Weights to cardio ratio of 2 to 1 apply to pre-menopausal?

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I read on the Enlita site that menopausal women should have a
strength training to cardio ratio of 2 to 1. Could you elaborate on that a bit?

#1) So that means that since I strength train 3 times a week I should cardio 1.5 times a week?? (that would be good news for this cardio hater! lol)

#2) Does this rule apply to pre-menopausal women as well, or only women who have already gone through menopause?

#3) I've been doing yoga 3x week & weights 3 times a week for about 3 weeks; been taking amino acids for about 1 month; and started an Adrenal (bovine) supplement a few days ago. I still feel tired most of the time - should I wait longer to start cardio? Or try like maybe 10 mins a day walking on the treadmill to start with? I've never like exercise much because sometimes I have asthma (don't take any meds for it).


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Weights to cardio ratio of 2 to 1 apply to pre-menopausal?

I am not sure about that recommendation specifically for menopausal women, but I would say that if you are dealing with healing adrenal fatigue (which it sounds like from your supplement protocol), I would avoid most cardio at this point as it will only contribute to further exhaustion and metabolic problems, except maybe for 5-10 min to warm up at the beginning of your workout and stick to the yoga and strength training which are restorative and strengthening. You can certainly walk outside or on a treadmill, though, or do anything else that gets you moving and is enjoyable and you are comfortable with (asthma-wise)- just as long as you don't raise your heart rate too much.
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