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  • hCG Teleseminar   14 years 13 weeks ago

    agoers wrote:
    She did tell me that I should not do a second round (even though I was planning to do so) because this would then be yo-yo dieting, which is never good for your health.

    I came across the same information. I am interested in hearing the response you get here.

    IIUC, if you do P3 and P4 correctly, it is not the same as yo-yo dieting. It is more like weight loss stages, rather than going up and down, because you are maintaining your weight within 2 pounds.

    Are you doing hCG SL?

    ^^^^Colorado (P2R1D4VLCD, SL -5.9)

  • Cooking   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Patrice wrote:
    I ordered one just yesterday so I hope I am right and not wrong! :roll:

    Hey Patrice,

    I was wondering how you liked the Aroma Turbo Oven? I have had one for probably over 15 years, and it is starting to fail. I'd like some feedback if you don't mind, in case I decide to replace the one I have when it goes completely out.


    ^^^^Colorado (who is FINALLY losing on hCG!)

  • What do we eat between the time of detox and when the hcg?   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hi Janice!

    justjan wrote:
    I am really excited to hear all comments with all of you starting your HCG protocol. I can't start until Nov. 27th--Thanksgiving Day of all things. We will be on a cruise. What a better way to do the uploading stage!!!!

    Oh I am SOOOOOO jealous! But you are so right! That's that perfect way to LOAD! I hope you have a great time. Where are you sailing?

    justjan wrote:
    But that also means I will be doing this through Christmas.

    Me, too. Although I am not much into sweets, I am not sure how it is all going to go, temptation wise! I actually am doing this through thanksgiving as well. My plan is to show up with protocol foods and fall back on that if there's nothing I can have on the table, which is likely.

    Have you joined the Yahoo group yet? there is a wealth of knowledge and experience there, as well as the support you are getting here.

    justjan wrote:
    Does the oral HCG have a flavor?

    Are you referring to sub lingual? If so, it depends on what you mix it with. I mixed mine with Colloidal Silver and B12. The B12 does have a slight flavor which is not at all unpleasant. I have no idea on the homeopathic mixtures! Hopefully someone using that method will fill us all in.:wink:

    justjan wrote:
    Did you have trouble mixing it?

    I had some trouble with my 1ml needles (two appear to be defective). The best tips I can give you are to make sure you draw out the amount of air equal or close to the amount of liquid you are going to be mixing in AND have everything all set out ahead of time and just relax. It is not hard. I was obsessing over having to break the ampule and had visions of it shattering in my hand, but it turns out, my hCG did not come in an ampule after all!
    justjan wrote:
    Is it recomended to take no kind of additional supplements during this time?

    That I will leave for the Dr's here to answer, as I think that is an individual call. I personally am ONLY taking thyroid, Tension Rx Nighttime, and magnesium, and I will drop the last two if I sense they might be causing a problem. So far I am having great losses.

    Welcome to the LOSERS!

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   14 years 13 weeks ago

    anninmaine wrote:
    Hey thanks for the fast reply. Edited: (Where did your post go??????)

    Where DID the post go? I think a lot of us out here doing the hCG protocol would love to view that response!

    Annelies-I have quite a few things I have to avoid as well. Luckily there are still lots of options within protocol and so far it has not been worrisome. How far into the protocol are you?

    ^^^^Colorado (P2R1D4VLCD, -5.9!!)

  • Measurements   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hey Jotales :)
    How is your BP doing? I have been thinking about you, girl, and I am hoping it is not giving your grief. I sure hope that is stabilizing for you now and just keeps getting better as the weight comes off.

    I seem to have leveled out on the BR trips. Back to normal, but I also need to still increase my liquid intake. I am not hungry or thirsty. I have to make myself THINK about it to remember to drink, and of course I remember to eat because I have these wonderful meals that I am preparing for my family and they SMELL so GOOOD! But, I haven't cheated, not one bit. Not even to lick my fingers! Not even when Whole Foods was doing samples of all kinds of good things. I even wear gloves when I handle anything with oil or fat. I am THAT determined.

    I hope I can maintain the protocol through the holidays as easily as I have so far. I am not big on sweets, but I am STILL craving quinoa. I think that will be the first thing I eat once I get to that point! And how are you all going to do Thanksgiving? I am going to show up with my little dish of protocol foods and take it from there.

    I had a big loss yesterday! 2.1 pounds! Wednesday will be my 1 week "on the VLCD diet" mark, and I am excited to see what my average will be. How are you doing?

