Travelling and Eating Out

I have put off starting my HCG for 2 weeks because I didn't have enough time to get 23 effective doses in before hanging out with my Skinny Boyfriends Skinny Family for Christmas. I have been planning on loading the weekend after Christmas.

I have two trips coming up in January, but I decided I would take my own food and work it out.

Then, it snowed. We have almost 3 ft of snow on the ground since Wednesday.

Skinny Boyfriend is supportive of the diet, but turned to me yesterday and said "We gotta get out of here, before I go nuts" and I kind of agree.

We were talking about going to Phoenix, where I have family. It usually involves lots of eating out, and foods I don't get very much (like nummy Persian food).

I felt like I could handle the other two trips, but the trip to Phoenix has me sort of defeated. I am sure there is no good time to start HCG, but I don't particularly want to discuss my weight issues with my family either.

I am so tired of being overweight. I have a fabulous dress and goal to wear in on Vday and I don't want to start after Phoenix. Quite honestly, I don't want to face my family this heavy.

Any thoughts on how I can deal with this? What could I eat when we go out? Salads with vinegar dressing and grilled chicken?




Travelling and Eating Out

Tell the family if they ask, you're doing an elimination diet for food allergies and intolerances and have to stick to a limited diet for a few months. Many foods cause inflammation and water rentention, and IBS.

Eat a salad with mostly greens and cukes.
Bring your 100 grams of meat with you and put on the salad.
Dressing can be apple cider vinegar with herbs mixed in.
I use Stevia or the new sweetner Truvia and add one packet
to my vinegar. Makes a nice flavor. I use snack size zip loc bags
for my apple slices and meats. I read that some folks make home
made jerky and take that with then when traveling.

OR: Ask the waitress to have the chef cook your meat or fish broiled or poached. Eyeball the amount equal to a deck of cards. Trace a deck of cards on paper and put in your purse for reference. Stick to 1/4 inch thick. If the bring you a huge piece of meat dont eat all of it.
Ask for a 2 go box. For dressing, ask for vinegar or balsamic vinegar in the side. Bring the stevia or non calorie sweetner with you in a packet
and add to the vinegar. When using Balsamic only dip your fork in it
do not pour over salad. You can also see if allowed veges are on the menu and ask how they are prepared. Ask for no butter!

I pack a small cooler and keep my water bottles and food
in it for the day I am out.

You can use lemon juice to keep the apples from browing.

The main thing is if you dont think you can stick to the protocol
wait until after your traveling is over.

Good luck!