Estrogen Imbalance (high)

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? for the Doctors:...just got my DIagnos-Techs test results and I am very high in Estrone and other Estogen forms. But the estrone is one number away from TWICE the HIgh Normal #!

My PCP rx. apple pectin and possible guar gum fiber to help pull it out of the body and we discussed products like DIM/ I-3C. I'm looking over products which greatly vary in price...wondering what details I should be looking for in buying an effective product? Is there a standardized dose and are some of the inexpensive products would work as well. (I'm seeing anything from Natures' Way, Solar Ray... all the way to Allergy research, PUre Encapsulations, etc) Is there products that you rx? Thanks....jotales

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Allergy Research and Pure Encapsulations are both good neutraceutical-grade companies whose products are utilized by naturopathic doctors.

FYI - Indole 3 carbinol is found naturally in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, but you'd have to eat very large quantities to compare with the dosages found in supplements. Still, the foods we eat form the foundation of our health, so include these in your diet unless you have a food sensitivity to them. Also note that in higher estrogen states, one should consider avoiding heating/storing warm foods in plastic containers, watch estrogen-mimicking chemicals in personal care products, and gravitate towards organic meat and dairy foods. Ground flax seeds also support healthy estrogen metabolism pathways in the body.

It's good to hear that you utilized testing to become more aware of what's occuring in your body.