The Estrogen Imbalance Epidemic and Bio-DIM

Estrogen imbalance is an epidemic problem with women and men because of our widespread exposure to estrogen mimickers in the form of

What to Eat to Lose Weight: Eat Fat Lose Fat Diet Review

How to eat to lose fat with coconut oil

How To Supplement Vitamins For Energy

how to supplement vitamins for energyDo you feel energized and focused throughout your workday?

Are you a Carb Addict? How To Beat Your Carb Addiction to High Carb Foods

Carb addicts have trouble understanding how their high carb foods and comfort foods – the breads, pastas, cookies, and cakes - are contributing to their weight problem. It makes sense to people to decrease the fat in their diets in order to lose fat (which, surprisingly, does not usually help), but the connection with grains and sugars is not as easy to understand.

Healthy Weight Loss: 5 Benefits of Multi-Vitamin

Permanent and healthy weight loss is easy, when you have an excellent nutrition plan to help you meet your weight loss goal. You may already know that a balanced whole foods diet can help you lose weight, but did you know that most holistic weight loss experts also suggest you take a high quality multi-vitamin supplement? Here are five reasons why.

Net Carbohydrate Deception: Reading Food Labels

Food labeling has always been a tricky industry, in theory manufacturers are required to provide accurate information, but the reality is quite different – especially in the natural weight loss department. Manufacturers are required by law to declare all forms of carbohydrates in the "total carbohydrate" number located on the Nutrition Facts label on food packages. However, many manufacturers of protein bars and other food supplements are advertising a reduced carbohydrate number on the package that they refer to as "net", "effective", or "impact" carbohydrates.

Fat: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Fats are essential for optimal well-being and weight loss. Let’s focus on which fats to include in your diet and which you need to avoid at all costs.

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