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  • HCG Teleseminar   14 years 17 weeks ago

    I am not planning on having surgery to correct this. I was hoping for some dietary or topical things that might help with this.


  • HCG Teleseminar   14 years 17 weeks ago

    I know one woman who had surgery. Just wait and see if needed.

    Yes, loofah and natural exfoliating scrubs may work. I know a woman who lost 200 pounds and she said doing that got rid of her cellulite and excess skin.

  • Questions for this week's Teleseminar   14 years 17 weeks ago

    it sounds like the handouts are not complete. i will make sure the right handouts are there by tomorrow.

  • HCG Teleseminar   14 years 17 weeks ago

    I am going to think positive! Since I am certain that this protocol is going to work for me, can you tell me how to handle excess skin after a fairly rapid weight loss?


  • Questions for this week's Teleseminar   14 years 17 weeks ago

    Could you please email that to me as well?


  • Questions for this week's Teleseminar   14 years 17 weeks ago

    The supplement instructions and menus were supposed to be included in the handout for last week. They followed the shopping list. I will check the Teleseminars page of the members forums to make sure they are there and I will also e-mail them to you with yellow highlighting so that you can't miss it.

  • CANDIDA AND PARASITES TELESEMINAR   14 years 17 weeks ago

    Yes, taking products and following a diet for Candida control can make you feel like you have the flu. This is due to a "die-off" effect explained below.


    A: Yes, die off can occur. It is called the Hertxeimer Effect. You can experience flu like symptoms. All you have to do is cut your Aqua Flora dosage in half (1/2 ounce) for about a week and then go back on full dosage.


    A: It is your immune system reacting to the sudden excessive amount of toxic, dead, yeast throughout your body. When taking Aqua Flora products and maintaining a proper Candida diet, approximately 20% of our clients will experience a die-off. Die-off means that your body is working well with this product. It also means that your body is attempting to eliminate toxic waste fast and you're experiencing the effects of it working properly. If you experience die-off symptoms, simply cut your dosage in half (to 1/2 ounce) and drink all the water you can to help your body flush out the toxic yeast. Water is key as is a Candida diet.

  • CANDIDA AND PARASITES TELESEMINAR   14 years 17 weeks ago

    Candida Control Diet is a diet without foods that exacerbate yeast conditions. This means getting rid of wheat, gluten, bread made with yeast, mushrooms, alcohol, pickled foods, vinegar, sweets, sugar. We have a detailed e-book and an audio lecture combo for only $9.97 at

    You should stay on it at least a 4-6 and then retake the Candida Questionnaire. If your symptoms are in the normal range then you might be able to slowly reintroduce more foods into your diet. Some people will need to stay on this diet 3-6 months. There are also tests you can do to see what your levels are. These are listed in the e-book.

  • CANDIDA AND PARASITES TELESEMINAR   14 years 17 weeks ago

    Q: What is Aqua Flora? What are the ingredients? --Jennifer

    A: Aqua Flora is a homeopathic non-active vibrational preparation of Candida Albicans 6C mixed with water. Homeopathy works on the principles of "like cures like" and that if you give an energetic substance that causes specific symptoms in a healthy person, it can cancel out those specific symptoms in a person that has those symptoms already. Homeopathy used to be the domanant form of medicine in Europe and the US before the advent of drugs. It is safe and non-toxic.

  • plastic containers   14 years 17 weeks ago

    thanks for your response :D

  • Hello   14 years 17 weeks ago

    Thank you.
    I shall have a look and see.

    Kind Regards,

  • e cookbook   14 years 17 weeks ago

    I thought that as part of our membership we have access to a 71pg e cookbook? It was on the main page where it says what you get with membership.

    Also, I had a question about the shopping lists-
    How many people are the recipes meant to serve?
    I was shopping yesterday for week one and wasn't sure
    if that woud be enough for a family of four or whether I
    needed to double it or something?

  • hCG Teleconference?   14 years 17 weeks ago

    Try going to teleclass or downloads under "my account".

    Please let us know if you need any additional assistance.
    -Dr. Marci Scott

  • Downloads??   14 years 17 weeks ago

    Yes thank you I do see it now. I didn't see the detox download before. may be I need new glasses!!! :oops:

    Thank you for your help. I have the info now.

    it's heck to get old,

  • Downloads??   14 years 17 weeks ago

    Your browser usually does not matter when it comes to content.

    There are two options, TeleClass, which has week one, then My Downloads, which has:

    01 Detox Teleclass Audio File DOWNLOAD NOW
    01 Detox Teleclass Handout DOWNLOAD NOW
    01 Detox Teleclass Shopping Menu DOWNLOAD NOW

    This is part of the HCG class. I'm sorry about the confusion. Do you see that?


  • Downloads??   14 years 17 weeks ago

    LeAnn, this is flgranny33..I have checked under "downloads" for many days now and all I see is from week one which I have.

    I must be missing something. I am using a that the problem?
    I use Safari..should I use Firefox instead?