    I am not checking body fat or BMI. I am measuring myself once a week, but that's as far as it goes. I am much more motivated by how my clothes fit than by numbers, but weighing yourself is such an important part of this protocol, that I gotta do that! And I gotta admit, I am pretty excited to get up in the morning and see how much I lost! Does your scale do all the calculations for body fat for you or do you do that manually?

    I am sticking to Simeon's protocol pretty strictly and still doing the same-same thing for lunch and dinner menus. Have you been mixing that up? I am excited about today's meals-I have been hungry for steak for a while now and we just haven't been able to swing buying any. But yesterday I picked up some organic grass fed steak for us to have for dinner tonight. My family is having soup for lunch and *I* get to have steak then, too, along with some grilled asparagus and grapefruit! YUM!

    ^^^^Colorado 8) (where it is sunny today!)

  • Questions about environmentally clean lifestyle and products   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I didn't pay for the package that goes along with the HCG teleseminars. The one thing I'd really like is the list of products for green living.

    I've done the best I can with cleaning and personal care products. But as you know, not everything out there claiming to be healthy actually is. It seems like every time I find a product I like, I find out after several months that there's an undesirable ingredient in it.

    As a result, I've given up for the most part. I use baking soda for deodorant, but most of the products I have to buy have gone back to toxin filled.

    Is there any way I can buy just the list for green living? I'm almost done with the HCG protocol, and I can't really afford the whole package anyway.

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 13 weeks ago

    jotales wrote:
    I've lost 3.5#s in 4 days. All water weight as my body fat % went from 45 to 48!

    Wow-you are dropping! Did you gain when you were loading? I gained only .3 the first day and then I dropped almost a pound a day--while loading! I didn't expect that, and I hope it is not because I do not have enough abnormal fat ('cause we know THAT ain't true). Wait and see . . .
    I am NOT TIRED as some of you are reporting.

    I am very tired. Not sleepy, really. More like low on energy. I am glad you are not having to deal with that along with the BP increase.

    I love this!!

    Holding hands across the superhighway in support of each other!

    Patrice-I am also interested in what you found out on the egg testing. I found that I could eat RAW eggs just fine, but cooked eggs definitely caused a reaction.

    All, check in and share an update!


  • "Cole Slaw"   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I wonder if Nama Shoyu is allowed? Anyone know?


  • "Cole Slaw"   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Thanks Jotales! That will be a great treat! My kale today was prepared almost the same (spice wise) and was quite tasty. That shot of lemon does the trick!

    I also noticed in Dr. Cage's recipes that he mixes veggies for the side dish. Simeon's talks about not mixing and even eating the exact same thing for dinner that you ate for lunch.

    I don't see why you could not mix things on the list, if your calorie count stays at/under 250 for each meal, but Simeon talks about THAT, too.

    Dr. Simeon wrote:
    The most tiresome patients are those who start counting Calories and then come up with all manner of ingenious variations which they compile from their little books. When one has spent years of weary research trying to make a diet as attractive as possible without jeopardizing the loss of weight, culinary geniuses who are out to improve their unhappy lot are hard to take.

    What's the word on this? I certainly don't want to sabotage my weight loss efforts (I'd really like to MAXIMIZE them), but I can see how this could get very uninteresting real quick AND harder to resist the yummy foods we are cooking for our families. (They are having PIZZA tonight-geeez!)

    I think I am going to stick with straight Simeon protocol for one week, and then try some of the tasty recipes in Dr. Cage's book and see if there is a change in weight loss. I am losing good right now and want it to stay that way, but sure can see how variety would be nice!

    ^^^^Colorado (who is craving quinoa!!!!)

  • hCG Teleseminar   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Yesterday I visited my naturopathic health care practitioner. She knew that I was on the hCG protocol. Since she knows nothing about hCG weight loss she had lots of questions and our discussion was quite lengthy. She did tell me that I should not do a second round (even though I was planning to do so) because this would then be yo-yo dieting, which is never good for your health. Please comment.

  • Measurements   14 years 13 weeks ago

    well I posted on the Make COnnections thread...but yes
    DAWN i am still up to the BR x2 every nite. Have lost 3.5#'s in 4 days but of course my body fat went up 3 will be interesting if I see a drop there.
    Is anyone else using a body fat/wt. scale? I would love to hear your info of how the numbers went as you did HCG???????

