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  • HCG Teleseminar   14 years 15 weeks ago

    You've already cleansed the liver and you will have the HCG so i would take the other three:

    Metabolic 1
    Adrenal Builder
    Weight Off

  • HOMEOPATHIC HCG TELESEMINARS   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Dr. Kendra Pearsall wrote:
    I am frustrated with the technical problems we continually encounter with teleseminars. I am hesitant to continue to do live ones for this reason.

    I think we are all frustrated, but so willing to put up with it for this wonderful information!

    I have a suggestion (and I am not familiar with the teleseminar company that you are using-so it may not even be an option). With some teleseminar services, you can tailor the message the caller hears once connected. It would help save time and confusion if that message could say something like "Please place your phone on mute by selecting the mute feature on your phone or by pressing *6."

    Thank you, thank you, thank you kindly for all your hard work on putting these together for us!

    Warm regards,

  • HCG Teleseminar   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Thanks Dr. Pearsall! Loofas I have and will use :).

    I still have not received my hCG nor has it passed customs, which leave it untraceable at the moment. I will call Drugdelivery today and see what I can find out.

    The teleseminar on homeopathic hCG was awesome! I didn't get a chance to ask my questions, but I think they were pretty much covered by other people's questions. If I understand correctly, if you are doing the SL hCG, you would also use the following:

      Metabolic 1 Liver Gallbladder Cleanse
      Adrenal Builder
    And NOT use these components:
      HCG Formula Weight Off
  • Is that right? And for those that have already completed the cleansing period, should they still use the Liver Gallbladder Cleanse?

    Warm regards,

  • HCG Teleseminar   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Yes, loofah and natural exfoliating scrubs may work. I know a woman who lost 200 pounds and she said doing that got rid of her cellulite and excess skin.

  • wifi protection   14 years 15 weeks ago
  • HOMEOPATHIC HCG TELESEMINARS   14 years 15 weeks ago

    I am frustrated with the technical problems we continually encounter with teleseminars. I am hesitant to continue to do live ones for this reason. I am sorry for your problems.
    1) Dr. Priscilla used Smooth Move Tea. You could also use Fiber Full from Enlita store.

    2) Yes you can take less drops but homeopathy does not really depend on the dose. There may not be any difference between 1 drop and 10 drops or 1 pellet and 10 pellets. Better to take a lower potency if you are sensitive like a 6 x instead of a 10 M.

    3) It does not do any good to start with an empty bottle. You have to start with part of the remedy still in the bottle (at least a teaspoon) and then sucuss.

    4) Yes you can add to water to make it last longer.

    5) The homeo preparation works and I think this is an amazing discovery.

  • Questions for this week's Teleseminar   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Xylitol is 50% of the calories of sugar.
    Agave nectar is 20 calories and 5 g CHO per tsp.
    So you will have to account for these calories if you use them. You only get 500 so spending them on sugar is not a wise use of your calorie alotment.

    Dr. Simeons recommended saccharin as a sweetener because is it calorie free.
    Stevia is calorie-free and carb-free that is why it is recommended.

    Krill oil and coconut oil are fats. Fats are contraindicated during the 500 cal. phase of HCG.

    Great questions! :D

  • Questions for this week's Teleseminar   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Can I substitute xylitol or raw organic agave nectar for stevia?

    Can I take the krill oil ?

    also can I use coconut oil at all?

    Awaiting your answers... :)

  • allergie testing   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Hello Sylvie,

    I assume you are testing the dairy and eggs individually?

    Yes, it is possible. Food sensitivities can present in many different ways.

    Out of curiosity, have your sleep habits changed at all this week?

  • Reading??   14 years 15 weeks ago

    You misunderstood entirely. I'm not doing HCG so I can rotate my food. What I meant in my post was that I'm not rotating my food in hopes of ADDITIONAL weight loss.

    I'm doing HCG to lose the last of my long term fat. Even though I started HCG with only 25 pounds to lose, I have 8 of the signs of obesity. I wouldn't do HCG if I didn't need to lose weight.

    I figured as long as I'm eating a restricted diet anyway, I may as well rotate the foods to get the detoxifying benefits of that.

