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  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Wow! I am amazed at all the allergies etc. that both dawn and Jotales have !

    You do sound like twins. I know that you are doing the right thing tho , eating right and staying away from modern allergens.

    As for me, I am only allergic to penicillin and marigolds and bacitracin.

    Sorry you can't continue on the hcg..maybe later on, I hope.
    I am losing weight but I cheated with a cookie last night..went to bunco!
    So I gained a half pound..but what the heck! it took a long time to gain it so I guess it will take awhile to lose it :)
    I am babysitting my twin grandkids today so I will be walking them later on. They are 10 months and like to ride in the stroller and I get my exercise.

    Cya Flgranny33

  • hcg dosage   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Hi all,

    This is my third day on the very low calorie diet portion of the program. I have lost 6 pounds. That seems like too much but I am eating the 500 calories per day. I am experiencing low blood sugar in the morning - almost to the point where I am dizzy so I started eating one fruit in the morning. Anyone else having this problem? Any advice? ShawnaB

  • Measurements   15 years 3 weeks ago

    You know, I am glad you mentioned DIM here. I am just starting some research on it to see if it would be helpful for my off the chart high levels of estrogen clearing. I am gonna also look up the other things you mentioned:apple pection/guar gum and I-3C. Don't know what the I-3C is!

    I worked for a long time on my adrenal issues and toxic cleansing before this hCG came along. You might be right on in taking care of these things first and then jumping on the hCG train!

    I am admiring all the work you are getting done on organizing! I need to do that here so bad, but I will wait and do it AS we move from the trailer to the house. You're an INSPIRATION!


  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 3 weeks ago

    WOW, Jotales, I think we just may be TWINS :).

    Thanks for sharing. It is so good (and so sad at the same time) to know others have experienced the same things as me. (Sad because I certainly feel for what you went through and I am sorry.) I am happy at least that you had some experts (? :shock:) working with you on it. I actually had to learn almost all of this on my own. TONS and tons of research and being my own lab rat. Most "experts" around here labeled me as "malingering" and "a head case" when I tried to reach out for help. I am not sure which was the better way-help sometimes just makes things worse and both ways are very isolating-but in the end, I know we've learned what is most important: Listen to your body above listening to ANYONE else.

    Thanks, friend! {{{HUG}}} <--That's a "bear hug" here in Colorado, you know .

    gtts=drops???? Why don't they just write "drops"??? You are only saving yourself 1 letter? Is this a homeopathic term? I don't know much at all about homeopathic medicine, although I have used several homeopathic remedies successfully in the past. That is my next major area of research.

    ^^^^Colorado (P2R1D10, SL, -6.3#)

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Turkey is not part of the protocol :( and I sure wish it was! At least you will be able to eat PLENTY of good turkey while loading!! Just make sure to LOAD TO YOUR MAX WITH GOOD FATS:!:

    I wish you luck in figuring out what will work for you, menu wise! I know it won't be any easier for you, with all the foods you have to avoid, but I hope you know we're all behind you 100% and will support you all the way :) .

    Let us know when you get your hCG and how loading goes for you!


  • Measurements   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Well, I don't see JustJan's post?!
    I've posted in the Make COnnections forum...i'm off the HCG :cry:
    but am not leaving Enlita, for sure.
    No Dr. has answered my B/P issue in Ask THe Dr. yet. I've discussed it w/ my PCP...she was interested in the homeopathic version but we spent most of the time discussing the DIagnos -Techs test results and I've got plenty of work to do there.
    My estrone level is really high..other forms high but the estrone takes the cake. wants me on apple pection/guar gum right away as well as a I-3C & DIM combo. product to reduce the estrogen levels. HEy...good thing I "fought" for the test.
    Other things to do to...but looks like I'm a person who should do the parasite& Candida cleanse first before HCG.....the other huge issue is my adrenal panel results....cortisol being elevated all day long except at midnite.
    Up too late for my adrenals but wanted to get caught up here. Also patting myself on the back as I cont. to clean and organize(its going slow)...jotales

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 3 weeks ago


  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Well after 4 days of trouble w/ 2 furnaces @different locations, I think they are finally working as they should. My PCP gave me the results of my Diagnos-Techs Lab results....Adrenal panel and Expanded GI panel. .......I've got alot of work to do!!!! 20+ years of GI complaints and I have yet to really get a handle on them/cure them. EGADS..but I'll talk about that later.
    Dawn if you are long-winded...I'm your twin sister! so please don't apologize for "talking".

