Walking For Exercise

A simple way to begin your exercise plan is by going for a walk!  Walking for exercise is a convenient way to start or end your day while releasing stress.

Everyone is different in physical ability but it is recommended that you walk as long as you can: this may fall anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes. You should walk at a pace where you can still carry on a conversation but your heart rate should be increased. Write down the time that you were able to walk. For now your minimum exercise goal is to exercise 20 minutes a day. If you can only exercise 5 minutes at a time, you need do it four times a day.

Walking For ExerciseBenefits of Walking for Exercise:

There is a much higher chance of ensuring that you will get your daily exercise in if you do it first thing in the morning. As the day goes on, you may feel you’ve run out of time or energy and put your exercise off.

To be truly healthy, exercise has to be a part of your normal routine like eating and sleeping. Plus, walking is a great exercise for natural weightloss. 

There are other ways to fit exercise into your busy day:

Walk for exercise during lunchtime, work breaks, after work, after dinner, before bedtime, while talking on the cell phone, and use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Making Exercise Fun

Walking For Exercise

Exercising may be more enjoyable for you if you have an exercise partner. Also, you may be tempted to skip exercising if left to your own devices but may force yourself to follow through if you have a partner to exercise with and keep you accountable. If you have trouble sticking to an exercise regimen your assignment is to find one to two exercise partners to keep you motivated.

If you prefer to exercise alone, listening to an MP3 player or cassette player of your favorite music or educational tape can make exercising more pleasurable. You may even forget that you are doing something good for you..

Take advantage of variety. As you get used to your routine, pick a different place to walk, or experiment with distance and hills. Changing your workout is important so you can keep challenging your body and keep seeing results.

Walking for Exercise: When to exercise

For many people, the best time of day to exercise is first thing in the morning before you eat. Those who commit to exercising in the morning are 75% more likely to follow through than those who say they’ll exercise later in the day.

You won’t have any food calories to burn and you’ll be burning 100% fat. Furthermore, research shows that you increase your metabolism for many hours after if you exercise first thing. Also, if you cannot do it in the morning, then schedule a later time in your day to exercise and don’t break your appointment for anything!

About the Author:
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