Weight Loss At Work

Weight Loss At Work

You’ve seen it time and time again. There’s another birthday with another sheet cake being celebrated at the office. The boss brings in doughnuts and puts them in the office kitchen or break room. Company representatives bring in sweet sticky buns and breakfast pastries dripping in sugar-laden icing. Today’s office culture is bombarded with foods loaded in empty calories and fat. Here are ten great ways you can avoid the pitfalls of office culture and actually experience weight loss at work. 
Weight Loss At Work

1. Start your morning off right.

  • Eat breakfast. Not only will it start your metabolism for the day, it’ll give you better concentration and energy and it will lessen the likelihood of overeating later on.
  • Prepare for times of hunger. Keeping healthy snacks in your desk will make it easier for you to choose to eat healthy when you get hungry at work. A handful of almonds, for instance, will give you a tasty snack full of protein to give you energy during the day and will satisfy your hunger in-between meals.
  • Take lunch with you. When you pack your lunch, you can make conscious healthy choices; you won’t be tempted by greasy, fatty foods offered by restaurants. You will also save money; packing a lunch is far less expensive than ordering in from a restaurant or going to the cafeteria.

2. Get a buddy. There’s a reason why Enlita offers a community of support. When you have like-minded people around you who support and encourage your healthy eating habits, you are more likely to succeed. Find someone at your workplace who will eat lunch with you; this person can help you to stay healthy-minded when that tempting pastry is calling your name.

3. Dining Out. Having a business lunch doesn’t have to be a diet killer. You can choose to make the healthiest choices that a restaurant offers.

  • Before going, review the menu. Make your selections mentally, and stick to them once you get there. *When you order, ask that half of your entree be put in a "to go" box before it’s brought to you. Portions at restaurants are typically more than twice a normal serving. If it’s not in front of you, you will most likely not even miss it.
  • Order all condiments "on the side". Use less than half of what they bring.
  • Avoid eating empty carbs from bread placed on your table before your meal arrives. Remind yourself that your entree will be more than enough to satisfy your hunger.

Weight Loss At Work4. Choose to move. Eat your lunch quickly and spend the rest of your lunch time walking. Every once in awhile, take a stretch break and walk somewhere. Don’t let hours and hours go by without moving.

5. Drink water. Your body needs water to function, and sipping a cool glass of water instead of drinking sugary drinks will keep you from consuming empty calories.

These simple changes are part of your overall healthy lifestyle. Simple changes like this will help you experience weight loss at work and keep you from gaining weight in the future.

I used to be the world’s biggest sugar addict until I learned how to kick my sugar habit to the curb. Now I can be in any sugar laden environment and not feel one ounce of temptation. We’ll show you how to do the same on our Enlita Healthy Lifestyle, Optimal Weight Program.

About the Author:
Dr. Kendra Pearsall, N.M.D. is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor specializing in natural weight loss and food addiction. She created Enlita.com to help millions of people achieve optimal health, natural weight loss and life success with her free weekly e-newsletter (sign up at the top of this page.)