The Estrogen Imbalance Epidemic and Bio-DIM

Estrogen imbalance is an epidemic problem with women and men because of our widespread exposure to estrogen mimickers in the form of chemicals (xenoestrogens), and foods and plants (phytoestrogens), which mimic the action of estrogen produced in cells and can alter hormonal activity for the worse.)

Other factors that can contribute to estrogen dominance include:
•Poor liver function
•Birth control pills
•Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
•Peri-menopause and glandular dysfunction

Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

The following symptoms are common among those with estrogen dominance.

Premenstrual breast tenderness Irregular menstruation Uterine fibroid tumors
Premenstrual mood swings Weight gain Endometriosis
Premenstrual fluid retention, weight gain Hair loss Fibrocystic breasts
Premenstrual headaches Depression Polycystic ovary syndrome
Menstrual cramps Fatigue Breast tumors
  Thyroid dysfunction Infertility
  Adrenal gland fatigue Thickened uterine lining
  Headaches, migraines Accelerated aging
  Severe menstrual cramps Miscarriage
  Heavy periods with clotting Anxiety and panic attacks
  Joint and muscle pain Autoimmune disorders
  Decreased libido Fibromyalgia
  Insomnia and restless sleep Impotency
  Dry eyes Estrogen related cancers
  Lowered libido  
  Prostate problems  

Estrogen Dominance Help
DIM™ (Diindolylmethane) is a naturally occurring phytonutrient that is found in cruciferous vegetables. DIM increases the ‘good’ estrogens that are known to be antioxidants, while simultaneously reducing the levels of undesirable or ‘bad’ estrogens which contribute to estrogen dominance symptoms and health problems.

DIM is generally recommended for women who are menstruating (in their thirties) with symptoms of high estrogen levels. Menopausal women using HRT can also use DIM to help counter balance the negative effects associated with this type of hormone therapy.

DIM may also benefit men by improving estrogen-dominant related health issues such as hair loss, clogged arteries, prostate problems, lowered libido, male breast growth, and difficulty with erections.

DIM works by supporting healthy "free" testosterone levels that can help maximize the body’s response to weight training and muscle building and can increase the fat-burning ability of men. When a man is estrogen dominant, the body produces "bound" testosterone which can have undesirable effects similar to that of excess estrogen. For example: low libido, excess weight gain, difficulty with erections, and depressed mood.

High levels of “free” testosterone and low levels of estrogen have been linked to lean body mass, an efficient fat-burning metabolism, and low abdominal obesity, improved moods, cardiovascular health, memory, a healthy libido, and better overall physical conditioning.

DIM supports fat loss and muscle development in both men and women especially when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

I have used DIM with excellent results with my clients who suffer with menstrual related symptoms. I had one client who had severe cramps each month which disappeared after three months of taking DIM.

One thing you should know if you try taking DIM is that there is only one patented form of DIM that has a high absorption rate and is microencapsulated, the research shows that all other forms of DIM are not absorbed and are a waste of money. Look for the words "BioDIM or BioResponse-DIM" on the ingredients to make sure you have the right form.

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Estrogen dominance is a common condition today and can lead to serious health challenges. Bringing your hormones into balance is the key to optimal health. Here are some final tips for optimal estrogen balance:

  • Avoid xenoestrogens and strong phytoestrogens
  • Address and manage stress in your life
  • Eat a healthy whole foods diet free of hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics
  • Exercise to promote detoxification and circulation
  • Consider taking DIM as a supplement

I recommend DIM to those who:
*Have symptoms of estrogen dominance
*Have used or are using estrogen hormone replacement therapy
*Want to maintain and protect breast, uterine, cervical and prostate health (especially if there is a family history of health problems in this area).
Want to use it as an integral part of a successful weight management program.

(Women) Take two 100 mg capsules daily with food
(Men) Take two 100 mg capsules twice daily with food.

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About the Author:
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