    Annimaine...thanks for sharing....I was blown away by both (Dawn, too....thanks soooo much for your encouragement) of your candid discussions. We could write that book together!
    I developed PVC's last year summer w/ higher B/P. We think cold-laser therapy on my knees started it and then they got worse when a D.C. used some sonar machine on my knees. Years ago accupuncture gave me some mild and temporary heart symptoms.
    FOr the PVC's... I didn't tolerate most of the meds they tried in the hospital nor potassium supplementation. I told the Drs. I didn't tolerate potassium..but unless they see it for themselves...they don't believe it. Took 6 months to stabalize on a beta-blocker. I am frequently amazed by the amount of suffering that goes on! Gainned 30#s on a beta-blocker! My cardiologist said it should have only made me gain only 2-3#s! (Another thing I"ve done wrong?) I was already and still (except for the HCG program.).taking COd LIver Oil first and then switching to Krill Oil. The oils have not taking my PVC's away. Hoping someone knows something else that might work .

    Back to the "fun part of living w/ E.I./Allergies/Sensitivities."....20+ years ago,I was in an Environmental Illness Unit. Ironically the very drs. that made me worse were also the only drs. who believed in it and the only ones who knew anything to do for it. By the time I got out of there...I was down to 101#s and had a WBC of 1.1 ! It took 7 years before I could take a nutritional supplement. I nearly passed out smelling Kyolic Garlic thru its cellaphane -enclosed box. And the week after the snow thawed...I could actually smell grass grow!!! No kidding....frigid Feb. and the grass smelled like someone just mowed it right under my nose! (gratefully it now only smells that way when someone actually mows it)
    Name a technique-I've probably tried it. So yes, I could write a book!

    The one thing I never did, Dawn, was move away from a large city. At one point they wanted me to go live in Wacko, Texas in one of those metal trailers....but I was soooo ill, I couldn't see me alone in another state. I have often wondered if I had spent a year in Colorado or somewhere more -removed....would I have gotten alot better? Early on a boyfriend took me to MI. Upper Penninsula for a vacation. I felt so much better that I was able to golf 3 days in a row and feel like a normal person. As we drove by symptoms came crawling the early days...this stuff used to even surprise me!! I always thought there must be a way to get better and still remain in society. (this illness would be fascinating to read about; but to live?!)
    I am actually somewhat better...but never could return to work either. Seems like every time I almost licked one problem; another started so I couldn't ever gain ground. I remain extremely sensitive/allergic compared to the "normal" person.
    I know all about financial ruin, Dawn, and all the rest that goes w/ this Illness. I can't think of it on a daily basis or I would go nuts. This illness is SO ISOLATING. You are lucky to have your family as mine pretty much treated it as if it was my problem to deal with. A boyfriend once said that he was patiently waiting for me to get well. And believe you me....he was waiting for me to figure it all out and cure myself so then he could reap the benefits of my Goodness! Thank God for the phone calls from wonderful women friends!

    This illness never ceases to amaze!

    Looks like we are all survivors!!! YEAH FOR US!!!!

    For now I am off the HCG and quite dissapointed in that.
    My cortisol levels are elevated all day except midnight.
    Have several bacterial issues and mild Candida.

    So where is Patrice? looks like I'm w/ you for now on the reg.Enlita PLan.....and

    flgranny and Dawn....I'll be jealous ;but happy to hear that you are still losing weight!.......& (I win over Dawn..the very long-winded )...jotales

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 3 weeks ago


    Thanks for sharing that info about your self.

    Yes, nutritional therapy is working for me, as I am really starting to feel
    what foods are okay, and which ones make me feel bad or cause a reaction.

    Any idea what gtts means?

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 3 weeks ago


    I hope its okay to eat turkey breast meat and really lean
    ground turkey.

    I can eat shrimp and haddock as well.

    Thanks for the tips.

    I dont have my HCG yet, that is why I thought TG holiday would be
    a good place to start.

  • Detox Program   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Great Advice Again! :lol:

  • Detox Program   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Beginning or continuing a detox program can be challenging while traveling, as you are not in your own home environment and may not have as much control over your foods or social calendar as you normally would. My suggestion would be to make this as easy and pleasant an experience as possible for you, and be in your regular environment - particularly if you've not done any type of detox program before.

  • Detox Program   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Yes, it will have be 2 yrs in Feb!
    Oh goodie I get to detox ya'll ! Yippeeeee :lol:

    Here is a should I word this...LOL .....I am traveling during the holiday season-, so would a person want to be at their own home during detox time???? LOL

  • Detox Program   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Yes, when I mentioned radioactive exposure in the contraindications, it was referring to more of an environmental or whole body contact, not the specific targeted treatment utilized in thyroid disorders. Assuming this treatment happened in the past and you are not currently undergoing the radioactive therapy, detox would not be contraindicated in this situation.

