I have read that the potency of the hCG drops after 7-14 days (various reports from different sources). Is this true?

If so, I wish I had bought the 5,000 iu ampules so I could mix more frequently and retain potency instead of the 10,000 iu.
:) However, I am very grateful to have what I have! :)

Is it possible to freeze half the mixture and have it still retain potency?

I appreciate any suggestions!

^^^^Colorado (who is starting tomorrow, Day1R1P2; Loading)




D1 or Day1=Day 1
R1=Round 1
P2=Phase 2
VLCD=very low calorie diet
Loading=Loading :)

How're you all doing on the VLCD? I am not hungry AT ALL but there sure ain't nothing wrong with my NOSE! Smelling the wonderful dinner I made for my family is driving me nuts!

^^^^Colorado (P2R1D4,VLCD, -2.8#'s) I lost weight while loading!!


YOur Code?

Hi Dawn...don't know if you can freeze HCG...but your code.....Day1, Round 1?(is that right) and what is P2? so I can understand what you are telling us...... :? jotales