healing reaction

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For 5 days I have been enduring belly pain , something like intestine
inflammation. My doctor suspected sigmoïd inflammation.I have had no fever at all and my analysis are OK...I was in week 5 and along with the avoidance of allergenic food, I reduced my coffe intake a lot (1 table spoon with chicory for the day)
I was astonished by this abrupt illness for I was feeling in good shape with no psychic or nervous stress... during 4 days, I rested on my sofa without doing anything else, I ate very few (I'm a protein type:I used to believe fasting impossible for me ) My mental was clear
My doctor told me he was really astonished by the rapid return of my well-being and this without antibiotics and no drugs.
Please, give me your thinking: Would it be a healing reaction to the diet change?Do you have some advices for this condition?
It 's amazing to live how our body heals itself and communicates its needs if we stop to want to controle everything.
Now I feel more in tune with it and I ingest only the foods that are compelling to it :D

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It's wonderful to hear that you are feeling much better now and that you listened to your body's signals. There is a definite time and place for medications, but you can do so much to support your health through the food choices that you make and your lifestyle. Keep listening to your body! And as always, continue to seek your doctor's expertise for any medical questions that may arise.

In health,
Dr. Scott

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healing reaction


There has been so many studies done on the body's ability to heal itself. Look up quantum healing, I think you will find it interesting.

When you change your lifestyle and diet to good habits, you will see reward after reward. Your body will amaze you.

This is where Eastern and Western medicine collide.

I decided to give up meat a while back. Best decision of my life. I felt healthier and happier. I'm not saying that is the way to go, but make the changes by how your body feels.