    SOme issues w/ wanting to cheat...i won'tmention the thing women crave the most.......and some hunger but not uncontrollable...well I did have to use sheer will power from 5pm on last night not to eat more/cheat. THat was Day#1 of VLCD.
    My biggest problem is that my B/P is up, requiring more med doses. if it continues I will have to discuss this w/the enlita drs. YOu wo uld think it would be down w/ the water weight loss...go figure. Or maybe it's too soon....I'm drinking fact having a hard time getting in all 8 cups.

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hey thanks for the fast reply. Edited: (Where did your post go??????)

    I cant have wheat or gluten (bread sticks) as Im severely intolerant, but I can have rice crackers!

    How are you doing so far with the diet restrictions?

    Also I have tried the Miracle Noodles and they are different.
    Kind of rubbery, but they work when you cant have wheat or grains.

    Try them once and see if you stall would be my suggestion.

  • "Cole Slaw"   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hi Dawn...yes its legal, though I admit I didn't double check before I ate it.
    So this morning I did check:
    According to Dr. Cages' "The Diet" Handout:
    B: "Saccharin or Stevia may be used" and
    "the juice of one lemon daily is allowed for all purposes. Salt, pepper,vinegar, mustard,garlic,sweet basil,parsley,thyme,majoram, etc. may be used for seasoning, BUT NO OIL,BUTTER, OR DRESSING(Salad)

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hi Group!
    Today I start R-1,D#5,P-2
    I've lost 3.5#s in 4 days. All water weight as my body fat % went from 45 to 48! One big downside is that my B/P is definitely up. I'm allowed to take 3 doses of my med a day; but lately (before diet) was able to get by w 1 or 2 max. Today I will try the 3 a day...but if it doesn't come down I will definitely have to talk to the drs. @ enlita about this.
    Yes...I'm still voiding alot....up 2 x's a night for 4 days now. Just to be clear...I only wanted to cheat like crazy from 5pm of so last nite. Really missed not having a meeting last nite....but by next week there will be more feedback on how everyone is doing.
    I am NOT TIRED as some of you are reporting.
    Holding hands accross the superhighway in support of each other! are you and your family member doing on Plan?

    Patrice...did you start week#6 of Enlita? what did you ever decide about your egg test? Did you conclude that you were sensitive? and are hence avoiding them? do you do all of those things you are involved in? I'm impressed!.......jotales

  • Questions about eating on the HCG diet   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I also have a question:

    I had the ALCAT Food Intolerance test done a month ago, (150 food panel) I have Moderate Food Intolerance of lemon, egg white,whey,chicken, cinnamon, millet, oats, olives and yellow squash, milk,goat milk. I need to avoid these foods for 3-6 months. I have Mild Intolerance to basil, brussel sprouts,cabbage, cauliflower,crab,fructose,garlic,honey,onion,orange,pear, pineapple,pork,sole,spinach,sweet potato,vanilla,and white potato.
    According to ALCAT my yellow list is longer than my orange list and I need to avoid the Mild Intolerance foods as well for at least 3 months before rotating them in again.

    When I read the protocols for HCG, it says not to deviate from the foods listed or you may stall or not loose at all.

    What do I eat as substitutes for these foods that I am unable to eat, that wont cancel the weight loss?



  • Measurements   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hey Flgranny :) and Jotales :)

    Sorry I have been MIA. We had a field trip today (Boulder, CO) and haven't had much time to post. Tuesdays and Thursdays are hard for me as I have obligations with my daughter's homeschool group.

    How'd you do through your first day of the VLCD?

    I am so peeing like a race horse! LOL! I think it is a cleansing thing or is this a release of water weight?

    I am a little concerned that I am not drinking enough. I am not thirsty (not hungry either) and just need to remember to DRINK more often.

    So far, I have lost a total of 2.8 pounds. I actually lost weight while loading. Is that normal, do you think? If this keeps up like this, I will be sold on the SL method for certain. I have injections in mind for my back up.

    I am VERY sleepy. I could have taken a nap today and I *NEVER* nap.

    Anybody else want to jump in? Us 3 Musketeers welcome anyone in on the conversation, right ladies?

    ^^^^^Colorado (Zzzzzzzzzz)

  • "Cole Slaw"   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Oh YUM!! Is that a legal protocol recipe? Today I had just plain 1 cup of shredded cabbage. It was good! But your recipe had me drooling on my keyboard!

