Week 6 "oat" testing or "grains w/gluten&quo

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Hi Dr Winnie!

I'm a little confused, can you clarify? On the menu printout page for Week 6/Day 3 (the menu actually says "meal plan level 2, Day 11, but it's the same day) it says we are testing "oat sensitivity" but on the Week 6/ Day 3 it says we are "reintroducing grains with gluten". The menu page says to eat oatmeal with all 6 meals. The lesson says to eat oatmeal w/breakfast, and then the rest of the day barley, spelt pasta, and spelt bread.

So I just want to make sure if I'm testing for oat sensitivity or am reintroducing multiple gluten grains. I hope it's the latter - rye bread sounds good right about now! lol

Thank you!
Action steps:

Today is the day you will reintroduce grains with gluten. As with the other reintroductions, today you will need to eat generous quantities of foods with gluten (at least three to four times). Since you have already tested wheat, you will want to choose different gluten-containing foods for this test. Oatmeal is a good food to start with at breakfast. Cook it with water or a milk substitute such as rice milk and eat it fresh fruit or berries (no milk or sweetener). Keep in mind that oats do not contain as much gluten as the other gluten-containing grains so you may be fine with it, but not with the other grains.

Next, you can cook whole barley in water and use this as one of your testing foods. Natural food stores sometimes carry pure rye breads that contain only whole rye so this would be a good snack today. Spelt pasta or spelt bread is widely available at all natural foods stores, and this would be a good dinner. We’ve accounted for gluten re-introduction in the menus so you can just go ahead and follow our recommendation.

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oat testing

Originally we were going to do the gluten grains testing in one day, so we planned the lesson and menu that day around that, but then we changed course and decided to test all the grains separately, because maybe someone can't have oats but can't have spelt, etc. and it does make a different as being able to eat the widest range of foods is preferred. So I will see what happened and why the lesson did not get updated to reflect that! Thanks for pointing it out.
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