We are spiritual beings having a human experience

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In the past I've gotten really caught up in having my self-esteem resting on how thin or fat i was. So if i was heavy I thought i was ugly and felt terrible about myself and i would avoid dating because I didn't feel worthy. If i was thin, then I felt better about myself and more deserving.
Women especially get caught up in this headtrip.
The problem is, the worse you feel about yourself, the more likely you will sabotage yourself and living healthy lifestyle. Negative emotions cause negative behaviors.
If i had a stronger spiritual foundation early on, I think I would have used it as a source of strength and not obsessed about my body. I would have allowed my self-esteem be more about loving myself unconditionally and focusing on my strengths and knowing that I was a part of God and had a spiritual purpose in life.
When you have a strong spiritual foundation, you can rely on God as a source of strength. THe 12-step groups advocate using a higher power to lean on in times of weakness.

In general, human beings tend to lose sight of the spiritual (including me.) That's why it's so important to read spiritual literature or listen to spiritual audios on a daily basis to keep on track.

Anyone else use their spirituality to help them make positive changes?
Anyone find that spirituality or relision has been a negative in their lives?
Tell me what you think.

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In my experience spiritual reflection comes naturally. I found these moments happening on their own the more I began to ' let myself go'. I think spiritual reflection is the natural state of the human experience, and to begin to experience more of this ourselves all we have to do is let go of all the things that distract us from our natural way of being.