    Good luck!


  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   15 years 26 weeks ago

    Sounds like you eat really well Flgranny.

    I am hoping Phase 3 goes well for all of us.
    This Phase 2 has been sooooo easy.
    I am amazed.

    Looking forward to a few more weeks of Phase 2 after Christmas
    and then the work really begins.

    We are so fortunate for this weight loss method.
    Thank you God and thank you universe for hearing my
    needs and giving me what I need at this time.

    May the Blessings Be!

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 26 weeks ago

    Hello Flgranny,

    Hows Florida?
    At least you arent having sub zero temps and 2-3 feet snow all at once.

    But it is beautiful.

    Yes, Im doing well, taking a break for Christmas, on my second day of
    72 hours VLCD. No hunger at all and I lost another 1/2 pound over night.
    Started at 182.50 and and am now at 164.50.
    I feel really good too, except my lower back is aching. I think its
    from drinking all the water. Im taking an herbal support tincture for my kidneys and liver that is made locally to see if it helps.

    Sorry to hear of your mishaps and illness, that is never a good thing.
    Well, I hope you have a wonderful Holiday and see you after Christmas
    on the boards.

  • Thanks-Giving, Starting your HCG, post it here!   15 years 26 weeks ago

    It is interesting reading everyone's posts. I lost 15 lbs. in 45 days of sublingual HCG with a lot of "Cheating" and taking of meds for a cold or whatever it is. I also ate those bread stix with the olive oil and they didn't bother me a bit. Still lost a pound a day when I ate correctly. It was hard to eat right when I had to have chicken soup etc for flu and stuff that I had.

    I am 74 years old and I know that when I go on it again..(I'm in phase 3) that I will stick to the correct foods more than I did. I plan to start again in about 3-4 weeks. I eat mostly organic chicken and bison. I get it from Blackwing meats (from mercola's site) and it is the best-tasting! I also eat those "compari" tomatoes at each meal. I didn't vary it much because I am actually sick of thinking about food!

    I have some of those miracle noodles and I will use them next time. My daughter uses buffalo meat and canned organic tomatoes cooked together for her meals. I got a cookbook called The HCG Dieter Gourmet Cookbook
    by Tammy Skye. (She has a site online )

    There are so many wonderful recipes and helps for the phase 3 also.
    I plan to use this more often this next time. One thing I tried was Bragg's
    Liquid Aminos. it's delicious! sort of like soy sauce but much more healthy.

    ok guess that's all for now. I also posted on the "Make connections " forum.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 26 weeks ago

    hey it's me..flgranny..finally able to write. have been sick on and off the 45 days I did the HCG. However, I lost 15 lbs anyhow even though i had to take sudafed and tylenol and cough meds. etc. I also ate some bad stuff along the way.

    So I am happy that I did well considering. have been under mucho stress too as the newspaper I throw (all nite) has started a new thing. They are no longer printing in this town but 40 miles away. Then they truck the papers here for up to throw. However, their 8.9 million dollar press broke after the first day and wwe waited for 3-5 hours each night for the papers. The temp was in the 30's..that's one reason I couldn't shake this "bug".

    So they went back to printing here in town for 2 days. But they had partially dismantled this old press , so it didn't work very well.

    Needless to say, it's been 2 weeks of hell! It's still not fixed and now the people are really mad and I don't blame them. Nobody likes getting their newspaper at 8 or 9 in the morning! (It's supposed to be there ay 6 am)

    So now I am in phase 3 and holding. sort of..people are giving me chocolates and they are hard to resist. But I'm getting there. I still have to take cough meds and drops once in awhile so I have to watch the scale carefully.

    My daughter had an interesting experience. She is in phase 2 and she works at Chic filet. She noticed that the days she works, she only loses a half pound and the rest of the days, she loses one pound. So she is absorbing the grease that is in the air there and it slows her down on those days. Crazy, huh?

    I see Anninmaine is doing well. great! I like some of the meal things you are doing, Ann. How about Dawn? heard anything? Jotales, don't give up!

    I know everyone is very busy right now but maybe we could keep each other posted. I'll try to be better.


  • Slow, yo-yoing weight loss and mental fog   15 years 26 weeks ago

    Thank you for your reply, Dr. Scott. I have been observing myself today and think the mental fog resolves very slowly after my first meal, although that could be coincidental. I push and push and push to get going every day and gradually I notice some improvement, and then finally I realize I'm fine, at least for a while. I just happened to read an article on Candidiasis a little while ago and wonder whether the problem could be Candida die-off?

    I didn't realize having the weight go up and down was a common experience.

    I have no health issues other than being overweight and have been following the program to a T. If anything, I'm getting fewer than 500 calories a day rather than more, since the vegetables I'm not limiting are things like celery and lettuce and spinach. A big bowl doesn't add up to many calories. I'm taking vitamins and probiotics.

  • Slow, yo-yoing weight loss and mental fog   15 years 26 weeks ago

    Hello Candy,

    First, let me say that weight can fluctuate within several pounds from day to day. You mentioned that you have not limited the vegetables - are you eating 500 calories a day or going over? Did you do anything differently that the mental fog has improved? Are you taking the additional supplements including the potassium in the homeopathic kit? Using creams or lotions with fat-containing substances?

    Are you in general good health or have you visited your primary care recently? We cannot substitute for sound medical advice from your practitioner, so please ensure that there is no health reason that may interfere with your ability to do this program successfully.

    Please don't get discouraged! If you need more support beyond these suggestions, you may want to consider scheduling a coaching consultation with Enlita for more one-on-one guidance. (Found in the online store.)

    Happy Holidays!