types of cooking

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I have recently given up my microwave and gone to a toaster oven. While I love my new oven, my family is balking at the time it takes to reheat vs. the microwave.

I happened upon during an infomercial on tv the new flavorwave turbo oven. It uses convection and infrared cooking together. My question is, will infrared destroy nutrient content like microwaves? Is it safe? It looks almost identical to the Aroma turbo chef oven.


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types of cooking


I am not an expert on infrared waves and food, however I have some personal experience with this.

When I was really young, my mother would occasionally by me fast food. Back then infrared wave lamps were used to keep the food warm.

Every time I ate fast food I got really sick.

My mother took me to see a doctor and he said that my stomach was sensitive to the infrared waves being used, and of course fast food is bad. :)

Anyways, I feel that if a stomach could be sensitive to it, then constant exposure would not be good.

Most fast food places I have been to, do not use infrared lamps anymore.

I wonder why?