  • NEWBIEDOBEES   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Patrice and Everyone Else! I think Dr. Kendra would like us to use this other thread(forum group) as they didn't see our notations. ALso on the ENCOURAGEMENT: MAKE CONNECTIONS Thread; Enlita will moderate. (I didn't post here originally as all posts were so old; so I tried a sing-song name to get a current one going)

    NOt sure if the below will show up as an auto link...if not; use the quick "Jump to" window...below & right.



  • Reading??   14 years 15 weeks ago

    I find it odd that you are going through the rigors of the HCG protocol only for food rotation purposes not for weight loss. Well anyhow, thanks for sharing your HCG experience with the world and keep us posted.

  • Aroma Turbo Oven   14 years 15 weeks ago


    I've looked at a couple of different resources concerning the safety of the Aroma Turbo Oven, and I haven't had much success yet in finding additional information on its safety record.

    But I'll keep looking and post it here if I find out anything else.

  • Reading??   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing!

  • whey   14 years 15 weeks ago

    I don't see any reason why you could not try this. Let us know how it turns out and tastes!

    Dr. Marci Scott

  • HCG and HIV   14 years 15 weeks ago

    You are welcome!

    Please keep us posted on your successes!

    Dr. Marci Scott

  • Reading??   14 years 15 weeks ago

    If anyone wants to know how my progress is going on HCG, I have a blog. I hope it's okay to post it here.

    I'm keeping it anonymous. I go by the nickname Beaker. So if you comment there, please don't use my real name.

    I'll warn you that for the first 10 days of the low calorie diet I experienced intense hunger. I think it's from not loading enough. So when you load, be sure to pack it in, because I felt like I loaded well. Most people experience no hunger at all, or maybe just a few days.

    Now I'm on day 16 overall, and day 13 of the low calories. It's going much better.

  • NEWBIEDOBEES   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Old habits and addictions can be tough to break. Oftentimes, our relationships with food go back years, and when you are trying to change lifestyle choices, it may not be an overnight abiltiy to change for some. But try to keep your goals in mind, such as long-term health and feeling and looking better (or whatever it is that is motivating you). So like LeAnn said, please don't beat yourself up about having a sweet off of the program. But getting these foods out of the house may make it easier for you to stick to the positive changes you are trying to make. And frequently, when your body is given the right nutrients from food and sugary foods are not continually eaten, the cravings for sweets can decrease over time! You mentioned EFT - try a more specific phrase for sweets rather than general health. For example, "even though I have these cravings for sweets, I love and accept myself". Or whatever specific phrase rings true for you. Remember, this is about developing healthy lifestyles and having power over the daily choices we make.

    So congratulations on your accomplishments so far!

    Dr. Marci Scott

  • Reading??   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Actually, people have stalled or gained when they try to replace the breadstick with something else. Even rice crackers. Rice is not on the protocol.

    Just skip the breadstick--most people do.

  • e cookbook   14 years 15 weeks ago

    oh goodie!

  • NEWBIEDOBEES   14 years 15 weeks ago

    I am so sorry that I haven't seen your threads about needing support! :(
    I have read you threads below and sounds like you are starting off just fine so don't beat yourself up over your tootsie roll ok? I had a extra small bite of a brownie at a gathering with friends!!!

    I am interested to hear what went through your mind after you ate the tootsie roll? (anything besides guilt?)

    Here is what went through my mind after the bite of brownie - Wow, somehow that brownie didn't even taste that good! I was an odd but exciting moment actually. I have always enjoyed brownies.

    I would love to chat to encourage each other!
    What week are you on? I am on three.


  • Aroma Turbo Oven   14 years 15 weeks ago

    I should have done this before asking you---
    FYI: I called Mercola's customer service today and asked about the Turbo Oven and she said that it does not use infrared heating.

  • NEWBIEDOBEES   14 years 15 weeks ago

    sorry i was replying to this:
    Can we get a thread going/lively chat to help each other?


  • NEWBIEDOBEES   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Dr. Kendra...I'm not following your thought...what do you mean as "that would be in this forum?"

    As for progress...I have lost 2#'s this week. the homeopathic HCG sounds intriguing! I appresiate your continual learning.

  • plastic containers   14 years 15 weeks ago

    Hi Jotales thank you very much for the information.It looks very interesting... :D