Thanks for the vegetarian recipes, but...!

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Thank you for the vegetarian recipes, I really appreciate that! The only problem is that I live in a little unusual climate (far above the arctic circle), and have to remake the recipes for where I live (f.ex. the only squash available is zuccini, no fresh greens if you don't grow them yourself - we have 6-7 months winter - teff we can only get as flour, etc, etc. You use a lot of basil - maybe I can use parsely? That I have grown myself, and have in the freezer. Maybe I can substitute quinoa for teff? Sweet potatoes I have never seen here. And so on and so on. I will try, but it will take a little time before I get everything worked out. I really look forward to getting started! And more than anything else, I hope it will work for me. I am both an emotional and compulsive eater, and have more or less given up. Somehow I feel this is my last hope.

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vegetarian menus

Yes your situation in a bit unusual but you are on the right track. Grow anything you can (definitely the greens if this is the only way you have access to them- can you grow them indoors? Hydroponically? These are just ideas and I'm not sure they'll work...) and then make substitutions where necessary. Herbs and non-gluten grains can all be interchangeable and just make vegetable substitutions as you see fit. Good luck,
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