Week 1 Lessons Disappear!

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I was planning on printing out the lessons and menus this week but when I checked the site today, Week 1 Lessons had been removed and Week 2 were up. Is it possible that My Week 1 Lessons might be put up again for a few days so that I can print them off for future reference, please? I would really appreciate it.
Is it planned that there will always only be the Lessons for 1 week up at a time? Personally I think it would be good to leave them up ... but perhaps the file size would become too big over time - is that why they are being removed each week?


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Week 1 Lessons Disappear!

This is a great idea.
We will keep up all lessons and menus for the month. When you go to the next level (month 2) we'll have them available in an archive.

If you have any more suggestions for how to improve our program or if you want to leave some positive feedback you can also send them to comments@enlita.com

Thanks for writing Natasha!