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Well, I stand says there is no moderator for this thread....oh well; hope this is what Dr. Kendra wanted. If not, we'll just move again!
I didn't post here originally, as the last posts were quite old; but I \m getting the impression that the Enlita staff spots us easier here.
And yes, the link did come up cool! The wonders of computers. (just don't ask me how they do that!)

Patrice....back to your question as if I felt guilty on eating the tootsie roll pop/ what did I actually say/feel when I did eat one? In this situation, I did not feel quilty; though I have felt quilty eating a cheat a thousand times before, it was more like desperation. I'm really craving the stuff cause I'm feeling so badly....exhausted, heart pounding, weak, etc. when I cleanup my diet. I told my PCP that I have never lasted longer than one month being perfect on a diet(allergy) as I never made it to "the other side" of feeling good. SO for years I bounce around in this hell of cravings, blood sugar highs and lows, withdrawal, etc, etc. SO that day...compared to what I have done in the past ...was a lil' cheat to dampen down my symptoms. I would love to try the brain chemistry support...something calming or lifting to help you thru this time until you are doing the diet(lifestyle plan) and really feeling good. I've never tried anything like that before and I wonder if it would help. HCG seems intriguing to me for the reason that you don't feel hungry. 2 things that help me stay on track are definitely having my food prepared and keeping my blood sugar stable. I know that I feel better on healthy foods!
RIght now I'm starting week 4, day#1; but the first week I got into a binge....negating whatever good I did.
My dr. has wanted me to do many of the suggestions in Enlita..many I've done but not all at the same time......and my body is so sensitive it seems to keep crying out for me to do the level that it needs. I like to tell myself it's too hard....but living sick all the time is the real hard deal.
Do you have trouble with any of this? I've got 70# to lose and would love to lose it for good! Looking forward to tonite's teleclass. jotales

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week 4 -egg challenge

Hi Jotales,

How are you doing with your food challenges? I had to extend week 3 as I had a real busy last few days! I only read through week four lesson one yesterday morning and ran to the store to get stuff for just yesterday in a hurry to prepare for this morning. I guess the best goal this week will be paying attention to my body and stay on track with my exercise program.
I have found two amino acids that really seem to help me yeah! I have noticed this week that my clothes are starting to feel not as tight shall we say-scale says 9lbs down. I will not get back on scale for another two weeks. I just ate eggs this morning for breakfast with the kids for the first time. I had a couple of sharp pains and daughter felt a little nausea. We are not sure whether it is the egg or the peppers and onion in our omlette. giggle.. We will be eating hard boiled eggs on our salad at lunch today, so hopefully we will get a better indication on whether our bodies are for or against eggs. Let me know how you are doing this week. ok?
good luck-stay strong and dedicated to wellness.


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Isn't it amazing how cravings can lessen or resolve when the body is given what it needs for good health? If you are eating healthy foods packed with nutrients and include balanced sources of protein, good fats, and carbohydrates, cravings can decrease!

Congratulations on what you've achieved! Keep up your dedication to healthy choices!

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Checking In

ok, I understand better now Jotales. That makes sense.
I am starting week 4 on Monday. I am currently trying
out some of the information on amino acid therapy that
we learned in week 3.
I really don't understand why I was able to kick
coffee to the curb so easily without any withdrawls at all?
The only thing I miss about the coffee is the smell.
I have always craved sweet carby stuff,but for some reason
with the foods we are eating on the enlita plan I don't miss
or crave them at all! I'm perplexed by this actually.
O, have you tried a sit down stationary bike for cardio? I think
that might be easy on your knees.

Have you tried some upper body weight lifting?
In the past, my body would never respond to any diet unless there was weight lifting involved.
I always miss the teleseminars. They always seem to happen when I am not home or I just plain forget. I need to get better about that.
I haven't looked at week 4 yet but I will try to tomorrow night and post my goals so maybe they will help you too! :lol: