Coconut Oil

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I was shopping for coconut oil, and was amazed at the varieties out there for sale now. There is traditional coconut oil, expeller pressed, expeller pressed and refined, extra virgin, etc. What kind of coconut oil is best to use?

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What do you think of Xylitol? I know it has a laxative effect if too much is consumed (although I found out the hard way that too much is not very much!) I also found that it contains roughly the same number of calories as suger. So, other than the obvious issues already discussed, is there any other reason to avoid it?



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Coconut oil

Yes there are so many varieties it can be quite confusing! Organic virgin coconut oil is recommended because it is the best tasting and is not heat processed so retains the benefits of a raw food. With "traditional", the minimal processing uses a bit of heat but it is still an excellent product. Refined expeller pressed is more heat processed and more processed in general but some people like to use it for high heat cooking/baking as it costs less so is more economical for these purposes. But if you only want to buy one, get the best and get it in a large size to cut down on cost- the organic virgin.