Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy and Joint Inflammation


Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy and Joint Inflammation

If you or someone you know, suffer from inflammation or immune problems then please read this article. This discussion is about a product called Wobenzym that has a positive use history in over 100 million people worldwide. This natural supplement is one of the most often prescribed supplements for inflammatory conditions. Wobenzym is a supplement that uses a proprietary method of stabilizing high potency enzymes that can have an amazing therapeutic effect on the body.

Benefits of  Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme therapy is the administration of enzymes, which are proteins composed of amino acids. Enzymes are needed for each and every chemical reaction in your body. They participate in a myriad of reactions that allow organs, tissues and glands to function optimally and thrive. As such, enzymes function as catalysts. That is, they make things work at a faster rate. The reason enzymes are needed for bodily functions is that, in their absence, most of the physiological processes would either not take place, or would proceed at an excruciatingly slow speed.

In other words, at normal body temperatures, it will be virtually impossible for the cells to perform their tasks speedily and efficiently. That means that enzymes initiate, maintain, accelerate, and terminate biochemical processes in the body to foster health and vitality. Thus, they are a key in the maintenance of a strong immune system, a robust cardiovascular tree, a healthy and intact central nervous system, and optimal hormonal balance in the body.

The body produces its own supply of enzymes in requisite amounts, as and when they are needed. The enzymes, however, do get "used up" at rates faster than the body can replenish its supplies under a variety of conditions, such as eating processed food, cooked food, alcohol, medication, environmental toxins, or simply the aging process. This insufficiency is the root cause of susceptibility to chronic and age-related diseases.

One of the most beneficial and abundant classes of enzymes is referred to as proteolytic enzymes. Enzymes in this category have the ability to break proteins down into smaller chains of amino acids. This is important because in disease, the human body produces proteins that could potentially have injurious effects, and can compromise health if left unattended.

The Discovery of Enzyme Therapy

Fifty years ago Drs. Wolf and Benitez, along with Dr. Karl Ransberger, a young biomedical researcher from Germany, set out to find a cure for c. using enzyme therapy. They tested a large number of enzymes from animal and plant sources. The work was slow, and it progressed in fits and starts, they had to struggle to maintain the activity of the enzymes, because the enzymes are notorious for being unstable and hence inactive.

Once Drs. Wolf and Benitez had optimized the conditions necessary to maintain the enzyme activity, they combined and evaluated various enzyme formulations in assessing their beneficial effects. After years of painstaking work, they finally discovered a winning combination they named "Wobenzym" that produced beneficial effects beyond their wildest expectations.

Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy: Benefits of Wobenzym

Wobenzym uses proteolytic enzymes, which cleave other proteins. Under normal healthy conditions, proteolytic enzymes maintain a healthy balance in the body. But they also break down harmful proteins that may arise during various diseases. Several tens of clinical studies carried out over the years have shown that one of the functions of Wobenzym is to degrade harmful and abnormal immune complexes that precipitate autoimmune dysfunction. Furthermore, immune complexes also thicken the blood, which potentially could trigger an array of diseases. After decades of diligent work, proteolytic enzymes have been shown to help patients with chronic illnesses.

Technology Development

Before this success became possible, numerous scientific and technical challenges had to be met and overcome. One of the major challenges was to preserve the integrity of the enzymes during the manufacturing process which included special processing methods to prevent any exposure to heat, moisture and at the same time purifying them in large quantities with the highest potency. It took a team of scientists over many years to develop patented technology that ensured that the enzymes are purified to the highest possible degree and are stabilized such for the enzymes remain "alive" and biologically active.

Testimonials For Wobenzym

Enzyme preparations have been shown to be at least as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs, such as NSAIDs, in treating many different conditions, including arthritis." - From the Best-Selling Book, Maximizing the Arthritis Cure

"I recommend Wobenzym as a truly safe and effective pathway to support the body’s natural repair of inflammatory joint conditions." - Michael Loes, M.D., M.D.(H) Director of the Arizona Pain Institute and Author of The Aspirin Alternative

"The subject of some 25 years of research, much of it done in Germany, where they became known collectively as Wobenzym therapy, enzymes can foster healing in such problems as arthritis, immune insufficency, pancreatitis and certain sports injuries." - Dr. Robert C. Atkins, M.D. Author of Dr. Atkins’ Vita-Nutrient Solution

"Clearly, enzymes support good circulatory health. However, the only formula so thoroughly proven to do so is Wobenzym N. It is the most thoroughly researched enzyme formula in the world. "
- Garry Gorden, M.D., D.O., M.D.(H) Renowned Alternative Health Expert and Founder of the Gordon Research Institute

"I don’t know if it was arthritis or just the pounding, but sometimes these old knees and joints made it tough just to get out of bed. That’s when I discovered Wobenzym from Germany. I started taking it, and in a few days, I felt like a new guy. Now I take it every day."
- Dick Butkus Hall-of-Fame Football Player
(Click here and listen to Dick Butkus talk about what Wobenzym has done for him.)

"I have been using Wobenzym N for almost a year. Being at peak performance the day of tournament is a huge competitive advantage. Wobenzym helps relieve stiff and sore joints from previous injuries and helps speed recovery from new injuries. I feel that I am training more consistently because I am not as likely to be off with strained muscles or joints. At 42, I’ll take all the help I can get."  - Bob Haeberle IMAC World Sparring Champion

"Wobenzym N is a ringer every time."
- Jim Cyrus, Age 80 Two time Arizona State horseshoe pitching champion

"My husband and I have taken Wobenzym for years. He had an irritable colon and could not take the prescribed medicine. A friend recommended Wobenzym and it helped. I take Wobenzym for my joints and now feel better than I did 10 years ago. We both take Wobenzym and feel good!" - J.K. West Melbourne, FL

"My whole family has used Wobenzym for 10 years. It has helped me maintain healthy joints more so than any prescription drug." - H.M. Oviedo, FL

"I have severe swelling in my fingers and I could not bend them. Since I have been on Wobenzym, I can now bend my fingers. I’m pleased to recommend Wobenzym to anyone I meet as I believe in the product totally!"
- S.A.Londonberry, NH

"My husband and I are both taking Wobenzym twice daily for chronic muscle-related injuries. The results are remarkable. Recently, we ran out of Wobenzym for 3 days and both of us noticed increased discomfort return. Wobenzym definitely makes a difference." - C.C.Ticonderoga, NY

"There are no words to describe what Wobenzym has done for me. My naturopath started me on Wobenzym about 4 months ago, and the change in me is miraculous. I haven’t felt this good in a very, very, very long time. I used to dread getting up in the morning - now I look forward to starting the day with enthusiasm. My energy is remarkable. Before taking these wonderful enzymes, I felt like an old, old lady, because I am. Now even though I am 75 years YOUNG, no one believes my age."- E.B. Wheaton, IL

"I have been thrilled with Wobenzym. Recently I turned my ankle while playing tennis. It hurt quite a bit all day, but I did not have time to ice it. The next day I was completely well - no pain. I am very active physically and Wobenzym has been a godsend to me. Thanks for a great product.
- M.S." South Dartmouth, MA

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