Fitness Fashion: Choosing The Right Shoe

When you are exercising daily, it is important to have the proper shoes and socks. This decision will make a huge difference in your exercising comfort. Read this article to learn what mistakes not to make when choosing your workout shoe.


When choosing the right running shoe, we often don't consider that choosing the proper socks are also very important. With my fitness fashion I always used to wear thin cotton socks when I exercised because I did not know there were special socks for exercise. Because of this, I always had blisters on my feet after exercising. Then my dear friend who is an avid runner, Dr. Joe Mercola, introduced me to Thorlo athletic socks. . Once I started wearing these socks, I never had another blister.

How to choose the right shoeHow To Choose The Right Shoe

There are different shoes for different athletic activities. The three main ones are the:

  1. Walking shoe - for walking or as a casual shoe.
  2. Running shoe - for running, jogging and occasional fitness walking
  3. Cross-trainers - for all athletic activities including walking, tennis, running and other sports. However, if you are a frequent participant in a certain activity such as walking, you should consider a specialized shoe. (I personally have one pair of each type of shoe.)

I do not have reviews of running and cross-trainers but I did find reviews of walking shoes. According to a recent review of popular walking shoes, the highest rating of 8+9 was given to New Balance 791 ($75) out of 10 brands of shoes for fitness fashion.  As the reviews are always changing, I recommend you to go to the Product Review section of the to find the latest recommendation in exercise clothing.

When choosing the right shoe take into consideration that a good walking shoe combines flexibility, stability, and cushioning with a comfortable fit. For vigorous walking other factors to consider include weight and the breathability of the shoe. Many shoes also come in multiple widths, which can help in trying to get the right fit.

If $75 is too expensive, there were two other shoes for $60 that were listed as a "Best Buy" with a score of 83.

Asics Gel-Walk Tech CR Best Buy 1 60
New Balance MW 557 CR Best Buy 3 60


After Choosing the Right Shoe, You Must Choose The Right Socks

In addition to the right shoes, you also have to have the right socks which can protect feet from the damaging effects of impact, shear, pivoting, blistering that come from exercising. You will want socks that are quite thick and can wick away moisture which can cause blistering. Also by the age of 40, many people experience a loss of as much as 50% of the fat pads that protect the bottom of the feet as a result of years of walking on smooth, unyielding man-made surfaces, exacerbated by poorly designed and poorly fitted shoes.

Wearing thick athletic socks can help protect the fat pads from shearing forces. I myself own 8 pairs of Thorlo socks. They cost $11 a pair but they have a lifetime guarantee and are worth every penny. I recommend buying Level 3 (thickest level) and buying your shoes ½ size larger than normal. I have also read that Nike Socks are very good.

When deciding on your fitness fashion attire, take your time and choose wisely, because your decisions will directly affect your performance. Never forget when choosing the right shoe that it's not only the shoe that makes a difference, but also the socks will have a noticeable effect as well. 

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