  • Detox Program   15 years 3 weeks ago

    I called my pharmacy where I get my meds compounded and he agrees.
    Thanks Again, Dr. Scott

  • Detox Program   15 years 3 weeks ago

    ok, I'll stay tuned! Thanks!

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Hi there Anneliese!

    Hey everyone-let's give Anneliese some ideas of what she can use on the protocol. Here's some of my ideas, of course I am no expert! It is just what *I* would try if faced with the same limitations:

      lemon-can you have limes? ACV is protocol as well. chicken-There are 8 other proteins listed, plus vegetarians are using powdered proteins that are working well for them.
      cinnamon-Use nutmeg or other spices??
      basil-Spices are not restricted at all so you can substitute with whatever flavors you like. Fresh basil can be substituted with parsley or cilantro, but I am not sure if they are within protocol or not.
      cabbage-How about Bok Choy? Is that too closely related? I personally love kale :).
      crab-Again, there are lots of other proteins to choose from.
      garlic-How about a spice blend for flavor?
      onion-Spices are unlimited!
      orange-How about grapefruit? (A lot of people stall on these anyway)
      sole-This fish is not specifically listed in the protocol list. Not sure if it is even allowed or not. But there is talapia, cod, halibut-any white NON-oily fish-NOT sea bass-it is too oily.
      spinach-How about Kale?? or lettuce?
  • The rest of these are not allowed anyway, so you'll be avoiding them for 2 good reasons :) :
    brussel sprouts, egg white, whey,millet, oats, olives, yellow squash, milk, goat milk, cauliflower, fructose, honey, pear, pineapple,pork,sweet potato, vanilla, and white potato.

    Does that give you some ideas? I don't want you to lose hope! I think it would be GREAT to use T-Day for your loading days, but if you start now, you'll be in the same boat with the rest of us-"How the heck are we gonna pass up turkey and the trimmings and (oh my) pumpkin pie!?!?!" Either way, you have good support here.

    Btw, I get a lot of info from the Yahoo group [HCGDieters]. Another great place to ask questions.

    ^^^^Colorado (P2R1D8, SL, -5.8#)

  • hcg dosage   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Hi Justjan,

    Jotales, Flgranny33, and I have been quite chatty about our experience with the hCG protocol. Hopefully others will join in as well. We all have something of value to share with each other!

    Don't be stressed about mixing. It is really well laid out and explained. And any of us here will answer questions. I wrote up my own notes for a step by step mixing process and if you want can send it to you by PM.

    I also ordered enough to take the hCG 3 times sub lingual. I have 100 pounds to lose and hope to get halfway there (at least) with the amount I have ordered. I am placing ALL my hopes on this protocol, so I think I can relate to how bad you want it, too. I am pretty determined! Like you, I have rearranged my life around optimal results with this protocol.

    Do you have a family to cook for? That's been my hardest thing . . . the wonderful aromas!! I may have no appetite and I am most certainly not hungry (or thirsty), but there ain't nothing wrong with my nose!! Too bad hCG doesn't omit the sense of SMELL!

    You just fire away with your questions and I am sure you'll have a bunch of us chiming in to help!
    ^^^^Colorado (who wants to hear ALL about loading on a CRUISE!)

  • Measurements   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Hi there Flgranny33 :)

    OK-I will start reporting my days the same as you so we stay on the same page :).

    Agave is wonderful, but it is a sugar just like honey or cane sugar. There's nothing artificial or sugar free about it (that's why I like it!). I am glad you are switching to stevia-you'll probably see even better results than you are now getting, which are pretty darn good, btw. :)

    I love making new friends, so I am smiling about Justjan joining in and I am ever hopeful that Jotales can continue on the protocol. Hopefully others on the hCG and Enlita programs will feel brave and jump in on the conversations and camraderie :)

    ^^^^Colorado (who GAINED .1 and knows WHY, and no, I didn't cheat :) ).

  • Measurements   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Hello Jotales,

    You are dealing with a lot! I hope you got your furnace all taken care of and are feeling better! You'll have to let us know what info you uncover on this and how it will all play out with the hCG protocol. I sure hope you can hang in there and stick it out with us!

    Thinking of you,

  • Detox Program   15 years 3 weeks ago

    Patrice, forgive my intrusion into this thread, but I would not give up yet on detoxing just yet. I also had a treatment of radioactive iodine (thyroid testing) and although, with as toxic and sensitive as I am, I had to take detoxing very slow, and I was still able to do a pretty thorough detox.

    I am sure the Docs will chime in here and clarify this for you, but I think Dr. Scott may be talking about a different animal.