    ^^^^Colorado (who is doing chicken and kale tomorrow)

    Chicken grilled with plenty of spices
    Raw Kale massaged with a little lemon, salt, & pepper

  • Potency   14 years 13 weeks ago

    D1 or Day1=Day 1
    R1=Round 1
    P2=Phase 2
    VLCD=very low calorie diet
    Loading=Loading :)

    How're you all doing on the VLCD? I am not hungry AT ALL but there sure ain't nothing wrong with my NOSE! Smelling the wonderful dinner I made for my family is driving me nuts!

    ^^^^Colorado (P2R1D4,VLCD, -2.8#'s) I lost weight while loading!!

  • Potency   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hi Dawn...don't know if you can freeze HCG...but your code.....Day1, Round 1?(is that right) and what is P2? so I can understand what you are telling us...... :? jotales

  • Measurements   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Hi flgranny33....I posted my HCG experience on the MAke COnnections
    Dawn...i did measure cause you reminded me of it, though I don't think I ever measure in the same place twice!! I'm giving it a try.
    In a couple of days I will have to order my scale...did not buy yet.
    Interesting to see how the homeopathic HCG works...wondering if the injections are the way to go. time will tell!
    IS anyone else "peeing like a racehorse?" I'm also quite thirsty.jotales

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 13 weeks ago

    HI...yes it looks like we are the 3 Muskateers..[but I hate to think of that candy bar right now. :wink: ] Sorry to be a tad AWOL but I am into cleanning.
    Dawn: I was thinking that when I get my place cleanned again..I will need a hobby...was thinking of knitting/crocheting. Dawdled in it when I was young, like 11! You would have smiled at my first and only vest and winter gloves! My first couple of projects...(when you are young you think you can do it!!! :roll:)

    Flgranny33..hey...glad to see you on the HCg at the same time too..this is so helpful to me to have support.
    My B/P med just wasn't working against my readings....that was really weird...still is to some extent but I did have one nice lower reading after my morning dose today. My pressure is borderline..well acatually labile, but I am on the med to control strong PVC's that I came down w/ last year summer. I am hoping that they are d/t "fat" and that if I get down maybe they will go away. Have read this online for a number of people. Well, It's a good goal to strive for! ALso I am having heavy heart pounding..I feel every beat and also the pulsation of my abdominal aorta. Seems to me I've got PLENTY of fat where I shouldn't have to feel that! :roll: Will this work out?? Bravery...or is it foolishness? but I still kept at it and took another dose yesterday. Called "Support"..if I'm still having issues..I'll try a consult next. I did have strong heart pounding on the GB/Liver remedy. I am just on the Weight Loss and Weight Off remedies as some of the other remedies have some items that might affect my PVC's.
    During my loading days I was ravenously hungry..though I was taking lower gtts....d/t my sensitive nature...I decided to start low and build up to the 7 gtts. And I am having some symptoms. Anyway what a shock that I dropped 1.5#s this morning......well I have been getting up 2x's a nite to it shouldn't have been THAT surprising.
    Today..I was truly hungry after my morning HCG(homeopathic) but did just fine all day until around5-5:30pm after I ate my lunch apple. I am definitley spreading the feast out! Boy could I ever cheat but have used sheer will not to.....I actually have a dinner yet to's late for dinner...tomorrow's goal will be to do better timing of the meals.
    Being prepared is the only wat to go! orI wouldn't be able to do this.

    Saw this "Dressing recipe" in a low car book last nite. Enlita might have similar one.....2tsp. apple cider vinegar and couple gtts of stevia extract(I use BodyEcology's).....I poured it over 1C. finely shredded cabbage at lunchtime. Pepper and touch of salt. Yum!

    Now i'm off to late dinner. Another goal is to get to bed earlier.
    Thanks for posting! jotales

  • Measurements   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Everyone is so quiet ! I posted on the "Make connections" forum. Just want to knowhow everyone is doing. I am on day 4. Doing ok


  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Jotales and Dawn....

    how are you doing?
    I am on the 500 cal diet now and I was a bit hungry just before supper.
    However, after I ate, I was really full!

    How about you folks? Hope you are doing well.


  • EMOTIONAL EATING QUESTIONS   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I attend your teleseminars on hCG. Please devote some EFT time to "Eating when you are not hungry."

  • Restarting Again!!!! II   14 years 14 weeks ago

    flgranny33 wrote:
    this is flgranny and I don't have ampules for the hcg. The only ampule I have is the saline one which I discard because I am using colloidal silver to mix with the hcg.

    What she said! :D