Trying again

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I fell off the wagon COMPLETELY. I have to start eating right again because I feel awful. I stopped the program around week 12, and I'm not sure where to start again. I already know I have alergies to eggs and wheat. Do I need to go back to week 1?


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Trying again

Hi Karen,

I am not an Enlita staff member, but just wanted to jump in and say I am glad to see you getting back on track. :D We made it to week 15 and then realized we were heading into a "life overload" time frame and decided to go back to the elimination phase. I didn't want our bodies to have to deal with even minute little food intolerances. Following this phase of the program during a very stressful time in our lives I believe really helped us COPE! :D We sailed through, all of us feeling great!

To me, it also serves as a red flag that we missed noting an intolerance (or more than one) the first go around. I haven't pinpointed it yet, but for some reason we feel much better omitting the common allergens from our diet. We are hopeful that we will isolate the culprit(s) this time around.

Welcome back!


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Re: Trying again


I'm glad to hear that you are committed to healthy eating once again! You can pick up where you left off, and avoiding the foods that you found to be an issue for you.

Dr. Marci Scott