totaly went off plan!

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I did so good on the 1st two weeks of my program, then lack of planning and just being to busy to cook and shop did me in. :oops: Should I start over from the beginning to get back on track? or can I pick up from where I left off? I am still having smoothies for breakfast and tried to make healthy choices when I could,(but not always :wink: ) and I haven't had any coffee since I started, so it wasn't all bad.

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went off plan

Do not fret too much- it does not sound like all was lost. Planning is very important though! If you were able to still avoid the allergenic foods during the period you were "off" then just pick up where you were. If you ate those and a significant amount of junk (which it doesn't sound like you did) then I'd start again, because its very important to be free of the allergenic foods for a few weeks before the re-introduction phase.
Good luck!
Dr. Winnie Abramson