Dr. Pearsall's teleseminar March 1st

Is lean pork okay to eat while on the 500 calories phase? Simenon's
doesn't include this, but I thought I say it somewhere in Dr. Pearsall's information.

Should massages be avoided? Dr. Simenon's mentions this in his work, but
I've not clear if Dr. Pearsall believes it is necessary. It sounds as if Dr. Pearsall
feels we should continue our vitamins/supplements. If I'm incorrect there, please let me know.

I will add, that while I'm only on day two, things are going well. I'm amazed that I'm not hungrier, but also by the amount of energy I have. I've been in the latter stages of treatment for adrenal fatigue and since starting the hcg I feel like my symptoms are gone. I was worried about hypoglycemic symptoms - because I often had them with my adrenal fatigue - but they've not returned.



Dr. Kendra Pearsall

Re: Dr. Pearsall's teleseminar March 1st

All healing modalities are fine as long as they don't contradict the diet.

Re: Dr. Pearsall's teleseminar March 1st

Great - thank you for the response!
What about acupuncture? Are there any concerns about that during the HCG protocol?
BTW - I found the teleseminar last night very useful - thanks for holding them!

Dr. Kendra Pearsall

pork, massage, vitamin questions

I think any proteins are fine as long as they are low-fat so yes, pork is fine.
In my opinion, massage will facilitate the detoxification and can't hurt but oils and lotions should not be used.
I feel the vitamins/supplements are fine as long as they do not contain fat.
Congrats on the adrenal fatigue improvement. We also have a great supplement to support the adrenal: http://www.enlita.com/products/adrenal_rescue.htm