recurrence of symptoms

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I'm so full of questions. I love the program and I'm sticking with it very faithfully. Thanks for all the time you staff members put into maintaining this site.

Now the question: I've heard that certain symptoms can come back when the body starts cleansing itself on a diet such as the elimination phase I'm still on.

For example, a few years ago I broke out in hives all over my stomach from a new laundry detergent I tried. Last week, I had a much smaller break out of hives on my stomach, but there was no reason for it. Unless my body was clearing out those toxins and I reacted again. (Cleared up now.)

I've noticed some other symptoms that had left me years ago, but came back last week. I won't get specific (unless it would help answer the question), because I'm not looking for medical advice.

I only want to know, is it true that symptoms can come back on a whole foods diet like this, after years of a poor diet.

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Re: recurrence of symptoms

Either that or you have a sensitivity to some of the foods on the diet.