    Hang in there!

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 3 weeks ago

    anninmaine wrote:
    Jotales, I have simular sensitivities and a irregular heart rhythm thats been checked out by a cardiologist and is relieved with Carlsons Cod Liver oil. I believe its the EPAs that help and the Vit D.

    Hi AnnInMaine,
    I am not Jotales, but I have irregular heart rhythms as well and after having 2 cardiac ablation surgeries for very serious electrical issues, I have also controlled the remaining PVC's and other irregular rhythms with Carlson's Cod Liver Oil in the winter months and Krill oil in the summer. Isn't it great to find out what our body needs?


  • Restarting Again!!!! II   15 years 3 weeks ago

    jotales wrote:
    what I would really love is a cure for Environmental Allergies and allergies(whatever you call them)!!

    I don't know about a cure, but I can tell you what me and my family did. We were desperate to find help for me as I was reacting to everything. EVERYTHING. Fibers, scents, foods, additives, chlorine in the city water, etc, etc, etc, including the "usual" toxic stuff. I had visions of me living in a bubble for the rest of my life. When I got to the point where I either could not have guests over or I had to give them clothes to wear (their fabric softeners really set me off) at the door, we knew we needed to make big changes.
      *We had already, over a period of 3-4 years, removed everything from our home that was emitting any type of vapor, toxin, scent, etc. and all my clothes had to be organic. I am talking no carpet, no particle board, no cleaning chemicals, no fibers that were not organic and natural fibers, etc. *We put filters on the main water line, but even this did not help completely. I needed non-chlorinated water (well water).
      *I had already been forced to quit working outside the home. I basically never left my house!
      *I made all our own cleaning supplies and personal care products. (Including monthly supplies)
      *All our food was organic or homegrown and (of course) "whole". Nothing processed.
      *We eliminated the microwave about 15 years ago.
  • Well anyway, you get the idea. (I could write a book on what we did!) So, feeling we had done everything within our power to make the home environment safe for me, and when it still was not enough to allow my own immune system to "heal" and settle down, we decided to move. Removing everything causing reactions from our house was not enough, so we moved US.
    We bought a place out in the middle of nowhere on a well. We still applied all the safeguards we had used at our old house in the city, but the buffer of having space from other's unintentional, but none the less toxic, lifestyles, combined with good well water, I really believe is what helped my body to finally turn that corner and heal.

    15 years of this depleted all of our savings, investments, valuables and we've been struggling since to keep our heads above water, financially. But you know what? Very few things bother my immune system anymore and even when I do react, it usually does not require a ER visit as it often did in the past. I am back to the living and feel like a human being again.! :D

    The only thing I have not ever been able to correct was this weight gain. Enlita was so very close to what I had already been doing on my own, (and the program did help me learn about food sensitivities and addressing those, plus I learned WHY my body was hanging on to fat-it was a protective measure!), but even with using the Enlita program VERY strictly I did not lose any weight.

    THAT was hard. I felt I finally got to my salvation, and then it didn't work. But, you know, I am a positive minded person and I believe everything happens for a reason. After all, Enlita led me to hCG and lots of new hCG friends and now I am losing weight and I feel great!

    That's probably TMI and way more than what you were asking! If you made it this far (God bless ya!), I hope something you read here about what we did can help.
    ^^^^Colorado (who apologizes for being so long-winded!)

  • Detox Program   15 years 3 weeks ago

    So , in response to Dr.Scott's Contraindictions for detox program-
    I guess that it would not be safe for me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking that a treatment of radioactive iodine would fall under the category of "don't do this" IF you have been exposed to radioactive or dangerous chemicals. Bummer - I was hoping to purge that stuff out of me! I guess I will just have to keep my diet clean, get rid of this poundage collected due to the crazy hormone rollercoaster ride that took a toll on my body and keep praying.
    Thanks for answering my question Dr. Scott- Glad that I asked first :lol:

  • Cooking   15 years 3 weeks ago

    footlite wrote:
    I'm curious why you would want to cook greens in the oven. They would cook just as quickly on the stovetop, with pretty much the same procedure: in water and a covered pan or pot.

    Yep-I agree. I think Patrice is trying to figure this thing out with little to no help from the supplier, and is perhaps replacing a microwave with a safer cooking method??

    Of course, one has to *have* a stovetop. I personally haven't had a stove or an oven for almost a year, so the crockpot, table top air oven like Patrice has, and the outside gas grill have been how I have cooked what foods I need cooked. Most times, we just eat raw. In the winter, though, I like hot food. Campfires also work, but out here in Colorado, it can also be bitterly cold and windy, so not always an option.