  • e cookbook   14 years 17 weeks ago


    Can you be more specific? Are you talking about something in the store, or dealing with the membership?


  • Downloads??   14 years 17 weeks ago


    It is under "my downloads" in the account.

    If you do not see this anywhere, please contact


  • hCG Teleconference?   14 years 17 weeks ago

    I missed the seminar on Sept 24th. Are there some downloads I can get?

    I haven't seen anything about it.

  • Hello   14 years 17 weeks ago

    Hello Sue,

    In the United States, there is an organization called the AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) On the website, they have tools to help individuals find licensed naturopathic practitioners.

    I'm unaware of similar organizations outside the U.S., but I hope this may help as a place to start.

    All the best,
    Dr. Marci Scott

  • plastic containers   14 years 17 weeks ago

    More and more research has fuled a recent debate over the safety of plastic containers. In particular, a chemical called BPA (found in certain plastics and the lining of canned foods) has been associated with estrogen-mimicking effects and possible endocrine disruption.

    Consider taking these steps to reduce the potential risk. Avoid or reduce your use of polycarbonate plastic bottles (including Nalgene) labeled #7 on the bottom. If you do use them, wash the bottles by hand and not in the dishwasher. Use glass or stainless steel containers, particularly for cooking or storage of warm food items. Throw out any plastic containers with cracks or cloudiness.

    To answer your specific question, it appears that polypropylene (#5), tends to be one of the "safer" plastics compared to others such as #7, although that may be partly due to the fact that enough is not known about it yet.

    National Geographic publishes on online resource called "The Green Guide". Here's a link to an article containing additional information on plastic containers:

    -Dr. Marci Scott

  • Downloads??   14 years 17 weeks ago

    I have not seen anything from week 2 teleseminar. Have I missed something? :?

  • DETOXIFICATION class one   14 years 18 weeks ago

    I think there was a menu included in the first part of the HCG package. (in the pdf file towards the end)

    I will check into this more and let you know.

  • DETOXIFICATION class one   14 years 18 weeks ago

    I've started the prefast diet, and I really appreciate the shopping list and meal plan with recipies. I was hoping that when we start the HCG portion those of us who are members or who purchased the teleseminar package would get a weekly menu too. I do however, understand that you may not have enough time to put that together by then, but I'm still hopin'!

  • Week 16   14 years 18 weeks ago

    From Dr. Pearsall:
    If you suspect something is wrong, always consult your physician and do not
    take anything we say as medical advice as we cannot diagnose what is going
    on with you. Here is some information on inflammation of the gallbladder.
    Often attacks are precipitated by fasting.

    Symptoms of gallstones are often called a gallstone "attack" because they
    occur suddenly. A typical attack can cause:

    steady pain in the upper abdomen that increases rapidly and lasts from 30
    minutes to several hours
    pain in the back between the shoulder blades
    pain under the right shoulder
    nausea or vomiting
    Gallstone attacks often follow fatty meals, and they may occur during the
    night. Other gallstone symptoms include:

    abdominal bloating
    recurring intolerance of fatty foods

    People who also have the above and any of following symptoms should see a
    doctor right away:

    low-grade fever
    yellowish color of the skin or whites of the eyes
    clay-colored stools

    The gall bladder cleanse - a safe and proven natural method to relieve
    digestive problems and clear built up congestion in the liver, gall bladder
    and bile ducts. Rather than taking the traditional, medical way of thinking
    by only looking at the symptoms, let's now consider how to avoid the problem
    of a congested gall bladder and how to prevent the unpleasant effects.

    The gall bladder cleanse is also a good way to help prevent problems, and in
    most cases, solve current gall bladder problems that people have developed
    due to a poor lifestyle of eating.
    You will need:

    * 400 ml cold pressed virgin olive oil
    * 6-8 lemons - 4 liters apple juice (preferably organic and NOT
    * Colon cleanse or other suitable laxative
    * Acidophilus

    The day before
    Eat a light breakfast and then fast for the rest of the day by drinking
    apple juice and water. The apple juice needs to be at room temperature as
    cold drinks quench the energy of the liver. The apple juice is to begin
    softening the gallstones and the laxative stimulates the bile ducts. In the
    evening of this day have 2 caps of colon cleanse with a glass of water
    followed by some lemon juice.

    The next day
    Continue fasting with juice and water until the evening when you will need
    the olive oil and the lemon juice. Over ½ hr to 1 hour drink all the olive
    oil by swallowing as much as possible (for example 100mls at a time)
    followed by 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice. Wait approx 10 minutes and repeat
    until all the oil is gone. Then go to bed and lie down on your right side
    until you go to sleep. Either during the night or the next morning you will
    begin to pass stools which look like chaff and may have some greenish ill
    formed stones in the stool.

    Over the next week
    Do not eat any fried foods – keep your diet fairly simple and supplement
    yourself with acidophilus for at least a week. You can expect to have
    improved digestive capacity, increased energy and a decrease in any
    digestive discomfort.