Phase 3 foods?

I'm starting phase 3--the 3 weeks of no sugar or starches--on Nov. 20. That's coming up so soon! Reading Pounds and Inches and the initial report that Dr. Cage wrote, it seemed clear and obvious to me which foods to avoid.

Obvious starches--grains, root vegetables and sugar.

But the more I connect with other HCGers, the more it becomes a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. :D I think some are being hyper-vigilant. Here are some foods that many think should be avoided because they contain too much starch:

Legumes--lentils, peanuts, beans

coconut flour (I thought it should be fine--it's more fiber than starch)

almond flour (It's just ground nuts!)

squashes (I specifically want to know about pumpkin and zucchini)

Now, I think these people are going overboard in their starch watch. However, I've done so well these past 40-some days on HCG. Not a single cheat. I don't want to undo what I've done by eating something I should have avoided. It's only another 3 weeks, after all.

Anyone have any wisdom on this? The teleseminar covering phase 3 will probably come too late for me.



Phase 3 foods?

This isnt a very active forum.....


Phase 3 foods?

It would be really helpful if someone could post portion sizes,
like grams or ounces, and how many calories do we need to eat etc
during Phase 3.


Phase 3 foods?

Okay, I got a partial answer through my own research. Pumpkin and zucchini are both very low in starch. Like .1 gram of starch per 100 grams of cooked pumpkin or zucchini.

Legumes vary, lentils being on the lower-starch end. But how much starch is too much in Phase 3? How much will cause weight gain when combined with fat?

And I can't find any info on coconut flour.

I start phase 3 tomorrow! I don't intend to reintroduce all these foods at once, so I have a little leeway. But PLEASE HELP.